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September 4, 1993
April 1, 2011
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About recheebts
Hello, there, I'm just your average American who loves anime!

I'm a college student. I love anime. I don't have the free time I used to but when I get the chance, anime and manga are always a great way to pass the time.

Besides anime and manga, I also enjoy many other forms of entertainment, including music, television, movies, books, graphic novels, visual novels, and video games.

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BoaCC | 12-25-14, 2:55 PM
Happy Holidays Reechie!

BlindNostalgia | 04-21-14, 7:29 PM
Hey recheebts! Sorry for the late comment! It's been a VERY long time since then! I take it you wanting a that long awaited anime binge? :P Hopefully your preferences hasn't shift too much from the past year or so.

Here's some recent shows I highly recommend checking out

Natsume Yuujinchou(4 seasons+ovas) - The best supernatural slice of life I've ever seen.
Hotarubi no Mori e - Same author and atmosphere as Natsume
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Trilogy Films. Coated with a fresh new paint. The 3rd film is all new.
Gin no Saji
Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin
Uchouten Kazoku
Kyousou Giga (TV)
Hunter x Hunter (2011)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012)
Kuroko no Basket
Sword of the Stranger
Sakamichi no Apollon
Uchuu Kyoudai
Kotonoha no Niwa

I'll just stop there for now, there was so much over the past years. Hopefully something here interests you.

BoaCC | 12-25-13, 4:51 PM
Happy Holidays!! Rechee!

BoaCC | 11-11-13, 1:30 PM
happy international pocky day!

Talk to me!!
How are you finding kill la kill?

BoaCC | 06-08-13, 2:23 AM
Good to know Punk Hazard was a great arc in the manga. It's trash in the anime format right now, hope it gets better soon.

How was Fate/Zero?

BoaCC | 05-06-13, 3:53 AM
Good to hear. Im not a fan of filler arcs. I would like to see hiatus rather than fillers because it's not like there aren't other, often better and shorter series out there to compete with our time.

Hurry up and watch the anime so we can discuss it.

BoaCC | 05-05-13, 12:31 PM
"part of it's just because I've already watched hundreds of episodes and don't want to just drop it"
^ Many people are on the same boat as you on this one.

I would prefer One Piece does a Bleach or Fairy Tail, go on a hiatus, rather than dishing out forced episodes that would ultimately damage its reputation. I already lowered my score of it in my head.

BoaCC | 05-05-13, 1:59 AM
The fish island arc was so slow I had skip-streamed so much that I was spending on 5-10 mins per episode. I don't suppose the manga had any of this comic relief? Do u enjoy seeing character interactions in this excessive manner?

BoaCC | 05-04-13, 3:21 PM
Lol, still keeping up to date with One Piece, I see. How are u finding it right now?

BoaCC | 03-17-13, 2:05 PM
No time for MAL? You don't need to be active for this!

-UNLISTED- | 01-18-13, 12:19 PM

I was also spoiled to Ace's death. He was my favourite character since the moment he appeared, so I just searched a bit about him, and I found out ;P But I still bawled my eyes out. For me, that was probably the most emotional moment, probably because I LOVED Ace. But a close second would be Nami's past. That was just plain sad. Merry Go's death was also sad, and many people seem to rate it the saddest, but I just can't get why. It moved me, but I didn't cry or anything. Chopper's flashbacks were pretty sad as well, but it didn't touch me the same way. Usopp's fight with Luffy was pretty sad. Moved me more than Chopper's past because I kinda already knew all of them at that time, so the impact only hit me harder.

I see your holding on Gintama. I definately support it. It's the one and only show that even compares to OP (IMO). I actually found the first few episodes (up until episode 17 with the occasional few episdoes spared) to be the boringest show ever. But as it goes on, it just gets more and more amazing. After episode 50-something, it becomes pure gold. Gintama, on occasions, have actually made me cry harder than OP! Which seems impossible... but yeah ;P They can make the stupidest arc/reason into the most amazing thing ever. And the story and characters only grow on you as you watch on. Though I have to admit, Zura and Sougo ("see that guy there? run over him, but don't try to kill him" XD) and Hijikata were all awesome ever since the series began. And Gin was also pretty interesting, getting more and more epic with each episode ;P Plus, it seems like nothing's impossible for Gintama. It can make my stomach hurt from laughing one second, and then my vision blurry from tears the next. I would definately suggest you watch it. However, due to the slow start, I would watch it once in a while, in between a few other series, until it gets really good. But if you like the beginning, then you'll just love the episodes later on.

P.S. sorry for the huge, long comment. It's necessary to give even a glimpse into the awesomeness known as Gintama ;P

BoaCC | 01-18-13, 4:53 AM
Awesome, great to hear from you! You know where we are.

-UNLISTED- | 01-01-13, 8:42 AM
Anime Compatability: 74.7% (high)
Finally, someone who understands the amazingness of the masterpiece called One Piece ;P
I've met so very few people who've given One Piece a 10, it's unbelievable!
But yeah, I totally agree with you. One Piece was one of the first anime I watched, and to this date, is still my favourite.
I've cried who knows how many times watching anime, yet Ace's death is still the most tragic thing that happened in my eyes. I have never and doubt will ever cry like I did when Ace died. :"( He was my favourite character too...
But on a happier note, Happy New Year! (if that applies to you)

BoaCC | 12-26-12, 4:26 AM
Last Online 9 hours ago. Rechee is back!
Happy Holidays m8!

BoaCC | 09-24-12, 2:32 PM
Be sure to play: Deadline to register is 30th Sep.

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