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10 hours ago
December 9, 1991
Helsinki, Finland
July 22, 2008
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About skyUFO
- Just having some awesome time every week keeping up with anime series and all that.
-My dream is to read japanese novels without the assist of a kanji dictionary :)
-*6.12.2013* Picked up an untranslated visual novel/eroge for the first time. Surprisingly I can keep up just fine with the story even though I skip a lot of the kanji I'm unfamiliar with. Writing down some memos every time I check a kanji just so I'll remebmer it the next time it pops up in the text.
I'm in no hurry to learn 2000 kanji or whatever, but I believe I'll be reading those visual novels without having to check kanjis in maybe 2 years or so. Then it's party time or something 'cause well. Fluent japanese is pretty badass.
-I'll edit my animelist's style and replace those borrowed "watching, completed" pictures with Minami-ke themed ones when I bother to make new pictures.
-Feel free to comment on my profile. I'll be happy even if it's something dumb.

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Hoppy | 01-04-14, 2:36 PM
I have mixed feelings about Space Dandy mostly in the second half of the first episode, while the art is trippy and great and the characters are ok, the comedy isn't so great in the second half and only average in the first.

Right now it's at a 6/10.

Barion-Zara | 01-04-14, 1:03 PM
Thnx :D

TenYasha | 12-31-13, 2:04 PM
Yeah I probably will, as I cant read japanese yet :/ Gonna wait for the TLs then I guess.

TenYasha | 12-30-13, 11:13 AM
Rewrite is my fav. VN so far! Never heard of Hatsuyuki Sakura, is it good?

TenYasha | 12-29-13, 1:37 PM
Hey thanks! Which VNs have you played?

skyUFO | 12-28-13, 12:30 AM
Shit 170 days...

slyffer | 12-16-13, 10:18 PM
Oh! Thank you :)

Nikashi | 12-16-13, 6:34 PM
I don't think you understand how special you are to me right now :D

Glorry | 07-04-13, 4:15 AM
Katon! Joskus harvoin.. xD;;

Reckoner | 04-15-13, 1:37 PM
Indeed. I loved it to pieces :p.

yousifogali2 | 12-16-12, 1:51 AM
Funny how you got like 8x total entries than i have, yet your time is only double as mine lol

Ocean_Sea | 11-09-12, 5:31 PM

yousifogali2 | 09-30-12, 7:54 AM
I told you, so how far are you in it?

Ocean_Sea | 09-02-12, 2:08 PM
Your are very welcome my friend~! :D

Ocean_Sea | 08-25-12, 9:07 PM
Love & Joy and Hello! :D I went back to my first comment on my comments on my profile and found you! :D I remembered that! ;~; How are you? :D

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