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10-28-14, 2:58 PM
January 7, 1990
Quezon City/Caloocan City
September 22, 2010
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plain, simple and loving anime more and more ^^,

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KuroiNine | 02-13-11, 2:57 PM

KuroiNine | 01-10-11, 5:24 AM
ahah yh still gotta go home XD New year was fun with fam and friends. It started good so let's hope it stays that way :)

You busy with school these days?

KuroiNine | 01-10-11, 2:13 AM
Lmao yh it'd look funny when you try it on heels [Which I'd really like to see XD]

I see, so you had a great b'day. How's the new year coming along? ya like 2011? :)

KuroiNine | 01-09-11, 4:43 PM
Lol I was like really?! But yh it's cool too with a fake one lol..doing pretty much the same right? XD

KuroiNine | 01-08-11, 1:22 PM
Lol good. What ya get? :p

KuroiNine | 01-07-11, 12:27 PM
Haha I'm glad ya did, what did you do? Partey!?

KuroiNine | 01-07-11, 12:03 PM
Hehe you're welcome. Did you have fun? :)

KuroiNine | 01-07-11, 3:20 AM
Happy b'day :) Enjoy your day.

BlackSnake56 | 01-07-11, 2:51 AM
sorry for not giving you any present >.<

so what do you get for your birthday ?

BlackSnake56 | 01-06-11, 9:21 PM

SerasAshley | 12-31-10, 2:20 PM
Happy New Year!

KuroiNine | 12-27-10, 5:35 AM
Hmmm ok I'll add it to my to watch list. Lol I'm almost finished with black lagoon [2nd season] and Toradora and I got to watch the xmas-episode of toradora all by coincidence lol. You should really check out black Lagoon too.

I know right..I really needed a break from it all so great timing :)

Hell yh fireworks, gotta pick up the order on the 29th ^^

KuroiNine | 12-26-10, 12:19 PM
I've been meeting friends and family as well but that was about it. It was fun so yh I'm gl;ad I can get some rest now lol. Fruits basket?! hows that one? I've been recommended to watch that alot but never really did.

Busy with toradora and black lagoon atm :)

Thnx, have a great 2011!

KuroiNine | 12-26-10, 1:19 AM
Hellooz, alright alright. sounds great. I'll start watching it as soon as possible.

Oh and how'd xmas go? :]

KuroiNine | 12-24-10, 12:58 PM

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