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02-17-14, 5:51 PM
July 23, 1991
July 11, 2010
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CuteAnimeJunkie | 02-26-11, 8:01 PM

notmi | 02-14-11, 6:51 AM

Happy Valentine's Day!!
Because of this day, we have a special card for you here. The topic will be open only today, so hurry up!

Kurosaki Tasuku FC

LittleStar | 02-12-11, 7:00 AM
Here is your card from Barajou no Kiss Fanclub

notmi | 02-12-11, 2:28 AM

Hiya minna! We have officially hit 300 members!!! Woohoo! PARTYYYYY!!!!!! Well, maybe not a party but we do have some Special Edition cards to celebrate this wonderful occasion XD So, drop in and make your order! But you better move fast, cause only the first 30 people who claim get one! Gambatte!!!
In other news, there is a new pic in the ‘Guess this Character’ game! See if ya know who it is! ^____^
Well, that’s really all we’ve got to say. Thank you for joining and sticking with us! ~Ja

Sq | 01-30-11, 4:07 AM
recien encontre un comentario tuyo de... el años pasado xD

melrose | 01-27-11, 7:24 AM
Card Delivery from LOVELESS BISHONEN

so sorry... i totally forgot about it!
please save and re-host it.

patry16dbz | 12-30-10, 5:58 AM

Hello dear members, we're trying to revive this club again from the dead, and so we decided to create a member cards discussion, which consists of members who wish to make member cards post their templetes there after a few people join in we'll create a voting, you'll have more information about the voting later on ^^, hope to see you all in the club XD

P.S: No link to the thread, don't get lazy and go visit the club yourself xP, we have a new layout as well XD
(just click on the pic you have above and it'll take you to the club)

aaronluis26 | 09-20-10, 7:54 AM

(Delete this and ignore it if you wish to do so)

Have a wonderful day/night.

- aaronluis26

aaronluis26 | 09-01-10, 1:54 PM
Here are some new updates to the shojo beat! club.

(Delete this and ignore it if you wish to do so)

Have a wonderful day/night.

- aaronluis26

far-far-away | 08-12-10, 6:50 AM

Hope you like them~
And sorry for long delivery :(

nv_Alucard | 08-01-10, 3:07 PM
Hola ^^ ,

Yo soy de Buenos Aires Capital =p.

nv_Alucard | 07-21-10, 2:23 AM

Que copado que haya cada vez mas argentinos.

Estuve viendo tu lista, quizas saque algun anime para el plan to watch =p. Viendo tus gustos estate segura que Clannad te va a gustar mucho. Yo la acabo de ver y es realmente perfecta!


Ravell | 07-14-10, 8:45 PM
Es verdad, la pagina ha estado teniendo problemas desde hace semanas y hace poco cayo por dos dias. Ademas, tambien he tenido problemas con la lista o las busquedas
Espero se solucione pronto ya que para mi es una costumbre entrar a mi lista diario xD

Aguus | 07-14-10, 2:35 PM
Hola :]
Bienvenida acá, cada vez somos más Argentinos :P
Estuve ojeando un poco tu lista y Kimi ni Todoke y Bokura ga Ita ♥ ; Nana x Yano ♥
En fin, luego nos vemos, adiósz :]

Ravell | 07-11-10, 4:57 PM
Bienvenida a MAL! (viendo "join date")
Por tus favoritos veo que te gusta el shoujo, del cual no soy muy amante pero si me agrada el romance
Veo que empezaste "Hanbun no Tsuki", esta me gusto mucho, me parecio corta y solida para su drama, ojala lo percibas de la misma manera ^^

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