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March 5, 1994
April 23, 2010
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musicalsushi | 04-18-14, 9:23 PM
I'm glad that it's better :)

I'm doing alright....keeping busy and hating it

musicalsushi | 04-16-14, 8:47 PM
Hey there ^_^
How have you been?
How's the hand????

musicalsushi | 04-10-14, 7:13 PM
How's your hand doing????

musicalsushi | 04-08-14, 5:19 PM
That's good...
I hope it fully heals soon!!!!

musicalsushi | 04-08-14, 12:29 PM
Aww oh no!
You poor thing!!! -hugs-
I hope that you're taking care of it

musicalsushi | 04-08-14, 9:17 AM
What happened???? Why didn't you have a good weekend????
My weekend was full of homework and such.....I didn't get to rest much

musicalsushi | 04-07-14, 11:37 AM
Did you have a nice weekend????

musicalsushi | 04-04-14, 4:26 PM
Same here
Just homework, school and chores

musicalsushi | 04-04-14, 11:32 AM
So use it :P

What are you up to btw????

-Luzifer- | 04-04-14, 10:43 AM
now I'm being too noobish in this area to follow the conversation xD but doesn't the engine have certain minimum standards?
(there isn't always a suitable person nearby :P)
I did *goes to the corner of shame* but at least not long.. you think? I imagine Fb to be the passive type and only waiting for the money to come in^^

aww, naw. It's Square, they sure don't do it like the Watchdog guys *nodnod*
sure, it doesn't but its not like I need it either :P I'm happy with the good old offline gaming that holded its place 30 years (yeah I'm boring, too xD)
Well, new games and better graphic.. 'fcourse everybody wants it :3

musicalsushi | 04-03-14, 8:33 PM
Oh come on....where is your imagination???

musicalsushi | 04-03-14, 6:41 PM
Well....I donno how to explain just is how it is!!!!

musicalsushi | 04-03-14, 3:52 PM

musicalsushi | 04-03-14, 3:26 PM
Because I am!!!!!
I'm my own gender too

musicalsushi | 04-02-14, 9:20 PM
Oh...I wasn't lying....I'm asexual :P

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