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God-of-Harem | 04-15-14, 7:43 PM

Wyzdm | 04-15-14, 3:14 PM
Wow SAT and JEE, that's impressive. After my boards got over I got interviewed and they offered to give me a coarse in SAT but I didn't take it.

By the way you're in Dubai but you're preparing for JEE? Is there an IIT in Dubai?

A0me | 04-15-14, 1:24 PM
Oh noooo I hope your seniors are just teasing you. You really don't need any more workload. And you can't even use calculators.. I would die I suck so bad at math hahah >.<
Chemistry and physics have more maths than math itself? That sounds nightmarish.
Yeah time table is a good thing, it should help you. You have so much work so don't forget to sleep too (even if it is for weak >.>) It's easier to learn when you are energetic.

It's hard isn't it : D I think I'm slowly recovering from it too. A year ago I was so much worse than now even though I'm still really bad at socializing.
Haha I'd be afraid of talking to cab driver too >.< I guess everything is much more easier when you have friends with you ^^

Well it's still kind of open for me :/ I'm interested in many things but I'm not good at most of those. Snif I'm so pathetic... Anyway now I'll try to read geography and also graphic design which should be easier for me than geography.

I need a picture of your hair so I'll believe it hehe
It still needs to be dyed red and then it's perfect!

Wyzdm | 04-15-14, 11:54 AM
Well I guess we'll both be busy this year. I'll have to prepare for 12th and final preparations for JEE. I have a JEE mains exam from coaching on Sunday and I'm as usual royally screwed.

Best of luck :D

Lame joke -_-

I doubt it was littlefinger. He wasn't even at the wedding so how is it possible for him to get someone to poison the drink. He also got some castle or something thanks to Joffrey so I doubt he'll kill him although he did want to be king but he'll have to kill of all the Lannisters before that happens. I was pissed when Cersei told them to arrest Tyrion. That's so stupid, Tyrion isn't stupid to kill the king in front of everyone and Cersei should know that.

A0me | 04-15-14, 6:15 AM
Heyyy! :D

I've been really busy too and I took that break I was talking about but I think I'll need to spend more time on studying in the future too ugh D: I'll be free only in June I think.
It sounds so tough for you .__. I hope you can find more time to relax and that it gets easier in school. Maybe you could ask help from someone how to organize your time so that you have enough free time and study time? Like study advisor or something.

I wish I could eat out more often too ^-^ Wait or maybe not
*goes under the blanket*
Omg this social awkwardness >.>

Everything is well in my life now except at times I'm really stressed out because of studying and stuff. I don't have enough time to do my school projects because I need to read to entrance exams :/

I didn't dye my hair yet :D I need my cousin's help for that and I haven't seen her in a while now. I wish I can see her this week.

By the way fancy profile pic! : D

Polychrome | 04-14-14, 2:24 PM
>Well atleast I'm not the one who's fapped to his profile picture


loli fapper

Wyzdm | 04-14-14, 1:50 PM
I don't think so since he's still coming to school.

Nothing happened, he told that he was studying till late night and woke up late so he missed the lecture. I'm sure he'll get in some trouble when the next board lecture is there but for now he's safe.

Ummm okay so you guys have an endless supply of stickers....

Did you see the latest episode of GOT? I just saw it since my Internet was trolling me and lots of servers were having too much load.

I'll put the talk about the latest episode in spoiler in case you haven't seen it

Wyzdm | 04-13-14, 10:30 AM
I've also been spoiled about some stuff but I'm not sure when it'll happen.

Lol, when I was in high school I did so much shit in my school bus that I should've been kicked out.....that reminds me just two days back my friend got a message saying your ward has been rusticated but he still came to school the next day xD

Usually they just send a message saying your ward was absent so when he saw rusticated he must've been so shocked :P

Wyzdm | 04-13-14, 2:51 AM
Tomorrow is the new episode :D

From the preview it shows a wedding which is called as the purple wedding by book readers....I wonder why?

ThisNameSucks | 04-12-14, 4:17 PM
My cock.

Sweet ride tho.

ThisNameSucks | 04-09-14, 8:06 PM
I like being mean to my friends. That's all.

A0me | 04-09-14, 10:51 AM

It's okay, I'm sure you are busy and have a lot of things to do :>
Hang in there and do your best at school!

ThisNameSucks | 04-09-14, 5:14 AM
vvv Stalker alert.

ThisNameSucks | 04-09-14, 5:13 AM
>An Excessive work load , school +15 hours of my institute/week + All dat fucking homework killed me


>Also why are you always so mean to me? :'(

I don't know what world you're from for thinking that saying "R.I.P." is mean.

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