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05-20-15, 9:16 PM
March 31, 2010
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I'm fortunate to live in an illustrated world.
I love the smell of paper, the sound of rain, and the taste of pickles.

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Falx | 10-27-10, 1:02 PM
Make sure you're stocked up on tissues before you start, you'll need them!

Falx | 10-24-10, 10:38 PM
Hey nice to meet you! Feel free to ask any questions about series you want to know more about!

MightiMidget | 10-23-10, 12:10 AM's an unnecessary scene. I have high hopes, though, that that won't be a normal thing for it.

MightiMidget | 10-22-10, 12:28 AM
I am absolutely loving it. :lol: It makes me happy! The second episode has a bit of fanservice-awkwardness, but I have hopes that won't be the norm. Anywho, the second episode was equally, if not even more fun the prior. =) It should be so much more insulting than it is... xD

Innovatio | 04-17-10, 10:05 AM
Yeah, i`m not really a manga reader, but the anime alone left me wanting some more, hehe

360ken | 04-16-10, 3:42 PM
Well yeah Bleach and Naruto is what gets a lot of people interested in anime (especially if you're a 12-year-old boy) but eventually you grow out of it and watch anime that is not necessarily more mature, because there's nothing wrong with kids shows, but definetely better. Popular =/= good and to tell you the truth Bleach and Naruto didn't appeal to me either. So it's not a big deal, many people hate them

360ken | 04-15-10, 6:52 PM
Ps. Lovely complex is good if your into slapstick (ie, humour revolving around people getting punched, beaten, kicked, etc...) I won't say what I thought (I hated it) because I seem to be in the minority on this site.

360ken | 04-15-10, 6:49 PM
Ahh Howls Moving Castle :) that's pretty good. I liked the book better but it seems everyone watches the anime and forgets the book. English book too, not Japanese. Doesn't matter though they're both nice.

Christian Bale did a great job as Howl. All voice roles were good esp Jean Simmons (rest in peace), but then again Disney's dubs are fantastic everytime. So you watched Kiki subbed? Hmm. Ive never seen it subbed but I'm more of a dub person anyways.

It's hard not to be obsessed! But you'll probably find good anime you like. Just stay away from genres you don't care for because those can wait until you're willing to take the risk. For example when I saw Elfen Lied I nearly stopped watching anime alltogether. But good luck to you!

broujo | 04-15-10, 3:30 PM
You've got a lot of neat stuff on your plan-to-watch list. I found Whisper of the Heart to be an ever greater "breath of fresh air" than Kiki, so you might wanna check that out soon.

360ken | 04-15-10, 3:23 PM
Happy late welcome to MAL! Great Kiki review, it's a great anime. So is this the start of your anime watching life? Heh heh. Ouran High School host club is good but I wish I had seen it later because it's a parody and most of the jokes only longtime anime fans would get...but that was the first show I watched too.

Innovatio | 04-15-10, 3:23 PM
im sure you`ll become a great writer, i liked ur piece on Kiki`s Delivery Service

ZAM19XX | 04-15-10, 3:04 PM
Eureka Seven...great choice! I also highly recommend Clannad.

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