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07-31-14, 1:25 AM

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Sekichi | Today, 6:09 AM
Saved, sorry for late reply :c
Thank you for the card ~

Shadowsnake777 | Today, 12:01 AM
Ummm sorry but I kinda don't understand the question heheh.

Vego22 | Yesterday, 1:40 PM

rasenshiruken973 | Yesterday, 1:23 PM
> *brofist* ? if u get what i mean.. hahha

...not really? haha

> hahha.. i dont know if im a legit one nyehehhe

Doesn't matter I'm taking you home if you're a loli and then I can end every conversation with my friends like this:
hehehehe ^^

> she stands below 150cm yeap she is a lolicon but i would say how Rukia looks like is pretty much how lolicon are in real life xD

Wait is she a loli or a lolicon? :S

> I personally think the sena pillow look rather erotic cute haha so if its me, i'll go for sena hehe. but I nvr like Sena as a character in haganai :/

Whaaaaaaaaat!!!! :( :( :(
I LOVE her don't say bad things about my one and only WAIFU SENA-CHAN!!!!!!!! :3 :3 :3
I have her on my phone screen and everything. Oh but maybe I can see why girls won't like her. She can be considered kind of a bitch at times. But other times she's too cute and waifu material and she's a siscon so yeah she's perfect :D
I will take her home I don't care if she's not real

> but but Shiro is too damn adorable >.<

SHIROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3
She's my #1 loli waifu!!!!!! I love her so much I even cried in NGNL because she was too cute. I was like "she's too cute" *tears up* :D

Sorry kinda hyper lol.

> and also, ure going to uni's too? how old are u? and what is ur major?

We don't have major and minor. Just one course lol. I'm doing Actuarial Science.
I'm 19.

What are you doing then? And what's this major/minor crap all about I don't kind of get it?

> Its not a big deal to me :), everyone have their own fetishism even me :p

What's your fetishes? :P

> sankyuu >///<

douitashimashita :3

> My Uni's? its in my state haha. Im from Sarawak, the borneo Island.

I had a feeling you're from Malaysia. I've got a cute loli from Malaysia now yay I promise I won't do too many hentai things :P

Zheng1991 | Yesterday, 12:25 PM
Sorry for the late reply, internet problem, stupid unifi -.-
Yeah, actually many also prefer to go for west M government U, somemore hardly will have west M student apply here, so i guessing u already reached Unimas since my sister also just went back to her U yesterday , the orientation started?

Short sem more of just taking subjects which doesnt have cgpa, just pass or fail like moral, kk, pengajian malaysia, internship....

I see, sorry to hear that, take care
Haha, i also didnt really get into heavy romance, kinda tired to see entire plot filled with triangle love, keep toturing characters slowly. U can try lovely complex, kinda easy going school life romantic comedy, for anime, it has kansai dialect which make it funny.
Some of memorable ost for me are Kara no Kyoukai, a thriller story, followed by Mawaru Penguindrum, Clannad after story and every piece of works done by makoto Shinkai, one of the most brilliant director i ever seen, especially the animation.

GlennTT | Yesterday, 9:43 AM
Just kidding, just kidding.

Where've you been anyway, I never see you online on Steam :| unless you changed your name or something

Serique | 08-31-14, 2:57 AM
ani abar muk today? xD (Sounds almost like apa khabar mu in malay)
The goodbye phrase is really different :O
You bet, I sure do learn a lot :P Very interesting tribal language to know xD

Whoa, That is really a lot of dialect for your language O_O

And the malay pronunciation is really different too in some parts of Kuching.
If its Bruneian Malay its, Nama kita siapa? xD Pretty much the same all over here haha
Didn't know Miri people use 'cali' for funny as well, I thought that is a Bruneian malay word.
Well heres a Bruneian Malay converted example if you are interested xD
"Cali kau ani" and "Cmana kan tu?"
Indeed nyancat :D

Yeah, East Malaysia used to be heavily influence by the British, British North Borneo eh xD So I'll keep that in mind when I go to Kuching for a holiday or something xD

I don't think that people in Sarawak would live on the tree :P Maybe its still a stereotype for the Westerners haha. I don't mind living in a tree house too, sounds fun LOL. Probably they still use them in deeper parts of Sarawak to conserve the tradition. Haha yeah, even though both of them are a part of Malaysia, I know that when we went to KK by car, seems like we need to chop our passport twice for Sarawak and Sabah. Feels like a different state too (Even though they are malaysian):P. It's nice to see different race get along together ^^ I see, I always thought they conquered Kuching xP You learn something new everyday. Whoa you sure do know a lot about them O_O That's the first time I heard about the other dialects, its mostly Hokkien or Cantonese here in Brunei... I'm not sure D:

Gah JIS, school for the elite and rich :P Didn't expect that haha, thought they go to other private English school in Brunei xD

I see haha, maybe I should try that too since Bruneian often go to Miri Airport since they are cheap.
Guess I was right, maybe 13 hours minimum, I would love to try that someday, I love adventures :D

dmrch | 08-30-14, 9:02 PM
> Have u watch Hannibal?

I was forced to watch the movies for dating, "The Silence of the Lambs", "Hannibal" and "Red Dragon". But... I couldn't enjoy those because those were really scary T__T You know because I repeatedly said, I get easily frightened like a hamster >__<

> that would a really really crazy plot twist, but hmm... let just wait lol

The fact of the story: Maya lost woman's fertility at her 13 old years by kidnap. Miya altered spirit of Maya and Tatsuya by her magic and by operation.

Hypothesis by some (many) readers/viewers in Japan: Maya's all ova were taken away. And the kidnappers and Yotsuba has those (Yotsuba took a part of those back from the kidnappers). Then, Yotsuba created Tatsuya from her ova, and the kidnappers created Gongjin Zhou (The magic of Gongjin Zhou is similar to Yotsuba's special magic acting to human spirit)

Don't you feel he looks similar to Yotsuba's person?

If so, the story would end with a beautiful finale, Tatsuya×Miyuki.

> Miki is definitely look like a feminine guy ( this is true lol, pretty much Otomen xD)

I couldn't help laughing at the shot that he was sitting alone before Mitzuki coming, because he was too cute at that scene. Haha.

> But the temperature now is between 19-27 mostly and yes... its consider cold season here xD

Oh, it is a warm place. In Tokyo, the temperature gets down to 0 degree or to degree below zero in January.

> P/s me and rasen has been arguing whether u're a woman or man xD

Rasen is rasenshiruken973? And did he say that I am a woman? lol. And No. You know, my comments don't have a feminine aspect except liking yuri stuff. My first person reference is always "Ore" in my mind. Haha.

SluttyxPew | 08-30-14, 8:32 PM
Thanks for requesting ^^ ~.

Tosa | 08-30-14, 1:53 PM
If You are interested in events like ISML or Japanese Saimoe, You should also be interested in European Saimoe event organized by the Senpuu Society. Give it a chance and vote for your favorite heroine in fierce battle of flames!

GlennTT | 08-30-14, 6:49 AM
I already have HIV so it's okay ;)

Shadowsnake777 | 08-30-14, 4:55 AM
Hahahaha that question in the Q&A Game!
Was it because of HaXXspetten? XD

Tengai | 08-30-14, 4:52 AM
Yup ^^

Yes, it is~ No problem ^^

Nah, you are not weird xD really just instantly fall in love with him??

Oh, I see. That's really nice~ Wow, that's a lot :O May I ask, why?? Sounds like a fun life, and nice, Student Council. Well, I can sympathize with you on that one :))

Yup!! Kyoto is just beautiful <3

SluttyxPew | 08-29-14, 11:52 AM
No problem hope you like it, thanks for requesting c:

Haine15 | 08-29-14, 8:39 AM

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