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Apr 28, 2013
Starry☆Sky (Anime) add
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Ok....Starry Sky. As some of you might know, Starry Sky was originally an otome game or a dating simulator game for girls. I have not played the game so I will not talk about that aspect; just the anime. I did not really enjoy this anime much. If you love the game, great! I'm sure that it is a great game but the anime...well....meh.

Story 1/10: The story in this anime, is pretty much nonexistent. There is no middle, no climax, I'm not even sure if you would call the ending an ending. The story was basically all introduction, each character has 2 episodes where it read more
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Apr 28, 2013
Zetsuen no Tempest (Anime) add
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I had a lot of good things to say about this! I was pleasantly surprised, I didn't know if Zetsuen not Tempest would actually be good to watch or not. NOW I can say that no one should miss this it is a real gem!

Story 9/10: The story of Zetsuen no Tempest is about 2 friends-Fuwa Mahiro and Takigawa Yoshino-who team up with the Kusaribe clan Princess-Hakaze-to figure out who murdered Aika-Mahiro's sister. Hakaze is stuck on an island where she can't use magic. Mahiro wants to seek revenge on his sister's murderer and makes a deal with Hakaze to help free her from the read more
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May 30, 2012
Sei Dragon Girl (Manga) add
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St. Dragon Girl, is actually kind of good in my opinion. Except there isn't really much of a plot until the later novels. The main character Momoka is cute as are the rest of the characters. The art is pretty good, except the covers of the books are kind of in-your-face. They basically do random things in there, and if your a friend of happy endings, then read this. Ryuga and Momoka get into some funny, if not akward situations. I think its funny and cute, so if you like that stuff then read this. If you don't, then oh well, at least you can read more
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