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September 12, 2010
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When you stop doing things for fun, you might as well be dead.

The moment you stop taking on challanges is when your life is over.

Hello everyone!

I'm 25. I graduated from college in June of 2012, and right after that I completed my conscription, aka, compulsory military service. Now I'm an Assistant Inspector in a private Turkish bank, so I'm from Turkey of course. Watching anime is one of things I like to do, and as the time passes and the things that I watch increase, my delight about the anime types is getting more determined and consistent.

I LOVE reading books, especially detective, adventure and fiction novels. Reading manga is wonderful as well. Right now I am both reading the mangas with incomplete anime adaptations - which are somehow long - and also other mangas I love, like Pluto. In terms of half adaptations, so far I've caught up with Pandora Hearts, Claymore, D.Gray-Man and Gin no Saji. Yet, Ippo has more than 1,000 chapters, for instance. So I still have a long way to go! A long enjoyable way :) I like to have the releases of mangas, and I am willing to expand my collection.

My #1 ve #2 favourites are Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Death Note. Those -for sure- will never change in their respective numbers unless I discover a top masterpiece.

Bakuman is my #3 favourite. When I first noticed that it is Death Note mangakas' new serialization, I was just "O_O"! And I found more than what I expected. Those mangakas are really something. For the time being, I am reading the manga as well. I have also read Death Note, which has been translated into Turkish. It is enjoyable to re-experience everything, especially if you put some time gap between the anime watching and manga reading times. Yet, Bakuman is not translated into TR, so I have purchased the English releases of VIZ Media, all 20 volumes; it is nice to have a multi-lingual manga collection. :)

Apart from the anime and manga I put under My Favourites part, there are some others I really appreciate, and enjoy a lot. Those come this way:


Tengen Toppa Gurenn Lagann
Rurouni Kenshin
Pandora Hearts
Natsume Yuujinchou
20th Century Boys
Gin no Saji
Great Teacher Onizuka
Yu Yu Hakusho

And lastly, I can be really merciless and badass-like towards the characters I hate, as if they were real people, not fiction. Check my list.

Stay tuned people.


*1st anime: Pokémon

*150th anime: Mawaru Penguindrum!

*10th manga: Death Note

*175th anime: Mushishi

*15th manga: Pluto

*20th manga: Bakuman.


1- Arlong - One Piece = Just your racism and other things about your so-called superiority are enough to make a person hate you; but the things you did to Nami... And even after 8 years of her spending that much effort for the sake of her village, you try to cheat... I'm really sorry they did not KILL YOU!

2- Obito Uchiha - Naruto = I literally HATE your misarable reasoning. That empty heart of yours... You just deserved it. Have I never seen in my whole life a more nonsense excuse to start a war. It is your own condition of feeling lowly. Just get the fuck off. Pathetic.

3- Usopp - One Piece = No need for any explanation, but you are fucking irritating!!! Just run, just do stupid stuff, etc. You worthless piece of SHIT! Hope you will SUFFER & DIE IN PAIN!

4- Morimi Saki - Higashi no Eden = Maybe the most idiot character a person could ever see in a lifetime.

5- Mayuri "Mayushii" Shiina - Steins;Gate = SHINE SHINE SHINE SHINE SHINE BAKAAAAA!

6- Nana "Hachi, Hachiko" Komatsu - Nana = You. Are. Just. A. Damn. Loser. You do not even know what you want from life. You don't even know who you love. Pitiful... Die bitch.


9- Fuko "Fu-chan" Ibuki - Clannad = You are not cute. You are not adorable. You are just an irritating little brat. I am happy you have suffered a lot. HA HA HA! DIE YOU MORON DIE!

Fuck all of you damn characters. Especially unnecessary big-eyed shoujo anime girls! I. HATE. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. YOU.

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Terrestrious | 02-09-15, 10:08 AM
Interesting. The main reason I prefer Baccano! to Durarara is the characters. They're just a lot more, I guess, fun for me. Durarara's character writing is more mature & the characters themselves usually has more layers to Baccano! which normally I prefer but the Baccano! characters are just so much fun in my opinion that it doesn't even matter. Isaac & Miria are enough to make me prefer Baccano!, throw in Ladd, Claire, Jacuzzi, Nice, etc. & I'm in love. Personally, the only characters in Durarara!! I love as much as Baccano! are Izaya, Shizuo & Celty (though I like several others). & the two of those I love best, Izaya & Shizuo, I feel are more in line with Baccano! characters than Durarara!!, if that makes sense. Admittedly, there are dull characters in Durarara!! & the Dallas plot line was really dull but the stuff on the Flying Pussyfoot made up for it with me. Oh & the episode on the ship was boring but yeah. There are plenty of other things that make me prefer it over but I guess I'll just leave it it's more fun to watch for me.

My favorite character with YYH's a little strange. It's Hiei for every arc except Chapter Black, where it's Kurama. So I don't know if I go with the guy who's my favorite there or the one who's my favorite during my favorite part. I lean towards Hiei though. Funny enough though, Kurapika is my favorite from Hunter x Hunter. So my favorite in HxH is the Kurama counterpart. Your favorite is the Hiei counterpart yet Hiei's my favorite in YYH & yours is Kurama. Noticed the same thing with MrAM.

& yeah, I always wish we got some resolution on the Hiei/Yukina thing. It's a bit of a shame Togashi ended YYH, & with another tournament arc (which by the way, the anime made a lot better [you don't even get Yomi vs. Yusuke in the manga, you get like two pages of it starting then the manga timeskips & you just read how the bout ends (though the manga had several small side stories that were left out of the anime)]) but considering how often he goes on hiatus, I'm glad he started Hunter x Hunter as early as he did, lol. I do like the last episode of the anime though.

Yeah, stuff like that's always cool. Little odd in Durarara!! with how you'd constantly see Baccano! playing in the background but still. Yeah, it really sucks that Togashi's health problems or Dragon Quest if you believe that theory. I was expecting at least one more chapter, since I read he normally goes on hiatus on the 10's (so like, if we got a chapter 11, we should've been safe until 20). Really sucks because the Dark Continent Arc has the strongest start of any HxH arc in my opinion. Hopefully he gets better & returns to work before the years done, I don't want to wait two years.

Terrestrious | 02-01-15, 3:25 PM
I read all of 20th Century Boys in a span of two or three days so I didn't have that issue but I can definitely understand how annoying it could be reading that series as it was coming out. It's the main reason I haven't read Billy Bat despite it sounding really interesting. I don't want to have to wait & potentially forget something important that happened months ago. Going to read through all of that when it's finished though. Actually, I didn't mention it but I got the Perfect Edition first two volumes, which are the omnibus's. They look awesome & hold 16 chapters. Hopefully I can get my hands on the rest.

Ah, that's fair on Tegami Bachi. I remember thinking during one of the earlier episodes that this reminds me of the stuff you'd see on like 4Kids but without the terrible censoring & voice acting, lol. It does get shades darker as the series develops & I really enjoy the mystery surrounding Gauche but I think the anime is hindered by the manga. Whether it be fillers in the first season or the anime original ending (I haven't read the manga but based on the comments in the forums the series really did start going downhill once it began deviating). Still enjoyed it but I wouldn't recommend picking it back up.

If you pick up Shinsekai Yori let me know what you think. Hopefully you like it. I still have several episodes left but I've been really liking the more recent episodes.

& DRRRx2 's been pretty good so far. I didn't really care for the first episode but each episode since has been getting better & better. The most recent episode has really got me hyped. Yodogiri's first mention, Aoba planning to take on Izaya, Mikado showing a different side of himself (one that isn't bland) & of course, Izaya's going to be jumping in the fray it seems. Izaya's my favorite so I'm really excited about that one. Hope Shizuo does more too. Truth be told though, I'm more of a Baccano! man myself, hope more of that gets adapted one day. I've had my eye on Parasyte for awhile. Probably would've checked it out if I had a laptop when it started airing. Think I'll watch it once it finishes airing.

Yu Yu Hakusho is great, one of my favorite battle shonens, easily. Chapter Black in particular is amazing & Sensui is one of the best villains out there. It's also interesting to see all the elements later included & elaborated on in HxH? I've been reading the manga though & to be honest, it isn't as good as a remember. Least with the Dark Tournament arc. Favorite arc & character?

Level E is great, once of the smartest written comedies out there. A lot of the humor comes from the twists or trolls in the story & all of them are clever & hilarious. I think I only saw like two of them coming. The series also features a revolving door cast, which helps add variety to the story though admittedly, I like the original characters better than the cast of most other episodes. You'll also notice elements he reused but elaborated in Hunter x Hunter in Level E too. Oh, & you may have already known this but Baka, the main character, appeared in the Heaven's Arena arc during the Hisoka/Gon fight. Let me know your thoughts when you get around to watching it.

I've experienced all of Togashi's work on some level, I think Yu Yu Hakusho is my second favorite though nostalgia definitely plays a big role in that. I'm hoping all of Wicked Cupid finds its way online someday because that's his only work I haven't seen all of.

Terrestrious | 01-22-15, 7:30 PM
Oh, it's not just your manga list. Can't believe I didn't check the anime list too. I have no idea how to do any of that stuff either which isn't a big problem. The standard list works fine.

& that's probably the best bet, I've posted in a lot of chapter discussions for HxH (very few in the anime boards, when I was caught up guys like MrAM or Cresherhsm [think I spelled it right] usually said my thoughts except much better than I ever could [or noticed things I didn't]). Actually currently reading through the Greed Island Arc for HxH.

Haven't read Pluto yet but I've been meaning too for awhile. One of my friends even likes it better than 20th Century Boys. Urasawa's probably my favorite mangaka out there (though it's close with Togashi) so I plan to eventually go through all his works, even the slice of life comedy about a girl & judo. Happy, I think it's called? Also can't wait for him to finish Billy Bat, since I'm not reading any of that until it's completed.

What's your favorite of his works, Monster? It's definitely my favorite, even bought the first two volumes the other day, along with the first volume of Master Keaton which he also worked on.

It's been awhile since I saw anything truly amazing, I guess the first cour of Mushishi Zoku Shou (I really need to get around to watching the final cour) would be the last amazing thing I saw. That or LotGH: Overture to a New War (I really need to get around to watching the OVA). Of the stuff I'm watching now, my favorites are probably Kaiji, Shinsekai Yori or Tegami Bachi. Though I see you dropped Tegami Bachi. What was your issue with it? Since you've already seen Kaiji, I'll just talk about the middleman.

Shinsekai Yori, which I'm only a little over halfway through, has been really fascinating so far. The show has some of the best world-building I've seen in an anime & it's no small part because they dedicate enormous amount of time to it. I believe so far, there are a total of two & a half episodes where it's just one character explaining the world's history to our protagonist, Saki (though, others can be involved & they aren't just listening too, they react & interact too). The episodes are of course split up & sync well within the narrative. One of them was evenly heavily rooted in the emotional conflict at the time & those episodes are my favorites of the series so far. On paper, it sounds like something I might've hated but it's the best quality of the show. The characters on the other hand, are more of mix-bag. At the very least, the ones the series chooses to focus on, namely Saki & Satoru are great but the supporting cast isn't very interesting or compelling. Though that said, MAL lists several characters as main who personally seem more of a supporting role for me or a device. The animation is usually pretty good though it's had a bad episode or two & the OST is pretty solid. Also, I'm not sure if this means much but it kinds feels like a sci-fi series wearing the skin of a fantasy series. Also, if you've heard of the show, you've probably heard the controversy surrounding it & homosexuality. There's like, a ten second clip of two guys kissing (& like twenty of yuri [though, more motorboating than anything) & that's it. There were people hating on the show entirely for the former, which is kinda silly if you ask me since it was both foreshadowed & minimal. It's been practically non-existent since then though.

What about you?

Terrestrious | 01-21-15, 9:16 PM
Yo! So saw your friend request, will probably accept it but I like to talk to people before accepting them. So what's going on?

Also, your manga list is awesome. Little strange how PtW is D. Gray-man instead of FMA but the set-up is pretty awesome.

SparkleBunnies | 01-18-15, 4:11 PM
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Vikopaulum | 12-18-14, 9:14 AM
Thanks! First few went well, the rest is after the Christmas break.

I still find Kuroko no Basuke quite interesting, even though it's the typical overexagerated stuff all over again. I think it's still better than the average show they keep putting out lately.

Another filler arc in Naruto? Even though the manga has ended and thus all sourcematerial is readily available? That's so cheap...

Mikasa | 12-17-14, 12:31 PM
Sorry dude, relax...

LittleRobin | 12-13-14, 11:21 AM

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Vikopaulum | 12-07-14, 9:05 AM
Hahaha, I totally agree on the Chihayafuru part. I did not like the new members that much either. Maybe once they get some more screen time they will become more likable, but so far I prefer the old members way way more. I am with you on hoping there'll be a part 3 in the foreseeable future, because I liked it a lot too, and if I can believe the MAL forums the response to the show was quite good. I know it says little to nothing about the Japanese response, but hey, Madhouse has been my favorite studio by a long shot for some time now, and also Chihayafuru did not disappoint.

I will definitely give those two a shot once I finish Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. Or maybe even while I am watching it, but it sort of depends on how busy I will be the coming weeks with my exams. Don't want to fail them because I suddenly got totally hooked on new shows ;) Though I must admit the episodic nature of it all is a little off-putting, because I usually enjoy the shows with thick plots more. Though in the sense of episodic shows there's not many who aren't purely humor orientated, so I might be surprised a lot by it.

I got pretty thrilled today when I found out that the new season of Kuroko no Basuke is coming out in the spring season (or is it the winter season? Anyhow, the one after the current one :P)!

Vikopaulum | 12-02-14, 8:17 AM
Hey! Sure has been!

I'm good, thanks. How are you?
Yeah, Kiseijuu is definitely the top show of this season for me. A friend of mine has read the manga and already told me it'd be one to look out for, and so far every word has been true. It's pretty great.

Oh, right, I forgot about the second season of Psycho Pass. I guess I'll need to start catching up with it soon :P Mushishi has been on my plan to watch list for quite some time now, for years I believe, but for some reason I never really get around to watching it. Seeing as you're watching S03 I guess it's pretty good?

I haven't been keeping up with the manga. I really dislike having to wait every so often for a long time. It sucked when the anime ended, and having that every hiatus for the manga would be really annoying. I so hope the manga will continue again soon so that it builds up some unread chapter count for me and I can marathon the whole thing at some point ;) That, and then the anime might get a sequel rather sooner than later.

Hmm, I dunno. This season hasn't brought me much interesting stuff to be honest. I've bought some volumes of Genshiken lately, so I'm rereading that. I've been told to watch JoJo, and it's quite entertaining so far, though it's nothing really special. Besides that I have actually been reading more than I have been watching these days. Except for Log Horizon 2; I've been following that faithfully. I've been hooked ever since the first few episodes of the first season!

Wimwinkle | 11-22-14, 11:38 AM

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Xiaraith | 11-19-14, 5:39 AM

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Vikopaulum | 10-01-14, 7:34 AM
It's actually pretty bad how every time I get a ton of recommendations and then I watch something else in which I either get really absorbed or just pass the time with. Luckily I found myself one of the former this time, and I will complete it tomorrow at the rate I'm going. Log Horizon is great, it's nearly everything I hoped Sword Art Online would have been before it became the harem nonsense it is right now. I could rant for about an hour how I dislike SAO and find the huge love it gets totally unjustified, but I'll spare you the details :p
Anyway, once I complete Log Horizon I should get around to things such as completing the rest of anime from this season, watching JoJo (still!) and trying out Yu Yu Hakusho.

Vikopaulum | 09-28-14, 12:04 PM
He totally should consider it his magnum opus! It is absolutely amazing! Seriously, I loved every moment of it, and the thought that it will continue beyond this point makes me so insanely hyped up to see it I can hardly wait for him to continue writing :p

I'll catch up with the manga this week, and then, well, back to waiting again ^^. But I like the fact that his chapters are filled with dialogue in order to actually construct the story and introduction into the new story arc. It's totally the way every shounen should have done it, but everybody seems to fail in it a lot.
That reminds me though, there is one thing I didn't like a lot, which was in the Chimera Ant arc we got to see a lot of ants killing the civilians and those soldiers, but in the manga that was way shorter and less detailed. Those were a few episodes that I thought were a little dull, but it seemed to have not been done by Togashi himself. Anyway, that is such a minor point of criticism that I cannot even call it worthwhile to mention xD

Weekend here was actually quite sunny :p So I've been sitting outside quite a bit.

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