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February 19, 1990
March 31, 2009
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Time (Days) 98.1
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The way I score my list:
10 - Brilliant. Loved it from start to finish. Exactly what I want from an anime and much more.
9 - Drew me in from the start. Thoroughly enjoyable, usually particularly strong in at least one aspect be it characters, plot, etc.. A personal favourite.
8 - Provided more than I wanted. Entertaining throughout, maybe a few dull parts.
7 - Got what I was looking for, nothing more nothing less. I found it entertaining, but nothing special.
6 - Didn't get what I was looking for, but not necessarily bad.
5 - Fair, neither particularly good or bad.
4 - Poor, not terrible, but generally didn't enjoy it.
3 - Bad, didn't like it. Possibly liked a few bits here and there, but generally gave a bad impression.
2 - Disliked a lot, definitely not my thing.
1 - Reserved for the worst of the worst, unbelievably bad. Terrible story, dislikeable characters and insulting.

These are very subjective scores and are largely if not solely based on my own enjoyment of the series. I also find it very easy to enjoy most of the series I watch and will in most cases only pick up series that I think I'll like.

100th anime - Black Rock Shooter
150th anime - Usagi Drop
200th anime - Pokemon: The Origin

Blog entries [Outdated]:
List of all favourite anime
List of all favourite female characters
List of all favourite male characters
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Favourite quotes:

"'Goodbye' isn't a word of finality, but rather the word of a new beginning"
~Nanoha Takamachi

"I will get stronger as long as I continue to try"
~ Sakura Haruno

"Believe in yourself. Not you, who believes in me. Not me, who believes in you. Believe in you, who believes in yourself!" ~ Kamina

~~~ I ACCEPT random friend requests, but if you send me an invite, at least talk to me occasionally ^^ ~~~

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Aeonic | 09-11-14, 8:50 AM
You rarely give low scores and you gave wixoss a 3, despite awarding Sword art online a higher scoring for being an awful light novel adaption with plot holes the size of a prostitutes vagina.

Aeonic | 08-25-14, 10:15 AM
A group of elitists that is bent on taking over the anime community and repressing every weaboo, fat gamer/harem lover and your run of the mill pedophila...Castration or Euthanasia.

xDoN904 | 08-19-14, 1:39 AM
Nice! I have 7 MM Shiny hatched Pokemon from the range from 8 (x2) eggs to 433 eggs that took about maybe 10+ hours straight to get my first of two shiny Honedges. I already put over 2000+ hours on my copy of Y from countless hours breeding Smogon/VGC teams, Maison runs, battles and tons of level grinding to lv.100 on the Restaurant. Btw whats your FC so we can do some friendly singles or 4v4 doubles. Heres mines : 3523 2818 0917 IGN: PsychoDon904

I'll eventually get around to watching those big popular shows that was at the time, though I most likely not get around to that.

Yeah its amazing though you are like one of the few friends I made when I first got on that still get on sometime this year since over half of the old friends pretty much left the site.

Aeonic | 07-25-14, 10:24 AM
It's alright. I made a recent club if that what you mean, when you're saying make.

xDoN904 | 07-25-14, 3:15 AM
I am doing good. Right now I am playing alot of Pokemon Y pretty much breeding Pokemon so I can get some trades going on. Also competitive battling on the side which I am finally getting the hang of the VGC doubles style of battling since I am used with the old 6 v 6 singles of Pokemon for ages.

Now as for the anime side, I taken a long 2 year break back in 2012. I do watch some anime here and there during the period. Though I was active in the Manga department at the time. Also I kinda fell out of MAL also since I only get on just to update my stuff.

Now its whenever I feel like it since I no longer keep up with the new animes every season and watch what interest me since most of them is pretty much the same thing. Hence why I can't get into the big popular series like Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online as examples since I watched enough of those in the 08 - 11 watching big ones from that period and much earlier.

You know what, I just noticed when I clicked the Com-to-Com that we last chatted almost 4 years ago o_O

xDoN904 | 07-10-14, 3:46 AM
Whats up! Its been a while since we last talked since i recently returned here.

Aeonic | 05-30-14, 11:19 AM
Hey, how have you been? I've just made with someone else and I was wondering if you wanted to join it?

Aeonic | 05-10-14, 1:38 PM
Hey, what's up?

Aeonic | 02-17-14, 10:03 AM
A friend of mine is playing that game too. I'm only watching Space Dandy from the winter season, but the winter season is known for being lacklustre, so no surprises. I'm excited this year with the airings of Mushishi 2, Jojo Bizarre Adventures Star dust crusaders in the spring season and Parasyte, Gundam origins and Legend of the Galactic heroes with air date to be announced.

Aeonic | 02-12-14, 11:59 AM
Hey, how are you enjoying anime these days?

Aeonic | 01-14-14, 7:08 PM
Not bad, just still working on that political science degree.

Aeonic | 01-06-14, 12:44 PM
Hey, how have you been?

DirectorVhd | 09-06-13, 12:39 PM
For those who seek enlightenment and life lessons through anime.

Aeonic | 08-07-13, 11:24 AM
That's fine. :p. It was alright, but I was feeling quite sick throughout the whole trip. :l. I've been okay, preparing for this upcoming school year. What about you?

Aeonic | 07-15-13, 10:46 AM
Hey, what's up? I just got back from camping a week ago. :P.

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