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04-09-15, 2:02 AM
May 8, 2012
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I've been watching anime since i was little, with my first ever series being Neon Genesis evangelion, with a series like that being my first anime, you can damn be sure that my view for anime will be weird, but instead of foucsing a lot on the Weird, psychological animes, i'm more obsessed with Romance, slice of life animes although this was quite recent, I swayed from the action animes to Romance ones, but still cotinue to watch the odd action animes like Code Geass, one piece and etc, or horror ones such as Another.

My Current top 10 anime list

  1. Clannad: After Story
  2. Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2
  3. Great Teacher Onizuka
  4. Kimi no Todoke
  5. Bakemonogatari
  6. Durarara!
  7. Eureka SeveN
  8. Steins;Gate
  9. Welcome to the NHK!
  10. Hanasku Iroha

My manga one doesn't really count, due to the fact i only read the manga that i want so of course there all gonna be high rated.

I've recently started writing a lot of anime reviews, if you found them helpful and made you watch the anime feel free to leave a comment!

Also if you have an recommendation that you think i should watch also leave a comment!

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Cersei | 08-10-14, 3:59 PM

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Shining_Falcon | 02-13-13, 6:53 PM
So it's been 5 months, since you commented. Sorry for the long wait time. Honestly, I was still hesitant about trying series back then and I was still unsure of what subs to use.
Now I'm watching an anime series for every day and I'm keeping up with most of the great 2013 anime. Reply to this, and I'll tell you about all the stuff I've watched and immensely praised.

And by the way, Happy Birthday. Keep watching and enjoying anime.

As for a reply to your OCTOBER comment (Very sorry about that).
First of all, I actually never got to trying K and Btoom! I wasn't really interested in those anime and I could be wrong, but I heard from someone that K involves BL.

As for SAO, we can see where it's gone in the last few months. I don't hate the second-half AS MUCH as other people, but I do agree that they had to budget cut on some areas. Hopefully they know what they're doing in the second season. And I still have to watch Death note, but in future don't spoil anything. I only have a rough idea of the series, and I don't want to watch it right now.

And I used to use AnimeUltima for the majority of Fairy Tail, until I realized that their subbing is terrible. Just look at how they translated the fourth OVA (which was hilarious at times). I feel sorry for myself, that I watch season 2 and almost all of the first arc in season 3 in Anime Ultima. Then I started Torrenting from Horriblesubs. MUCH BETTER QUALITY. I'm still up to date in the series, for both anime and manga. Last manga chapter was AWESOME. Epic Gajeel taking a page out of Natsu's book.

So as for choosing a subber from torrents, it usually depends on the individual series. First of all in Nyaa Torrents, the blue torrents are the best and usually decided after a few weeks. Second, reviews all of the new anime episodes in all available subbers and gives pretty great reviews based on quality of translation, script, and typesetting (how font looks), and if any on screen text is translated. Third is, which shows pictures from the first episodes of multiple anime and compares the exact same scene from all the providers. A good judge of who has better translation and who has time to translate onscreen text.

So that's that. Nice to talk to you again, and here is a short list of all the series I'm currently watching (and enjoying...ish).
Fairy Tail (Superb. Love how they're handling the new arc and I appreciate how they're adding to the manga by expanding the Ezra vs. 100 fight into a full episode. I know its probably to allow both the manga and anime to end the arc at the same time, but it's still awesome. Plus I love the 14th intro and ending. It's almost laughable how one Piece is at 500+ episodes and is only on its 15th intro and ending. Awesome job Fairy Tail. Keep Watching.:))
Little Busters (Awesome now that it's focusing on the interesting characters and having some really dark arcs. I look forward to more awesomeness and good times. Second season already confirmed)
Kotoura-san (The most surprising anime of 2013. Watch 2 episodes and you'll know what I mean)
Magi (Epic, awesome, and hilarious. Getting really dark at times. I look forward to more)
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (Awesome. Reminscent of Toradora and Kokoro Connect)
Senyuu (Hilarious and the only 5 minute episode series I watch and enjoy)
Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo (Very entertaining)
Amnesia (thinking of putting on hold until its gets exciting or at least interesting)
Tamako Market (supposed to be their original work. Just takes pieces and characters from their previous series. Love the ending though)

quest4us | 02-13-13, 4:42 PM
Hey quadnia! How's it going?

Well I stopped by to say....


KnightRyder | 02-13-13, 8:40 AM

Duffbroman | 02-01-13, 6:59 PM

Antalk | 12-27-12, 7:53 AM
Nice job on the coloring. Which Beelzebub anime do I want to start with? If I am not mistaken, there are quite a few of them.

Antalk | 12-25-12, 5:22 PM
Merry Christmas! And you are wondering who the hell am I?!? A friend of Furykury1 and I saw your profile pic and was intrigued. What anime is it from?
Any way...I hope your Christmas was a good one.

KnightRyder | 12-25-12, 12:14 PM
Merry Christmas!

pollypoppypoo | 12-05-12, 5:29 AM
It's the same with me, hehe.
Good to see you enjoying Uni =D Are you on break as well?
So what are your plans for Christmas?

pollypoppypoo | 11-17-12, 5:21 AM
Hey there quadnia, how are you?
I guess I haven't been on much, (been using the MAL Android app

instead), so just wondering what's new? =D

(I also just realised that there was an inbox limit aha)
Hope Management is treating you well, hehe.

Jets | 11-04-12, 8:33 PM
I've only watched the first season of Kimi No Todoke, which I enjoyed. I just haven't found the time to watch the 2nd season.
I still need to watch Hyouka. I liked Tari Tari though.

I've watched like 10 of the fall anime so far: Chuunibyou, Ixion Saga DT, Magi, Little Busters, K, Code: Breaker, Zetsuen no Tempest, and Btooom!, Robotics;Notes, and Psycho-Pass.
I'm also still watching Sword Art Online as it continues to air.

quest4us | 10-19-12, 4:33 PM
Haha weird rapey guy is said right! Kirito should kick his ass... maybe even in kendo, who knows! Yeah it was unexpected, but she hasn't really interacted with him for over 2 years and they are cousins, not to say I enjoy brother complex. I don't hate it that I will stop watching, but it doesn't really interest me, except if their is a comedy aspect involved. I read the manga so I saw it coming, but the opening was pretty good in terms of actual music and art, but agreed SO MUCH SPOILAGE for people who haven't read the manga! By ending you mean the ending song right, or the actual series ending? :P

Did K get better? Not really, still a slow plot line and nothing really special about it now, except the fact that they explained some of the Kings and what they do. I'm interested why the dude purposely went to jail and why that kid is being targeted, just hopefully it gets better. The story is average, but the futuristic art style and action scenes are good at least. It's pretty funny too, so I'll stick with it for now.

Aww 12 episodes, the series had a lot of potential and it's really interesting in my opinion. But since you read the manga and they already used like 3-5 chaps. from the manga, then your probably right. Your right about that one, I have a pleasure from guessing which anime series will have 12, 24, or none of those! XD I have about 4 series this season with over 20 episodes!

I don't think I have the time to fit Medaka Box in, and i'd probably have to watch the 1st season to understand it. If the 1st season is shit, then it's probably not worth watching to get to a better season 2, if you see what I mean.

Yeah the 2nd episode of psycho pass didn't have much action and gore as I expected it too from the last episode. But I'm gonna stick with it too, seems like its gonna be good. And for Robotics; Notes it's getting pretty good now that they have that assistant robot thing and know that we get some foreshadowing about the girl's past! I haven't watched Steins; Gates, so how is it? It's ranked really high here (#4). Is it really that awesome?

quest4us | 10-15-12, 5:40 PM
Yeah already saw the latest episode of SAO! It pretty much was great! The guy who wants to marry Asuna while she's in a coma is just weird and a major asshole too! It was pretty cool with the sparring scene between his sister and him. I thought he was gonna go all SAO and use some sword skill or dual blades even :P But i guess not! From the new opening and ending, as well as from what i've read from the manga, I think everyone know what will happen next with Kirito though! XD

The 2nd episode of K didn't really impress me! It wasn't great and the plot isn't all that clear, but it was funny though. All I know is that the main character may or may not be some evil king and some samurai guy and gang members are chasing him! And he has a cat with magical powers, I can see why you put it on the boundary off watching or not. I'm pretty close to doing that too, but not quite yet because it seems like it has good potential if they reveal what going on soon. Hopefully it will be good next time!

I was also surprised to see that it was somewhat based off that and I want to see how good it connects with it! Magi is hilarious and it seems to have a lot of great potential. Have you watched episode 2 yet, it was pretty good!? How many episodes do you think it will have because I think it might be around 24 or at least 2 seasons of 12 episodes, or maybe it can go beyond 24 episodes too. They have to clear all those dungeons and stuff, so hopefully it will be a long, enjoyable series!

Agreed she has some fucked up awesome crazy imagination to imagine that whole battle scene! It's not even an action anime and the action managed to impress me! XD

I remember the 1st season of Medaka Box, I dropped it because I had too much on my plate at one time and my schedule was packed! The 1st episode didn't impress me, but I heard the manga is great. I know it's about the student council at some school with a request/ suggestions box and they answer the requests of students. I'm not sure if i'll pick it up again or not, but maybe. Pyscho Pass was actually pretty good and it seems really interesting. It's been a while since I've watched an anime with that's dark and has a lot of gore and blood splatter, but like you said it seems really good! I'll continue with it!
I did watched robotics;notes, it was pretty good and I can't compare it to Steins; gate because I've never watched it! But the series on its own seems really promising and it is only the 1st episode so hopefully we get to see some awesomeness out of it soon! XD

quest4us | 10-10-12, 6:31 PM
Yeah hopefully both of them will be really good! The latest episode of SAO left us in a cliffhanger, I'm really curious to what happens next! And I can't wait till the next episode of Btooom! as well! I read the manga of SAO and for some reason I like the anime better! The light novel is also probably better than the manga! For the manga art is kinda messy and the story/ character development are rushed!

Yeah agreed Zetsuen no Tempest will probably be a really good series and definitely has the right potential! It's made by studio Bones, so it will probably be really good, just like Darker than Black or Un-go! Code: Breaker was, like you said pretty good too!

The animation of K reminded me of some other anime art style, like Guilty Crown kinda! Yeah it seemed kinda like a music video, but it was still pretty good. I don't really have high expectations for anime, I look for the genres and ones that I would enjoy. I usually watch up to the 3rd episode to see if I would keep or drop the series. The 1st episode of K was a bit slow/ confusing, but hopefully in the up coming episodes we'll get to see more!
Agreed, I thought Magi was very funny and it's based off of "1000 Arabian Nights" and I was learning it in history. I'm gonna probably continue to watch it like you because I want to kinda compare the history to the anime! XD
Have you watched the 2nd episode of Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! yet? It was wicked funny! I think this and Magi are this seasons comedy anime, that would make people realy laugh! XD
What else are you watching this season?

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