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12-23-14, 8:38 AM
January 1, 1981
western siberia
October 11, 2007
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Predelnik | 12-29-13, 10:03 AM
Yeah this looks pretty weird, dunno why they had to change the art style so much, I actually thought CGI is a totally different thing) Not sure that the quality of the story will live up to original either.

Predelnik | 03-26-12, 2:20 AM
From wikipedia it looks like they all were released on iTunes though, so they should be in decent quality, but they sadly don't make any subtitles.
Btw, do you know why powerpuff girls show was canceled, from my point of view last seasons without McCracken were not worse than previous ones, so it's a little strange if show's ratings fall down or something like that?

Predelnik | 03-25-12, 5:27 AM
I haven't watched it yet, but definitely gonna do it in the future. Though i read that nowadays still not all seasons have been released on dvd, that worries me a little 'cause i still prefer to watch things with english subtitles, my english hearing skill is not perfect :)

Seasonreaper | 09-19-11, 4:52 PM
Luckily I'm not too bothered by animation quality of there's something else to back it up. I also tend to take a liking to stuff that doesn't make sense. I don't even know why, since it'd be natural to dislike something which has no real plot coherency but there's just something about a good mindscrew that is highly enjoyable.

Seasonreaper | 09-19-11, 4:07 PM
Cat Soup level of weird? Strong soundtrack? Sounds just like the kind of thing I'd enjoy actually.

Shall look into it. Thanks :).

Seasonreaper | 09-18-11, 3:26 PM
I can't say I've heard of Tamala, but after giving it a look it sounds really intriguing. Any specific things you'd mention to recommend it?

Ylajalih | 04-17-10, 2:48 PM
Excuse my poor English, but do you mean because it's so cold in Tromsø? Or small? Oh well, either way it's true. xD Actually I moved here just last year. I lived in an even smaller city up till then. >_>

Oh yeah, I use YouTube for almost everything, although I prefer to use Spotify when checking out new music.

Ylajalih | 04-17-10, 1:01 PM
Yeah, I really like their album Frengers, but I haven't heard much except for that.

I just noticed that you had a lot of great musicians on your list, such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, David Bowie (I recently became a Bowie fan myself) and Jean Michel Jarre. Oh, and I found you in the Röyksopp club which is kind of cool since I live in the town they're from. Their music is awesome.

Ylajalih | 04-17-10, 10:15 AM
Woah, I just have to comment on your taste in music: awesome.
Have a nice weekend! :3

Mithogawa | 04-05-10, 8:45 AM
Thanks for joining the In Extremo Fanclub :3

Fureon | 01-03-10, 6:30 AM
Well, 316 is no way a small number already!
Though it can be partially explained by the age difference - I'm only 17 yet.

Fureon | 01-03-10, 4:38 AM
Maybe, maybe. Score match is interesting either way.
And I'm surprised there is something I watched and you didn't (which makes about 60% of what I watched), considering the size of your list :o

Fureon | 01-03-10, 3:25 AM
Anime compatibility with orp is: Extremely High (86.0%)
Hm, almost identical scores for shared anime. Teehee.

the_orange | 11-07-09, 10:14 PM
Господи, да и пусть она ненадежна, я видела, как "very high" со временем превращается в "somewhat low". Вся штука в том, в какой мере можно полагаться на экстраполяцию.
Спасибо за ответ.

the_orange | 11-07-09, 8:16 AM
Заглянула я к тебе случайно и гляжу - совместимость-то довольно высокая получается между нами. Только мои оценки, в большинстве случаев, выше. В связи с чем спросить хотела - унылый сенсей не понравился чем?

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