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May 8, 1995
October 29, 2012
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My Top 11:
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
YuYu Hakusho
Aku no Hana
Tatami Galaxy
Ping Pong
Hunter X Hunter
Clannad: Afterstory
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

11 because I couldn't bare to live in a world where people viewing my profile don't immediately know of my love for Bakuman.

Im gonna crush this world with my own bumbling hands

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Meokii | 09-16-14, 3:09 PM
That is a very heartwarming response. Nobody ever appreciates the secret works of lolis and pronstars. We have established a strong connection at this point.

StardustNyako | 09-16-14, 2:08 PM
Hey, thank you much, I'm out of highschool and once I get an associates degree, I hop o get a job where I can afford living alone. I'm open around my mom, not about everything but I'm trying to be a little more open with her . . .It really is hard being open; either you feel they would not care enough, your sharing TMI, or you care about them enough that you just don't wanna get them involved . . .I hope to find someone to talk to soon . . . Hmmm, I'll ake what you say into consideration (How people will like a totally honest mme more Hmm, a little scared/ unssure about talking about suicide, bu anyhing else I feel confortable enough on the idea of sharing it with others. If I can share that I'm suicidal with the internet, many times, I can share it with others. You really seem to know your shit on this XD Fuck high school indeed, I literally realized like just a week ago how insecure it made me feel.

Ellert0 | 09-16-14, 12:06 PM

Meokii | 09-16-14, 3:11 AM
Hello I will talk to you nyak nyak nyak

xbobx | 09-15-14, 10:23 PM
I'd post this on the forums but since it's a bit off-topic rather send it thru here.
On your thread:
I see you gave some examples of other mediums, so if you're also interested in western television, I'd strongly recommend "The Leftovers" from HBO™
It excels from nowadays murrican television and really does a neat job in the drama segment. The plot is simple: What happens on a post-apocalyptic society when the apocalypse isn't zombie/alien like, but instead the biblical notion of it, when "the good" vanishes and earth becomes the purgatory. However, it doesn't focus only on the religious notion neither has stupid demons or vampires-shit floating around, what it does is basically a psychoanalysis of characters and how it affected their lives.
Quoting your post, it's something with a super oppressive atmosphere that'll leave me feeling completely drained.
At least for me :)

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