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May 7, 1989
Istanbul, Turkey
September 12, 2010
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When you stop doing things for fun, you might as well be dead.

Hello everyone!

I'm 24. I graduated from college in June of 2012, and right after that I completed my conscription, aka, compulsory military service. Now I'm an Assistant Inspector in a private Turkish bank, so I'm from Turkey of course. Watching anime is one of things I like to do, and as the time passes and the things that I watch increase, my delight about the anime types is getting more determined and consistent.

I LOVE reading books, especially detective, adventure and fiction novels. Reading manga is wonderful as well. Right now I am both reading the mangas with incomplete anime adaptations - which are somehow long - and also other mangas I love, like Pluto. In terms of half adaptations, so far I've caught up with Pandora Hearts, Claymore and D.Gray-Man. Yet, Ippo has more than 1,000 chapters, for instance. So I still have a long way to go! A long enjoyable way :) I like to have the releases of mangas, and I am willing to expand my collection.

My #1 ve #2 favourites are Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Death Note. Those -for sure- will never change in their respective numbers unless I discover a top masterpiece.

Bakuman is also my #3 favourite. When I first noticed that it is Death Note mangakas' new serialization, I was just "O_O"! And I found more than what I expected. Those mangakas are really something. For the time being, I am reading the manga as well. I have also read Death Note, which has been translated into Turkish. It is enjoyable to re-experience everything, especially if you put some time gap between the anime watching and manga reading times. Yet, Bakuman is not translated into TR, so I am purchasing the Englsh releases; it is nice to have a multi-lingual manga collection. :)

Apart from the anime and manga I put under My Favourites part, there are some others I really appreciate, and enjoy a lot. Those come this way:

Hunter x Hunter
Tengen Toppa Gurenn Lagann
Rurouni Kenshin
Kuroko No Basket
Natsume Yuujinchou
Pandora Hearts
20th Century Boys
Great Teacher Onizuka

And lastly, I can be really merciless and badass-like towards the characters I hate, as if they were real people, not fiction. Check my list.

Stay tuned people.


*1st anime: Pokémon

*150th anime: Mawaru Penguindrum!

*10th manga: Death Note

*175th anime: Mushishi


1- Arlong - One Piece = Just your racism and other things about your so-called superiority are enough to make a person hate you; but the things you did to Nami... And even after 8 years of her spending that much effort for the sake of her village, you try to cheat... I'm really sorry they did not KILL YOU!

2- Obito Uchiha - Naruto = I literally HATE your misarable reasoning. That empty heart of yours... You just deserved it. Have I never seen in my whole life a more nonsense excuse to start a war. It is your own condition of feeling lowly. Just get the fuck off. Pathetic.

3- Usopp - One Piece = No need for any explanation, but you are fucking irritating!!! Just run, just do stupid stuff, etc. You worthless piece of SHIT! Hope you will SUFFER & DIE IN PAIN!

4- Morimi Saki - Higashi no Eden = Maybe the most idiot character a person could ever see in a lifetime.

5- Mayuri "Mayushii" Shiina - Steins;Gate = SHINE SHINE SHINE SHINE SHINE BAKAAAAA!

6- Nana "Hachi, Hachiko" Komatsu - Nana = You. Are. Just. A. Damn. Loser. You do not even know what you want from life. You don't even know who you love. Pitiful... Die bitch.


9- Fuko "Fu-chan" Ibuki - Clannad = You are not cute. You are not adorable. You are just an irritating little brat. I am happy you have suffered a lot. HA HA HA! DIE YOU MORON DIE!

Fuck all of you damn characters. Especially unnecessary big-eyed shoujo anime girls! I. HATE. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. YOU.

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Vikopaulum | 04-05-14, 3:55 AM
Quite an abrupt ending as well. Still, I liked it a lot. :)

And I still need to read Pluto myself. How are you liking it so far?

Vikopaulum | 03-25-14, 1:38 PM
Wow, is it just me or did they cute Kamogawa's Flash back training arc really short? :o I seem to remember it being a lot longer. Here it was like ten seconds.

Aerialspace | 03-13-14, 12:37 AM
Thank you very much! Glad that you thought the same as well :D

Vene | 01-18-14, 5:03 PM
Tatami Galaxy is really a worth anime, tell me if you like it.
Johan is the best villain I've meet, now every villain I encounter I compare him with Johan, only to be disapointed later because they didn't reach Johan's shoes :p.
Monster was excellent, in fact when I like too much an anime if the ending don't satisfice me I tend to drop the score too much, and Monsters ending was one I didn't like at all. Im interested in 20th Century Boys but I don't like too much to read manga, the only reason to move me to read a manga its that the anime adaptation skips some manga chapters so in that case I read them otherwise I won't. I'm currently praying for an anime adaption of Century Boys... Hahah.

Vene | 01-15-14, 5:50 AM
I'm glad you found it helpful ^^, thanks for reading it. Yeah, Johann is the best villain I've ever meet. What a coincidence!, I'm actually now reaching my 200th anime, I wonder which it will be.
Thanks for friend request :)

Vikopaulum | 01-07-14, 10:19 AM
Once more I can only agree. Quite a shame, because the source material is really good at this point! If they'd slightly speed up certain other things, like the whole Ippo-Miyata thing that would never happen, or some of Aoki's fights (no offence, they are good for some change of pace, but they tend to drag sometimes), that'd be fine by me, but not really wellwritten fights. Makes me think back on the memorable fights like were Ippo first showed the Dempsey Roll, or Takamura vs Hawk, those were amazing!

Vikopaulum | 12-22-13, 10:25 AM
Yeah, I can totally find myself in that, I was also annoyed with that part in the manga. It is around there somewhere that waiting for new fights tends to drag on for ages. Maybe I just experienced it that way because by then I had caught up with releases and it sometimes took quite a while for new chapters to be released, but still. But I do sometimes feel the mangaka just puts some things in to drag it out even more. I really like his manga, but he shouldn't forcefully try to make it longer with dumb things in the plot or by going off on some tangent. Ah, well, I will keep reading it anyway probably :P

I haven't seen episode 12 yet, but I will do it in a bit, since I now have the time. Also really looking forward to the next HxH. I'm really curious to see how the story will develop.

And well, I personally think Eureka Seven is really good, but not everybody agrees with me ;)

Vikopaulum | 12-18-13, 2:03 AM
Hahaha, don't appologize for something like that. This reply is like 13 days late. I have been so busy studying I can't even touch a book anymore. Well, figure of speech really, because I still have to :P But I must admit I just neglected MAL a bit too much because of studying and not watching a lot of anime both. So I'm sorry for my late reply :\

But yeah, that is exactly why I dislike the 26 episode style. While some of my friends say they don't like long series, I always say that I think series that either add nonsense or cut important stuff are just dumb, even though they are shorter because of it. I mean, if the show is good, and knows how to not drag it out, who cares how long it is? I've seen masterpieces of 50 or more episodes, and I've seen masterpiece of 10 or less episodes. So the whole "I don't like long series" is bullshit in my opinion. Sure, you might not want to invest that much time in one specific show, but you'll miss out on some really good ones. After all, if you don't like it, drop it after a couple of episodes. Though the risk with long shows is always that it might just pick up the pace after that first buffer of boring. Though in my opinion it will always lose at least some credit for something like that.

I'm still watching Hajime no Ippo, but it really is a bummer it does not live up to its source material. Still, it's a good watch, and I will finish it, but at the moment I prefer watching Kuroko no Basuke 2 and HxH. I also started yet another rewatch of Eureka Seven, which I just love enormously. The strange thing is that there are parts where the main character just annoys the hell out of me, but in the end, I think it is amazing. It's one of those series that really made me think of things, and gives me this really strange feeling when watching it. I know people who think otherwise, but to me it is one of the best things I've ever seen. Not only out of anime, but really of stories in general.

Sensou | 12-11-13, 3:38 AM
Bende linki görünce yeni bir anime haberi sandım bir an heyecanlandım ya :D Bu ne manga ile alakalımı fillermı yoksa..

Vikopaulum | 12-01-13, 11:06 AM
I just reread the training arc for the Submarine Wars fight, and I really think it's a shame they omitted it, because I love seeing how Ippo powered up his Dempsey Roll.

Vikopaulum | 11-27-13, 4:41 PM
Madhouse is doing great, I agree. Even in my time of watching very little anime, I still loyally watch HxH every week :P And same here, he really needs to continue, because as opposed to a lot I really like his storylines. Just get a damn assistent already :P

Yeah, similar for me. Always liked the coach as a character so that makes it even more of a shame :(

Never actually watched Slam Dunk, but I read it. Mostly started it because it was a Takehiko Inoue manga, but I loved it! I hope they make both seasons longer than 26 eps though. They should just continue calmy until they run out of material to work with and end it on a nice point when they do. I really dislike the 26 episode standard, because sometimes it leads to rushed endings, or weird alterations in the story or something.

Vikopaulum | 11-17-13, 2:48 PM
Oh, I really hope he does! I never actually started reading the manga because of the horrible art people have shown me, but it would be such a shame if the series would end prematurely, because it is by far one of the best shounen I have ever come across.

Yeah, I should finish reading the GTO prequel actually :P I don't even know why I forgot to continue reading it at some point. Guess it is because I kinda dropped everything a few months back. Read and watched almost nothing anymore, and am picking things up again now.

Agreed, HnI: Rising shouldn't be rushed. It is too bad they do those kinds of things, because I absolutely love the series. Only thing I read in a manga chapter right before I picked up the season is that the voice actor of the coach died. I really liked him as a voice actor, it just seemed to suit the character a lot. Not that the new one is doing a bad job, not at all, but I just find it a bit sad we don't have the old voice anymore :( But it sure is great that HnI is back :D
Strange thing is, I have never been a big fan of sports anime, but I am currently watching both Kuroko no Basuke and Hajime no Ippo :P

Alphamon | 11-12-13, 3:10 PM
Ahaha yeni görmüşüm evet kahvaltı ederken izliyordum :D

Vikopaulum | 11-11-13, 2:49 PM
Yeah, I agree, GTO was really good! I should rewatch that at some point in the future, actually. Though I heard there's a manga about it set in the early years of Onizuka's life. Not sure if it's by the same author, but I should check it out.

And wow, that sounds like quite the position :O I cannot even imagine myself working right now, though I probably should be looking for an internship for summer break or something.

And about Hajime no Ippo: Rising, I agree, they started it off really fast, and it felt a bit rushed. I remembered the first fight of this season to be a lot longer in the manga. Also, I seemed to recall Ippo and the other guy having a talk about the sea where Ippo is from and the sea where he is from.

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