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04-12-15, 1:52 AM
May 8, 1995
eternal agony
October 29, 2012
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i probably enjoyed most things 6 or higher i just rate things what i think they deserve

all anime is shit except for cipher, the greatest anime of all

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Waifu_Strangler | 02-16-15, 10:50 AM
Hello there :D

TripleSRank | 02-14-15, 4:11 PM
Yeah, my question was in the link. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

sneakycreatures | 02-07-15, 9:02 PM

TripleSRank | 02-06-15, 6:26 PM
I have a question for you. x3

Orion1 | 01-10-15, 2:51 AM
Welcome to Critics and Connoisseurs. Please go through our Club Faq. We encourage all our
members to be active in our You Decide, Spotlight Forums and keep up with the activity requirements. Here is a link to our Old Spotlights to help you familiarize yourself with titles that have been nominated in the past. Again Welcome!

einonymous | 01-05-15, 1:10 PM
Ah, that's okay. Whenever you get to it, just let me know what you think! :-)

einonymous | 01-01-15, 3:52 PM
I'm glad, then. :-) Whenever you do watch them, tell me what you think!

einonymous | 12-31-14, 12:29 PM
You're welcome. :-)
Just curious, how was my judgment? Do you think the anime I gave you suit you?

nknwnstranger | 12-30-14, 9:55 AM
Thank you for my recommendation! I've only been able to watch the first episode so far, but it looks really interesting, and I'm sure I will like it a lot.

Yeezus_Onii-sama | 12-18-14, 4:22 PM
Take this gif and use it wisely.

Yeezus_Onii-sama | 12-18-14, 7:22 AM
So you've watched Cipher. My recommendation was wonderful, wasn't it?

homicidal_maniac | 12-05-14, 11:15 AM

YEROCKY | 12-01-14, 7:59 PM
Nice symbolic recommendation

Gymkata | 09-20-14, 11:25 PM
Ping Pong--HELL yeah. I've been saving that and Hyouge Mono for last before retiring from anime LOL.

Gymkata | 09-20-14, 5:27 AM
I thought I'd seen everything worth watching with the romance tag. Saw your suggestion for Aku no Hana. Damn! I'm loving this LOL. I guess I'm a fan of rotoscoping because I don't see anything NOT to like here so far, shinkai(ish) backgrounds especially. Doesn't hurt either that Baudelaire is my favorite poet...

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