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03-29-15, 11:48 AM
January 26, 1991
Cracow, Poland
April 10, 2010
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Time (Days) 75.9
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Completed 208
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Dropped 42
Plan to Watch 25
Total Entries 298

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Time (Days) 0.3
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Lilyca | 07-27-12, 5:22 AM

Jesteś fanem Kuroko no Basket? Dołącz do Polskiego FC Kuroko no Basket!

kuchukuTulip | 12-19-11, 9:03 AM
Sorry for being serious XD XD
Now you pick a topic.

kuchukuTulip | 12-19-11, 2:44 AM
why did you use the f word on my page. :(
You wanna talk lazy then lets talk lazy. (#-_-)

kuchukuTulip | 12-18-11, 11:15 PM
where did dafaq come from? O_o?
and why are you sticking to the topic of lazy?O_o?

kuchukuTulip | 12-18-11, 12:52 PM
You are the first of your kind! XD

kuchukuTulip | 12-18-11, 8:13 AM
what one watches is one's choice, i choose 3 then 5 its more easy to finish.
and yeah victory is yours since i am not interested in being lazy it sucks all the fun out if you are not energetic XD XD XD XD

kuchukuTulip | 12-18-11, 5:29 AM
and dont forget i am younger than you. XD

kuchukuTulip | 12-18-11, 5:28 AM
i watch 3 at a time max. i am also watching ookami kakushi, its anime at its worst XD
i dont like being lazy much so you win. ;)

kuchukuTulip | 12-17-11, 11:32 PM
I am not watching much atm just azumanga daioh XD
I havent also updated my animelist much so we are in the same boat of laziness XD

kuchukuTulip | 12-17-11, 4:09 AM
Sorry sorry I stopped writing when i stopped getting replies XD

Thats why I dont watch. XD
So what anime are you watching?

kuchukuTulip | 12-11-11, 10:17 AM
Sorry I logged in after a while and saw you comment after a while too.
And I did start watching Detective conan but didnt continue. It used to be a good anime and I loved watching it as a kid but seeing how long it has been a running anime and still is Conan should actually have grown. XD

kuchukuTulip | 08-03-11, 1:21 AM

kuchukuTulip | 05-12-11, 2:31 PM

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