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DynamicBeast | 04-08-14, 12:42 PM
The first episode of The Irregular at Magic High School is quite good, go watch it :p

BoogiepopCorn | 02-25-14, 5:51 PM
Seems nice. Oh, im watching videodrome right now!

BoogiepopCorn | 02-25-14, 10:47 AM
Avoid being alone with your professor ;) kidding

BoogiepopCorn | 02-25-14, 9:43 AM
I'm watching Hajime no Ippo and Orguss 02 (better than the orignal series :0 )
Waiting for JoJo too. And waiting for Twin Peaks blu-ray. I need to discover what the hell Lynch is hiding from me!!! k

BoogiepopCorn | 02-25-14, 3:40 AM
busy too... watching/reading anything good?

BoogiepopCorn | 02-24-14, 10:22 AM
hows goin? :3

angrygirl | 01-21-14, 10:49 AM
aha, nah, gross., but thats cool. ive met feminine lesbian whore into anime. u should def check out tumblr, theres a bunch of em there.

angrygirl | 01-20-14, 10:52 AM
hell yes lol i love vagina + tits

BoogiepopCorn | 01-16-14, 5:11 PM
I love higurashi, but yeah, this kawaii mainstream drawings arent my cup of tea. very rare for me to fully enjoy anything after 2010.
Twin Peaks is (maybe) David Lynch greatest effort. The series has a very dark plot and he uses random humour between the evil scenes.
No, my project is pure music, but I recorded almost every instrument on my own. Its very progressive and experimental, bending from death metal to jazz.

BoogiepopCorn | 01-16-14, 11:25 AM
no, i can't remember any... the classics are the best. some underground titles still works, but not really awesome. well, i have an avant-garde musical project where i write a lot of songs based on dementia/oldschool manga horror and sci-fi.
and about the gory side of the stuff... it's pretty good when well done, but i don't like the modern sketches, like most of the anime cliche characters. too lame. i like well done art with more graphics , not just a black blur meaning blood in a moe girl. it's the reason why i prefer junji, suehiro, kazuo and shintaro kago. some of the hardcore lolicon nowadays are very impressive, and i must admit, it's shocking stuff. and read dat kind of things knowing people use to read as porn, makes the experience even worst. it's good from my psychological point of view. that's the real "horror".
have you tried litchi hikari club? very similar to suehiro.
do you use to watch dementia/psych movies? david lynch is a current favorite of mine. i love eraserhead since forever and now i'm finally watching twin peaks. i think you should check it out, if you already hadnt.

BoogiepopCorn | 01-16-14, 9:34 AM
Btw, Nana rules. Great manga.

BoogiepopCorn | 01-16-14, 9:32 AM
Yeah, the dementia side is better. I like to capture the psychplogical meaning or create my own psychological interpretation of those works. Junji Ito is one of my all time favorites. Yaoi reader? Sounds funny as sick

BoogiepopCorn | 01-16-14, 8:59 AM
you're so mean, you don't like me cuz i'm a special child

BoogiepopCorn | 01-16-14, 8:50 AM
Do you read any guro/oldschool horror other than Suehiro?

BoogiepopCorn | 01-16-14, 3:52 AM
Can I lick your eyes wide open?
I use to open my mouth while shitting.

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