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11-26-13, 11:38 AM
August 13, 2012
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Rrgrg | 02-08-13, 1:16 PM
Happy Birthday! ^.^

quest4us | 02-08-13, 8:42 AM
Happy Birthday Rainbowcow! I know we haven't talked here in a while, but I still wish you a very happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!

Shanira | 01-19-13, 9:14 PM
haha yeah, Hisoka is such a pedo, but he's so awesome at the same time!!
Depends--you don't want to drag things out too long, but complicated plots are good too.

quest4us | 01-18-13, 8:20 AM
Hey there rainbowcow! I know this is like a super late reply, so sorry for that! D:
I haven't been on this site that much, except for updating my list! :(

Anyways, it's been quite some time! So how are you and what's going on?

I hate when that happens! You do all the work and then your group mates don't do anything and get the same grade as you, whether good or bad! Next time don't let them push you around! I'm currently have mid year exams now and it's pretty easy stuff so far!

Yeah same here! My parents speak to my grandparents in Tagalog and when they hand the phone to me to talk to them.... it's pretty awkward using Taglish w/ grandparents! That great! Keep up the good Spanish grader, seniora (I hope that's right)?!

Yeah History is the hardest subject I'm taking now! It can be boring, but to me history is really fascinating sometimes! Yeah I agree, but sometimes we need to look to the past to make sure we don't repeat the same mistakes! I like to look at the world from three views: past, present, and the future, but that's me! :P

Pssh! I'm not that great at singing and I only perform for musicals! But if I do get famous one day, I'll make sure to save a seat for RAINBOWCOW! ;D
Just stay focused and you can accomplish most anything you want! I know you can do it!

And of course I missed our long chats! I'm just sorry for not replying sooner! It'
s a long weekend so I hope you get to read this soon!

Yoshizawa_nanaho | 01-03-13, 9:53 PM
same here!! ok..owh..I see..actually my sister already download it..but I don't know..
she tell me last day but I forget!! my you like romance anime??

Yoshizawa_nanaho | 01-02-13, 10:21 PM
me?? not so good..yesterday my laptop got problem it can't connect internet..but thanks god I already fix it..
toradora?? is it good?? can u share with me a little bit about it..if u don't mind..:)

Yoshizawa_nanaho | 01-01-13, 8:37 PM
young!! hahah..I guess..:)
how are u today??

Yoshizawa_nanaho | 12-29-12, 11:31 PM
thanks coz understanding me..:)
Wah!! u are so still too young..I'm 22 years old..big sister I guess.:P

Yoshizawa_nanaho | 12-28-12, 2:16 AM
owh I see..same here..before that can I know how old are u?? If u don't mind..(^_^)
by the way sorry for my late replied my friend..:)

Shanira | 12-18-12, 8:10 PM
True true, he has his moments in the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc for sure. Although that will be at least... quite a few episodes from now >_< Cause we're just starting Greed Island, and then there's the Chimera Ant arc--and both are very long. Aww, I was afraid of that :(

and another funny HxH picture XD

Shanira | 12-17-12, 3:09 PM
I forgot what show it's from >_<
Yup! I actually don't like him that much (Killua all the way) but the picture was cool :) I know right! Really? Well they all get a power-up soon. Have you seen this picture? (tell me if the link doesn't work >_<) It makes me laugh every time XD

Yoshizawa_nanaho | 12-16-12, 11:56 PM
action anime is the best.!!! yup look like that..and during class break I will watch anime on my handphone..never day u will have don't that sad face..:) smile!!
gintama got to may episode that make me on hold it, because I don't have time to watch it..maybe next time I will continue watch it..yup!!! its only 25 episode. it to bad..the stories is still not finished yet..I plan to watch bakuman..for what I read its story is yup..I guess hitman reborn..last time I watch it on tv..but some time I forget and mis some episode so now I download it and watch it about u??

Shanira | 12-14-12, 5:07 PM
True, that's just kinda silly >_<

I haven't read the Skip Beat or Maid-sama manga yet, so I can't really discuss it;; Hopefully the stories will be going again when I start reading them! Thanks for not spoiling me :) *weakly protests* i-it's on my list to read I swear... Isn't that the one with the wooden robot thingy that I'm always seeing?

I was seriously considering making an AU fanfiction continuing from the Rainbow arc and onwards. Don't really have the motivation though >_<; maybe if they do another adaption, they'll make a different ending!

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