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09-08-14, 3:46 PM
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February 17, 2008
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Azunyaan | 09-11-10, 6:59 AM
nope, Jyasuten

infinitybelt | 09-11-10, 1:11 AM
Sorry for the randomness but is your profile pic Azu-nyan?! O.O~ if so where did you get it? Can you send me the original?


P.S. ~ *high fives* for Clannad: AS as your second favorite ^^

Azunyaan | 09-09-10, 2:24 PM
hehe i saw you linked it to my bro

*Azunyaan stalks her bro sometimes*

also how i got this name :D

Azunyaan | 09-08-10, 12:45 AM
I like your Azunyan stuff :3

HIMR | 08-22-10, 5:07 AM

PockyLoveLove | 08-10-10, 9:24 PM
SUMMER 2010 Card Making Competition - VOTING
The voting threads are up for all three themes and their two categories.

Kindly take the time to place your vote on the cards you feel deserve to win the competition :3

Preset Category | Custom Category

Preset Category | Custom Category

Preset Category | Custom Category

Be sure to read the entire post before placing your votes, and good luck to all participants!
Member Cards Mall
PS. Sorry for spamming your profile ^^;

starflutter | 08-10-10, 2:42 AM
~ Mass Message from the Noizi Ito FC ~
Today is Noizi-sama's birthday! (well, technically it was yesterday... gomen, I meant to send this earlier but I was busy ^^") To celebrate, we've made some LE cards ^^ You can come request them here. They're limited to 45 requests, so hurry ^^

The Summer SE and 250+ LE have been open for some time and there are still some spots left, but there aren't very many, so hurry! ^^

There are some new character polls that have also been open for some time. If you haven't already, please come and vote here, here, and here ^^

We want to know about our members, so if you haven't already, please come and vote in this poll and this poll too ^^

That's all for now~ Thanks for reading ^^

en_____ | 08-02-10, 9:57 AM
i plan on changing mine later today since it's a new month though :D

en_____ | 08-02-10, 9:57 AM
lol, i noticed that, i've had this one for like two weeks too xD

en_____ | 08-01-10, 6:45 PM
Mass Message from Member Cards Mall

As a result of the mass messages being down and pocky being busy, we have not held the member cards competition for the last two months. To make up for it, we are holding 3 Member Card Competitions this month. All three have different themes, there is a custom and preset category for all three themes, and you may enter as many as you desire.

The Three Themes are:
- Sports
- Silhouette
- Fireworks

The Deadline is Sunday, August 8th, after which voting for each theme will take place.

If you would like to enter the competition, post your finished products HERE for both the preset and custom categories.

Be sure to read the Rules and Regulations HERE, and you can also find the pictures for the preset competitions there.

Thanks you for your time and please participate if you would like. The more people who do it the better, and if you don't/can't create member cards remember that everyone can vote next week for their favorites and then buy with MCM Coins the winning cards soon after that. and sorry for making it so long, i bet most people didn't read everything, lol

SayonaraGangster | 07-25-10, 3:20 AM
Ah ecco.

AngelRaf | 07-24-10, 12:25 PM
Mass Message From Cutest Girls of Anime

Because Mass Messages don't work,there is no other way to tell you this than posting to everybody's profile.(Maybe this time all members vote,that whould be amazaing).
Yeah all +1000 members xP Its simple copy/paste.

The next match
Click here

If you are not interesed just ignore it :)

Thank you ~ AngelRaf

SayonaraGangster | 07-23-10, 5:37 AM
Perchè hai nascosto la tue liste? ç_ç

LoveSong | 07-23-10, 12:03 AM

Member Card Delivery From Nadeko Sengoku:

Remember to SAVE & REHOST ..

LoveSong | 07-22-10, 7:06 AM

Hey ..
A Massage Nadeko Sengoku Club ..
now you can go and request a Member Card:
Member Cards
hope you like them.

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