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03-19-12, 8:47 PM
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November 23, 2011
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Mello-Chocolate | 02-14-12, 12:04 PM

Mello-Chocolate | 02-06-12, 6:11 AM
im cool to i guess wrid stuff lately thats all i can say

Mello-Chocolate | 01-31-12, 9:51 AM
Sorry haven't been on Mal in a ru?

Ichi-chan | 12-27-11, 6:21 PM
R0mantic buddy. x3

About-to-leave | 12-27-11, 6:15 AM
hey, i've been rly busy sorry

Mello-Chocolate | 12-12-11, 7:44 AM
Hi Nana Are u still Mad at me?

Mello-Chocolate | 12-09-11, 11:24 AM
i'm good how r u? An may i ask a Question?

Skye_ | 12-09-11, 11:09 AM
You can cuddle with me ^_^ -kisses your cheek softly- Good luck at school today hunny.

Skye_ | 12-09-11, 9:23 AM
Cause it's my ass that was being touched >_>

Mello-Chocolate | 12-09-11, 6:11 AM
meow? hello there. How may i help you?

Skye_ | 12-08-11, 3:04 AM
Hugs back and slaps your hand away "that's understandable, good luck"

xOneWingedAngel | 12-06-11, 2:10 PM
REALLY?! Damn.. sorry my msn has been screwy lately. Freezes and stuff. :( It's retarded. ... *shoots msn with an AK-47* BAM. And that's that. xD

Skye_ | 12-06-11, 1:28 AM
-Blinks- take a closer look??

i'm online almost 24/7 even on my cellphone. -Pokies yews back-

xOneWingedAngel | 12-05-11, 12:14 AM
ehh?? I didn't? Ughh my msn is being retarded then! *pokes with a stick* NO POKEY! xD

Skye_ | 12-05-11, 12:12 AM
I was sleeping. Now i'm up... And I do have msn, I'm just rarely ever on it. Close to never really. I'm here and on IMVU more often.

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