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06-29-12, 7:11 PM
February 1, 1990
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February 29, 2012
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G0rg1ls | 11-04-12, 4:07 PM
So, I haven't been able to post updates of rorico's videos for a while, mostly because I was too busy with my Uni and had no internet.

Anyway, he asked me to link two of his videos.

His "rant" series are officially complete now, and have in total 11 videos and an "in the making" episode. So, if you're interested for more, just search for them shouldn't be hard at all.

5. Rorico's Anime Rants: Hype

He also began making a new series of videos called the "History" series, which are basically a youtube video format adaption of his well-researched and analytical huge-like-the-wall-of-China Anime History entry in his blog.
Here's the link for the the first video (three have been made in total)...

1. Rorico's Anime History: A Bunch of Gods

G0rg1ls | 09-12-12, 6:12 AM

G0rg1ls | 09-05-12, 4:24 PM

G0rg1ls | 09-04-12, 9:09 PM
Hello, roriconfan asked me to link this video to his active MAL friends (he's sadly unable to do it by himself because he's banned).

He made it a while not too long ago:

Yumekichi11 | 02-29-12, 12:36 PM
He is amazing after all. If more people would follow we would have less MOE and more serious shit.

Violence Jack too BRO? EXCELLENT! That shit is amazing on its own.

Yumekichi11 | 02-29-12, 4:26 AM
Hey there!

Fist of the North Star?

That show is so kick ass in violence and old school.

Xaxtly | 02-29-12, 2:42 AM
Anime You Share (1)
Ike! Ina-chuu Takkyuubu

We will never forget what happened on those ping pong tables ; ;

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