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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Hunter x Hunter (2011)
4 hours ago
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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (TV) 2nd Season
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (TV) 2nd Season
7 hours ago
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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! OVA
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! OVA
Jun 27, 3:28 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 6
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Today, 4:37 AM
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Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail
Jun 28, 5:04 AM
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Sousei no Onmyouji
Sousei no Onmyouji
Jun 26, 8:20 PM
Reading 32/? · Scored 8


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Gokucchi Today, 2:05 AM
No probs, you're not the only one so no worries. xD
Tell me about it haha. xD
There is 2nd season coming, need to watch first season first.
Gokucchi Today, 1:51 AM
Waaa? You really like yangires eh? Then watch Another hehe. :3

Well there Shokugeki no Souma right now, for now that's what am hyped the most. Forgot about other sequels, but oh well... xD Will there be any remakes? I heard for some recaps only. Yeah, I thought they're gonna save him, but they couldn't let him live even with 1% chance. If not then am gonna read the manga, 'tho I already know where's everyone 7 years later. xD Yeah, Karma will return too. ^^

And she looks more cute in 2nd season, more serious, that's cool. He had that skill of his, and he was pretty good manipulator, but oh well, Makishima was better. xD Aizen's motives are indeed questionable, not even fans know his real motive, that makes him really misterious and that's what I like about him. Well Madara is one of the greatest, you're gonna like him someday. xD

Don't know the airing date, but it's gonna be soon I think. xD

Didn't you watch the 2nd season 'tho? That's the last episode. Sorry if I spoiled then...that's why I think season 3 won't make any sense without powers.

That's for sure haha. xD She's not yandere queen for no reason right? Agree, only liked him in the end when he was the God, ahh. Well he was afraid, that's all. Can't blame Yuno for that, but it's true she went to some...drastic matters for something.

Yeah, especially when they're fighting, you're gonna see more of that later, trust me. :3 I know I know, they didn't have much screen time, and they're all from Meteor City, they're fighting to protect it and it's people, that's why they're good. Atleast I saw Feitan in Greed Island arc haha. xD Then you're in for a ride if you're waiting for them to go wild. Yeah, you're gonna see later why I love them so much. And last arc is gonna be interesing. You still have all those OVAs and movies, and that 99 version anime too. ^^
Gokucchi Yesterday, 4:16 AM
Yeah, putting yandere aside, yangire will definitely kill you. xD

Hope we will see more of those sequels if possible. I know I know ;_______________; I couldn't stop crying. T ^ T When he took their attendance for the day and died... aww.... Will there be epilogue of 7 years later in last episode? Yeah, Karma is just badass. She changed a lot, that's for sure, and am glad. Movie was so epic! He isn't better than Makishima that's for sure, but he wasn't that bad either. Haha same here, he's my third favorite after Aizen and Madara. ^^ That's indeed true, plot armor power is just... xD Yeah, really glad I watched the movie.

That is also true, but I just have that feeling that I want to win and change my pace. Haha, well I my friend experienced that thing by my hand haha. xD

Something called Dufufufu, Shizuo adventures. xD Something like that, need to see it. I think there's gonna be something like that haha. xD

Animation is really good, won't deny that, and I don't know what will they put in 3rd season if it's that, I mean they lost their powers, so... I think it will be some specials or something like that, some adaptation from manga.

Yuno went through so much, killing her perents and stuff, but Yukki could atleast do something about that, and he did complete opposite of that, oh well... He was scared, that's all, I can't see other explanation, after all fear is what made him do that, and others just used it... oh well it was intense so I like it. ^^

Glad you like it that much, it's really interesting, especially in manga now since there is mooooore to the story. Yeah, Killua is my favorite there. Love his change of mood when he becomes protective and bloodthirsty, but on the other side he's all chummy and cool. :3 'tho my favorite group was Phantom Troupe, they're kinda cool. ^^ That's true Gon is really MC when you see him. But he's badass, you're gonna see later, it gave me shivers. Just finished Bleach recently, and am reading the manga now, so awesome. ^^ Haha, yeah, their expression is just too similar, even they laughed only once haha. xD Chimera Ant arc is my favorite, you will see why later. And Meruem is badass if you ask me. That's what was boring too, but you will see everything later, it's all connected. ^^
Gokucchi Yesterday, 4:02 AM
Well tbh I thought you didn't reply to me so I thought you went somewhere, so it was all my fault, gomen! T ^ T
Haha, well I can understand you, HxH is really epic anime, my second favorite shonen. :3
Same here, really hyped for Boku no Hero. ^^
Gokucchi Jun 27, 3:31 AM
Well am not gonna lie, I kinda didn't answer in time..> ^ <
Haha, you must like HxH eh? Am glad. ^^ Nice new pic btw. :3
Gokucchi Jun 26, 1:21 AM
Haha, god like dere, oh well, can't hate any dere, but definitelly I would run away from yangire, that's for sure haha. :3

There will be tons of great stuff on summer so I can understand you hehe. 'tho putting aside new animes, there are gonna be sequels for older animes. ^^ I just finished Ansatsu, already added it to top 10 haha. Karma is such badass! *^* Yeah, Kagari did, and then Akane changed. Ginoza is more badass in 2nd season as Enforcer. I had her in top 10, but assuming me I change my top 10 all the time then..xD But Makishima is my favorite from Psycho Pass. :3

Well, he was doing great, but oh well, he was a villain and Kougami had plot armor. xD But his last moments were so touching, atleast for me. Yeah, well I can only think about Makishima wanting to change Kougami, and it looks like it happened haha, and Akane looks badass in the movie 'tho. ^^

Am usually funny and merry guy when playing something, but for some reason I turn into Akashi when playing for some reason haha. Right now am playing volleyball (thanks Haikyuu!) and am doing great for now. Haha, well I was like that in the beginning, just take it easy and you eventually make it. :3

Well atleast we're gonna have a parody OVA of Shizuo and there will be Izaya in it so... :3

It all depends whether fans want a sequel or mangaka wants that, I mean GoHands did some great stuff, but oh well, I just think K is really popular among fans. :3

Yeah that's true, but shouldn't underestimate King Kong, he's a gorilla after all, now so stupid afterall hehe. xD Yuno is queen of yanderes, ofcourse she's not even near her. xD Well Yuno killed and only lived for Yuuki, but for me Yuuki as character kinda sucks, I can understand he was under preasure, but to kill your friend oh well...

Looks like you progressed pretty well eh, that's good. You like it till now eh? :3 I know I know, it's my favorite shonen after Bleach. ^^ So Killua is your favorite eh? Mine too, he and Feitan. 'tho Phantom Troupe are my favorite overall. Chimera Ant Arc is awesome if you ask me. ^^
Gokucchi Jun 26, 1:09 AM
Haha no no, I should say am too late. :| :3
Tsgum Jun 24, 7:08 AM
Happy birthday! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
Gokucchi Jun 24, 1:03 AM
Happy birthday! :3
Gokucchi May 30, 4:41 AM
Hm...here --> http://www.hxchector.com/all-dere-types-anime-manga/ Hope you find your favorite haha. :3 Yangire is kinda the most frightening, just when you think you are friendly with her, she ends up killing you, the case in Another..xD

Same here haha, but like you said summer isn't here yet, 'tho am mostly waiting for Fall, since Haikyuu is there. *_______* Agree, it's awesome and cyberpunk/dystopia theme really fits in Psycho Pass, and characters are just too cool. Hehe, already have Akane in top 10, just changed it recently, 'tho there are only two villains in Psycho Pass, and they're cool. :3 Haha oh well.. :3

Yeah i really liked him, his motives for being evil are good, his development was good, his death was......SAD! ;________; Why did he had to die, just like Makishima, eh... but look on the brighter side, Psycho Pass movies was epic, right? :3

Am telling you, sport animes are the only reason i play some sports in real life, currently learning Akashi's Emperor's Eye. xD Trust me, you won't regret (don't know how many times i said that haha. xD) Cowboy Bebop is also cool, 'tho i haven't watched it, i can tell by the rating and all those reviews. If you don't like watching more animes at a time, then start one, but it's even better if you can watch them in the same time. (=①ω①=)

GOOD HEAVENS, JUST LOOKS AT THE TIME haha, that meme is just too powerful haha. xD

I know right, ending was good, so i think this season is just a filler one, if not. Well it all depends from studio, i mean looks like GoHands's budget is rising, so why not. :3 'tho you're right there are too many animes that deserve sequel than K, but oh well.. :3

I know right, but i think Godzilla will win, i mean just look at it. O.O xD Aha so that's the case, she's yandere when it comes to Eren, but overall she's kawaii and cool, hope that helps. :3

Tell me what you think about them, am interesting, 'tho just wait to see Killua and Feitan, my favorite ones in HxH. :3
LuciferLooi May 29, 7:51 AM
OMFG again! Why does senpai's reply always so fast and long? Damn!

So, how does it feel to wait for one's reply for one week, yandere-senpai? Haha......emm...... senpai? I'm so sorry! Please show mercy on me! N-No! Don't kill me please! AHHHHHH~

My, tsunderes are not really my cup of tea either. Sometimes they are just too cliche that they annoy me. But I'm still OK with certain tsunderes like Misaka Mikoto or Makise Kurisu. Baka?

Haha, Charlotte, I'm sure you heard it before, but I also think it was rushed, first episode was actually pretty awesome, it got good first impression from me, but then it was kind of boring, then it just boom! Plot twist came out of nowhere! Overall, it still good I guess, I still give a 7/10 score for it. And when you mentioned psychopath, you mean Yuu from Charlotte right? LOL, he''s not really crazy, he's just desperately trying to be one...

Hey, our mean scores are pretty much the same, only a 0.05 difference I guess. Yes, some people do tend to give all animes a higher score. One of my friends got a mean score of 8 and above LOL. I have no idea how he loved all of those cliche boring harem ecchi action stuff, you know? Those are pretty shit. Usually I only give them a 3 or 4.

But then again, I haven't watch that much animes so my currently lowest score for an anime is 2. And it is Isuca. Oh damn, that one was truly a piece of art. Sometimes I wonder why I watch stuff like that. Yet once I started an anime, I have to finish it. This is probably due to my perfectionist personality, or am I just being masochistic? I never drop any show once I start, worse come to it I'll only hold on to it.

Oh I'm sorry... but well for a guy who never work and earn money for himself, I'm still consider even 10k yen to be quite expensive. It's around 300 or above for Malaysia Ringgit so yeah... Man, that Kaneki was fucking cool, but 44k yen... I don't know, man...

Well, those characters will be on Myanimelist as long as there is manga adaptations :3 Nagito is well... quite a complicated character... He is also a Ultimate Lucky Student, just like Makoto Naegi from DR1, and he desires hope more than anyone else. But his ideal of hope is twisted, he believes that hope will only be born from despair, well let's just say that he wants those killings to happen so that he can witness all those ultimate student overcome the despair with hope... Anyway, he's messed up, but at the same time he's brilliant enough to help and contribute to the class trials, since that's no Ultimate Detective in DR2, he is the one who often lead others towards the truth. And what's more, the case involved him was just... OMG!!!!!!!

Hahaha, Kirito, god! I personally hate him too! Lol, SAO hater confirmed? Well, I don't like it either. Hahaha Tatsuya-oniisama is also OP alright. Damn you remind me I haven't finish this anime yet, I probably hold it because incest I guess? Don't know if it actually got incest or not, but the female mc keep saying oniisama make me cringe so hard instead of tsunderes LOL.

Well nothing to say for mainstream animes. People like them for a reason and I mostly do agree, except SAO of course. But I do like my underrated animes too XD. By the way, I noticed you start watching Hunter x Hunter, hey I'm always watching it you know, since it got quite a big fanbase and get many high praises. Gonna study why it is described as a masterpiece, so far I watched 36 eps or something, it was good but at times it was a bit bored. Sometimes I watch action shounen animes for those action scenes, you know? Fate series, K series... that pretty badass fight scenes... just pleased our eyes so much! While so far HxH only has 1 fight scene I consider pretty cool and it is around ep35-36. But I heard many good stuffs about later arcs so yeah...

Wow, Okay. Either. I don't really have a preference. Except homo stuff. LOL. Finally found one thing different about our tastes. Male x male shippings are a bit too much to me. But since you have some dirty dark secrets huhuhu... I don't know if I want to know it, I may not be able to accept the truth behind your reasons...

So, I do prefer yanderes over other dere types. So feel free to be one, senpai. Yandere is love, yandere is life. But female yanderes are better, male yanderes feel a bit weird for me. Spoiler? Even fall in love for a yandere girl in DR2. More good yandere girls are always welcome XD.
Gokucchi May 29, 2:11 AM
Yeah, when i read about dere types, there were so much i didn't even know exist. xD Well every tsundere is good in the end, but there are dere types that you just want tsundere to be best, yangire for example. :O

Agree, but the most hype is 2017 right? (^▽^) I know right haha, it's never too much when it comes to Kuroko. ^^ That last scene of Makishima left me so much feels, he was my favorite, with Akane and Kougami, but overall i really like the story. Whadya think of Kirito from 2nd season? Because it's long or? Well, i know how you feel, i was the same, you just need time to think about it. :3

Sport animes can always come between to relax. Animation looks cool, so i hope the story follows. HxH is da best, it's so good, i can recommend you to start now, i mean it's on my top 1 on MAL haha. Battles are top notch, and characters are just epic, if you like psycho characters, then it's for you. :3

Hm...when you think about it, i don't really know, but who cares it's Simon's sushi we're talking about. :3 Haha, IZAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA never to much. (^▽^)/ His memes are just too powerful to behold.

Yeah, 'tho i really liked first two seasons, so i expect no less. :3

Yeah, didn't see King Kong in a while haha. Same here, love it really, 'tho i can understand Eren, but he's stubborn to much, but oh well, Levi and Hanji are just so bae. :3 Mikasa also, she's typical yandere if you pick a fight with Eren right? (^▽^)

Well am following 5 animes now, so it's no problem, you can always start all of them, it will take your time, but you won't regret atleast. ^^ That's my next anime, so gonna tell you what i think. ^^
Gokucchi May 26, 5:06 AM
There are tons of dere types, don't know them all, am fine with main ones, but tsunderes are sometimes cool imo, you atleast like Taiga from Toradora? :3

Well September is gonna come fast so. The thing am most hyped for is Vorpal Swords, just imagine them playing again, 'tho am also hyped for their enemy team, since they're really strong aslo. :O Psycho Pass is love, Psycho Pass is life, literally haha. So cool anime, and that Makishima last scene was so emotional. *^* Start is as soon as possible if you like Kurobasu this much, no regrets! ^^

Same here, 'tho i watched Inazume Eleven, but didn't know it was anime in that day. Sport animes are not my main priority now, so leaving it for later. :3 Inazuma is fantasy soccer, so no more screaming hissatsu or stuff, 'tho i would like to see Zone in DAYS...eh...dreams T^T.. xD I think i told you everything about HxH, just gonna say it's so worth, i don't think you're gonna regret something awesome as this.

It's literally more popular than Metal Gear memes haha, well it's Izaya we're talking about, world's best troller haha. And same here haha, i wanna visit russian sushi btw. :3

There are tons of manga spinoffs of K, so maybe it's related to that, but not sure 'tho.

And King Kong vs. Godzilla will be in 2022, when SnK S3 appears haha. 'tho JoJo is really good, story and characters, it's weird in the beginning, but you're gonna like it am sure. ^^ Am gonna watch Assassination Classroom now! ^^
Toshiru May 23, 7:16 AM
Ah, I see) well, I don't really mind anyway :) nice to meet you :)
Toshiru May 23, 6:33 AM
Any specisific reason for adding me as friend?)