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May 7, 2009
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I've watched anime pretty much all my life. I prefer Doraemon over Mickey Mouse or looney toons. Technically my time would be longer since I've rewatched The VHS Recordings I have for more time then I can count. Since no matter how old they are. They are just cool to watch. Plus Cantonese dubbing gives me that extra reason to watch it.

I love watching stuff dubbed in Cantonese from the 80-90's. Since they were really well dubbed. Minor differences from the Japanese, Due to the names of famous people which doesn't add to content. However they have kept the Japanese Pun Jokes.

Crayon Shin-Chan is hilarious. Cantonese Dubbing is perfect, Shin Chan in Cantonese doesn't stray far from the Japanese voice actor. Except they have changed him in the new ones.

Doraemon, Just classic. Simple art. Wonderful ideas. Cantonese dubbing also perfect. Japanese dubbing is good. But I prefer Canton Doraemon to, the Voice actor in Japan. Doraemon to squeeky in Japanese.

Recently Managed to Get alot of Cantonese dub on new works. Such as FMA Brotherhood. Dubbing is also really good. Really keeps to the Asthetics, Its amazing to see and hear great dubbing on such a masterpiece. It also introduces me to new vocabulary. In regards to Alchemy. Its an interesting take to how they have kept to using the foreign names. But Pronouncing them with Chinese that is close sounding.

The dubbing of working is fun. As usual any anime based in Japan with Japanese Characters, are referred to in their Kanji Titles, Or literal meaning in Hiragana and Katakana. Souma in both Jap and Can dub are similar and therefore play well. Even Yamazaki.

I wonder if Cantonese dubbers get the same attention as Japanese Voice actors.

Pretty sure just from the 3 I've mentioned you can tell I am more of a comedy slice of life guy.

Just finished watching the Suzumiya Haruhi Cantonese Dub, And man what a treat, All the voice acting was done perfectly for each character, and the episode where Kyon Goes to get the heater. Instead of just using the phrases from the original, J2 did their own version, where each voice actor said a quote from each of the characters they've dubbed in their career. Was funny to hear. Quotes from Gintama, Keroro Gunsou, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball and lots of others.

Definately one of the better dubs that was well thoughtout on how to make the Local audience happy with all those eastereggs. I watched the english dub and its a shame that all they did was just saying the exact translation of the Japanese dub instead of doing something similar.

Finally sat down and learnt how to write and read Katana and Hiragana after 1 week of reading from 2 guides. Was pretty helpful.

Currently Learning to read and recognise the characters quicker by reading Japanese versions of the manga, currently reading Detective Conan, But hoping to find some Gintama in the future aswell. my Deviantart account, I try to update it when I have time, But due to work and studies I haven't had time, Probably won't until the end of december.

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XFX 5770 H
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REKT | 07-12-14, 3:54 PM
Ignore my other message. The movie starts right after echousen :OD

REKT | 07-11-14, 11:18 AM
Hey I was going to tell you but I forgot sorry :(
Yep I did change my name lol don't ask why hahaha ^^
Yes I have finish Gintama" the 'I am sorry episode' but now Gintama' Enchousen but can I watch the movie after the 'I am sorry episode'?

midnightblade | 07-07-14, 8:19 AM
If you're going to play the muv luv series prepare for a huge time investment bahaha

I think it took me about a month to go through it all, even with a lot of free time during the summer. The first 2 games are around 10hrs each I think, but Alternative is more than 50 hours.

And I hope you can get it to work on your PC. I had some real difficulties with running it on my windows 8 pc..I think the player for the game doesn't like windows 8 for some reason.

pauperunit | 07-05-14, 9:28 AM
Aha, I see. Thanks for explaining that to me.

REKT | 07-05-14, 7:25 AM
Hey! It's been pretty normal here, nothing new is happening. However I'm going to Florida with my flatmates next month for 2 weeks woop~
I'm pretty much watching all the new Anime for this month. How have you been? You doing anything nice this summer?

Typed on my phone.

pauperunit | 07-05-14, 2:49 AM
Hi there

Just looking at your profile made me wonder...

What is Cantonese dubbing? :x

The_Pyromaani | 06-25-14, 5:52 AM
Haha no problem no problem :D

REKT | 06-19-14, 5:29 PM
lmaooooo penile brake!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<

I just finish watching the first episode Harem Gintoki hahahaha top 3 episode by far can't wait to see the next episode!!!

REKT | 06-07-14, 8:49 AM
Oh man just watched the swimming episode for Gintama. The shogun is such jokes lmfao *crying*

REKT | 05-24-14, 3:40 PM
I love Cosplayers! They are so beautiful! :)

REKT | 05-23-14, 1:35 PM
How much are the tickets?

REKT | 05-23-14, 7:48 AM
Yes I have watched AoT when it was aired and it was brilliant. :)
I never been to any Anime cons or Expo before seems really interesting, I really would like to go but I don't see anything good in the UK.

REKT | 05-23-14, 6:38 AM
You watching the dubbed version for AoT? I've heard that the dub is really good :)

REKT | 05-21-14, 9:32 AM
Yes. I am not watching SAO. I'm on episode 4 right now ;)
Have you seen it?

REKT | 05-16-14, 8:37 PM
No lol. I'm catching up on Kill la kill right now. After I finish I will watch the movie you linked earlier :)
I'm on episode 22 now on Kill la Kill.

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