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Sep 23, 2013
Magnolia (Manga) add
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UPDATED JAN 2014: I updated my review; now that the manga is complete.

Where do we draw the line with this being boy love? Even though this is labelled as 'Shoujo' and 'Gender Bender' I would actually label this 'Shounen-Ai'.

Let’s go over the facts: Ayato is a genderless human; nether male or female. However, his family chose to raise him as a boy, so even though Ayato hasn't become a gender yet he is seen as a 'prince'. So when Ayato starts kissing another boy, my little boy-love flag starts waving.

Magnolia is a fantastic romance series based on fluff. Oh yes, this has lots of read more
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Sep 22, 2013
Mousou Elektel (Manga) add
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Are you looking for a on-going series that has laugh-out-loud comedy, likable characters, school-themed drama and above all: hot art? Then look no further!

The plot seems simple enough: Fumi tells his best friend that he is gay. The best friend (aka Shunpei) doesn't handle it well and, in a very comical way, expresses his thoughts over the sudden news. Chapter one ends with Shunpei (the straight-as-an-arrow best friend) deciding that he likes Fumi and becomes jealous over the fact that Fumi is already dating someone else, aaaaaand so it begins!

Look, the story is nothing new and as typical as they come. So, in that read more
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Aug 6, 2013
Caramel (Manga) add
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The plot scenario is very basic: student needs place to stay in Tokyo and ends up shaking up with this white-collar guy for free...but with a catch! He must do all the cooking, all the cleaning and sleep in the same bed as him...wait? what!

Yes the handsome Roku, who's a president of a business and high earning citizen, is afraid of the dark. Not a problem, as Iori is use to sleeping with his younger siblings all the time...but when Roku 'touches' him one night Iori must comes to terms with what their relationship really is.

If you've read any of Puku's works you will know read more
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Jul 18, 2013
Kikoenai Koe (Manga) add
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Awww I really enjoyed this manga. This is exactly the kind of manga that makes my heart flutter. After reading a lot of Yaoi this is a refreshing change. If you want a simple story on the pretenses of some mild boy love with interesting characters, this will more than suffice.

The plot could be called some-what boring. It involves high school boys in the baseball club. Most of the events take place either in the club room or on the club grounds. Nothing dramatically happens. They talk. They train. They play baseball. And while that's happening you get an insight into the characters thoughts read more
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Jul 13, 2013
Koutetsu no Baby Leaf (Manga) add
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This annoyed me. But not like you think. The way the romance unfolded annoyed me. Let me explain.

This is a fluffy romance between two high school boys, or so it seems. Guy Number One (now known as G1) witnesses Guy Number Two (aka G2) watering some plants at school, whist singing. From that moment on his realised he loves him and starts acting - as G2 worded it - like a 'Effeminate' towards him: making him bentos, calling him a bride, smothering him with affection.

Of course G2 being straight was repulsed by G1. The first chapters consist of G2 showing a less than impressed read more
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Jun 23, 2013
Kuuchuu Teien (Manga) add
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Ahhh Kuuchuu Teien. One of my favourite little mangas.

[ Story - 7 ]
The plot is cliche. I won't lie. The cover art can tell you exactly what this is about: There's a Prince. There's a boy slave. Add the two together and you get a 'Prince Saves Slave' plot. Even though this is overused it never gets old - well not with me anyway.

The main reason i love this manga so much is because it's not smut. I repeat: NO smut! trying to find a consensual relationship between a Prince and a Slave is rare. This, however, would be considered my perfect read more
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Jun 4, 2013
Boku No Marie (Anime) add
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Whaaaat? only one review? This was one of the first Animes i watched back on good-old VHS. I haven't seen this in ten years and i still remember it like i saw it yesterday. Basically the story is as typical and perverted as they come: a nerdy guy has a crush on the school goddess. Knowing that he will never win 'Marie's' heart he decides to make, yes make, his perfect girl instead! Oh how wonderful.

[ Story - 6 ]
Okay, so the story is a little boy's wet dream: a guy makes his 'perfect girl' and she is perfect in every way...except in read more
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Jan 24, 2013
Girls of the Wild's (Manga) add
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This is truly an interesting manhwa. Apart of me loves this manhwa to pieces where the other part finds it totally frustrating at times. Let me explain...

Story: 6
The plot is very slow paced - not that the story doesn't progress but Song's improvement is slow and painful. This is what i found frustrating. Song is weak and pathetic and his 'improvement' wasn't only about strength but also will power and mental improvement.
Because of the pacing this manhwa has a long future, which is great because i am enjoying this but also frustrating as i know it will take a long time for him to get read more
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Jan 7, 2013
Silence (Manga) add
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As soon as i finished this i started reading it again. Yep, that's how much i liked it!

[ Story 9/10 ]
Arch 1: the plot is gripping. Secret Agent Zenji resigns due to a terminal illness, as the synopsis states, and while walking home he gets caught up in chase with some kid, Madoka, as they get shot at trying to escape. Right from the get-go the action starts and only gets better! The kid claims that he wants Zenji's body. Zenji, of course, takes it jokingly as a come-on but you soon find out why Madoka likes his body so read more
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Nov 26, 2012
Nemurenu Yoru wa Dare no Sei (Manga) add
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I find manga's with no reviews, no feedback or comments and hesitate on whether to buy it or not. 'Never mind' i think. 'I'll take one for the team, buy the book and then report back'. Well here i am and this is what i have to say:

[Plot - 7]
The story starts backwards. They first hook-up then development a relationship over time. So nothing new in the synopsis department but it still delivers a nice story. The story is also only one sided as you only see it from Miyabi's point of view. Keeps you guessing because you never know what Shuuhei is thinking. read more
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