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I've watched anime pretty much all my life. I prefer Doraemon over Mickey Mouse or looney toons. Technically my time would be longer since I've rewatched The VHS Recordings I have for more time then I can count. Since no matter how old they are. They are just cool to watch. Plus Cantonese dubbing gives me that extra reason to watch it.

I love watching stuff dubbed in Cantonese from the 80-90's. Since they were really well dubbed. Minor differences from the Japanese, Due to the names of famous people which doesn't add to content. However they have kept the Japanese Pun Jokes.

Crayon Shin-Chan is hilarious. Cantonese Dubbing is perfect, Shin Chan in Cantonese doesn't stray far from the Japanese voice actor. Except they have changed him in the new ones.

Doraemon, Just classic. Simple art. Wonderful ideas. Cantonese dubbing also perfect. Japanese dubbing is good. But I prefer Canton Doraemon to, the Voice actor in Japan. Doraemon to squeeky in Japanese.

Recently Managed to Get alot of Cantonese dub on new works. Such as FMA Brotherhood. Dubbing is also really good. Really keeps to the Asthetics, Its amazing to see and hear great dubbing on such a masterpiece. It also introduces me to new vocabulary. In regards to Alchemy. Its an interesting take to how they have kept to using the foreign names. But Pronouncing them with Chinese that is close sounding.

The dubbing of working is fun. As usual any anime based in Japan with Japanese Characters, are referred to in their Kanji Titles, Or literal meaning in Hiragana and Katakana. Souma in both Jap and Can dub are similar and therefore play well. Even Yamazaki.

I wonder if Cantonese dubbers get the same attention as Japanese Voice actors.

Pretty sure just from the 3 I've mentioned you can tell I am more of a comedy slice of life guy.

Just finished watching the Suzumiya Haruhi Cantonese Dub, And man what a treat, All the voice acting was done perfectly for each character, and the episode where Kyon Goes to get the heater. Instead of just using the phrases from the original, J2 did their own version, where each voice actor said a quote from each of the characters they've dubbed in their career. Was funny to hear. Quotes from Gintama, Keroro Gunsou, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball and lots of others.

Definately one of the better dubs that was well thoughtout on how to make the Local audience happy with all those eastereggs. I watched the english dub and its a shame that all they did was just saying the exact translation of the Japanese dub instead of doing something similar.

Finally sat down and learnt how to write and read Katana and Hiragana after 1 week of reading from 2 guides. Was pretty helpful.

Currently Learning to read and recognise the characters quicker by reading Japanese versions of the manga, currently reading Detective Conan, But hoping to find some Gintama in the future aswell. my Deviantart account, I try to update it when I have time, But due to work and studies I haven't had time, Probably won't until the end of december.

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01-14-15, 5:48 AM
Cantonese Dubs
01-30-13, 7:28 AM Edited 01-30-13, 7:30 AM
05-06-11, 4:42 AM

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silverwalls | 03-03-15, 6:07 AM
oh cool :> hope you enjoy it~

aha okay, then i can see why you'd get sick of it :P a pity though, it's such a good show.

silverwalls | 03-03-15, 4:23 AM
well that's too bad, since stars is the best season of sailor moon imo. but you didn't seem to enjoy the show that much anyway. ;)

silverwalls | 03-03-15, 2:21 AM
she is from sailor stars, the last season. iirc it has never been licensed/dubbed in english until now, so that's maybe why you haven't seen it?

Cosmicbeing | 03-02-15, 11:10 PM
I started watching anime as a child and has been on and off since then.

silverwalls | 03-02-15, 11:09 AM
you mean my profile pic? she's from sailor moon :>

XinonEclipse | 02-27-15, 1:39 PM
Well fairly new in comparison. I've only been into anime for a little over a year.

PrisonersDilemma | 02-27-15, 12:59 PM
It totally did! Which is partially the reason I didn't like it.

Yeah, well I can understand that. Most people have heard of those shows either way and I didn't grow up with them anyways. You're right about Death Note though most of the people I know started with that too. It's just a good starter I suppose.

REKT | 02-26-15, 6:56 AM
hehehe :)

God vs Luffy - Rubber vs Electric. Great Anime logic *rolleyes*

PrisonersDilemma | 02-25-15, 10:08 AM
My dad. He was an otaku when he was younger, so I grew up with Studio Ghibli and a basic understanding of what anime is. Then I watched ALL of Sailor Moon when I discovered it on YouTube and consider My Neighbor Totoro to be my first although dad insists it's one called Snow Fairy Sugar which I recently re-watched and have no memory of but whatever. Then one day I realized that people had these cool anime fan bases that I knew nothing about, so as a geek/nerd I decided to figure out what all the buzz was about so I asked dad what his favorite one of all time was and he said it was Death Note so I watched it and fell in love and officially decided that otaku-Dom was a lot cooler than LOTR and Terry Pratchet although I still love those and video games and board games and musicals and other stuff too just not as obsessively. But, I had a lot of free time so I spent that watching anime and becoming an expert and I've done a pretty good job so far if I do say so myself. THE END

PrisonersDilemma | 02-24-15, 9:01 PM
Yes. Why do I seem older? Once my friend said that if they had met me online they would have thought I was 25 minimum and apparently I look 16... Of course they were probably over exageratting. (PS It should be you're not your. I'm sorry but I am one of those ass holes who always find the need to point that out.)

violity | 02-24-15, 6:49 AM
I realized I didn't like the username, but there's no way to change it.

Apparently, there is. But only for 30 days and it will go back to the original. T_____T

violity | 02-24-15, 6:42 AM
As a new profile, yes. I was thinking of leaving that one behind but because of some sentimental value I can't. So I decided to use it, every now and then, especially if I have something embarrassing to ask at forums lol.

eyrahsama | 02-24-15, 6:14 AM
shintai-san, do you mind me adding you on my friends list?

eyrahsama | 02-24-15, 6:13 AM
Hmm.. I see :)

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