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June 25, 1994
May 5, 2012
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~ semi - hiatus ~

“Being a man, I may fall passionately in love with a woman someday, but I positively assert that if I had to get involved in a rivalry as intense as the love itself in order to win the object of love, I would sooner give her up by standing aloof with my hands in my pockets, no matter what pain or sacrifice I might have to endure. Others may criticize me as unmanly, cowardly, weak-willed, or whatever. But if the woman is one so wavering between her suitors that she can only be won through that kind of painful competition, I can't regard her as worth the bitter rivalry. It's far more satisfying to my conscience to have the manliness to allow my rival free play in the field of love and for me to gaze in loneliness at the scars of love than to have the pleasure of embracing by force a woman who would not willingly give me her heart.”
― Sōseki Natsume



"Self proclaimed eccentric with acrophobia, aerophobia and gamophobia."

♛ Currently taking a bachelor degree in Cognitive Science ♛
♛ standing at 4'11 and weight around 40kg ♛
♛ expert at being lazy,sleeping,eating,dozing,reading, ♛
♛ pretty much enjoy being around close friend and love studying ♛
♛ loves playing video games,reading mangas and watching animes ♛
♛ sort of have fetish for glasses and pretty hands ♛
♛ not entirely fascinated by the idea of love-relationship ♛
♛ pro much at being lewd ♛
♛ lovers of bacon and cats ♛
♛ self proclaimed activist ♛
♛ hates garlic, durian, crowds and people screaming ♛
♛ loves travelling ♛

Things i need at the moment.

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07-31-14, 1:25 AM

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rasenshiruken973 | 9 hours ago
Thanks found it!
Taken from the text beside it: "The feeling I get now thinking about it, looking back, is that the moments I spent kissing a loli were the best ones in my life. The alien feeling of her tongue dancing around mine as in an exquisite ballet, the silky touch of her lips, pressing against mine, her movements towards me, gentle but full of passion, I am yet to re-experience such magic. And the kissing isn't even a third of the whole thing, there's the smoothness of her neck on your hand, with her long hair embrassing your arm as if it don't want you to ever leave, the pressure of her arm around you, and her hand pulling your head for an even deeper kiss. Most good comes from what makes it so human, undoubtedly rules out any possibility of simulation through virtual reality or real life dools."

Well... >//////////////////////////////////////< !!!!

And sorry I was spying on your and dmrch's conversations lol. It's not like I'm possessive (even though I found him first he's my Japanese guy who watches anime and goes on this site get your own! >.<). I'm kidding sorry I have a weird sense of humour ^^
Anyway from the results of my creepy stalking I worked out that you're (probably) female. And you're friendly which is nice because internet makes people act like their respective genitals. (D***s and C***s). I starred that out hope you appreciate. I do not wish to swear in front of a lady. Oh no if you're actually a guy this will be all so terribly embarrassing. Perhaps I should have stopped at thanking you for the link. Thanks! Sorry I'm hyper when I write this so I write a lot. Forgive me. I'm not that high maintenance. Not that you'd be maintaining me or anything. I'll stop. I can't stop. Stop! I stopped. Good night :)

Tjioemon | Yesterday, 7:54 AM
Thanks for the card delivery
I appreciate your hardwork ^^

ChiLynn | Yesterday, 6:09 AM
Thank you for the cards!. :)

Dauner | Yesterday, 4:57 AM
Thanks for the card :)

Lyfa | Yesterday, 3:23 AM
Sylph's CardShop Monthly Cardmaker Update

Hi all, this is our update on the month september, this update is send out to active cardmakers and the ones who just recently went on hiatus.

Last month in august I mentioned there will be some changes in september, but now I gotta say they are probarly not noticeable. The only things you will notice is that the weekly and monthly editions are gone now like mentioned before.
The new staffpositions I planned to recruit are all taken by some our current staffmembers so there is no need to recruit those anymore either.
Basicly that sums it all up already so let's move to the editionlist.

First before I start:
In the week of august 25 new Official Member Cards will open. These will be permanent and most likely the final edition of OMC. If you would like to participate you are free to add your cards here... BUT... keep the following things in mind:
1. Official Member Cards is a permanent thread, there is no post limit and you can't just stop in the middle of it.
2. Your cards must contain also a part for numbers.
3. I said the week of august 25 meaning it can also open the very last day so on the 31th but if you need more time feel free to tell me.

Now for the new editions and remaining editions for august.
Our staffmember Honoka-chan also added quite some editions to participate in I'll list them as well.

SilentAirwalk Birthday SE: August 20 WILL OPEN TODAY
Yuri SE: August 21
Weekly Edition - Birds: August 25 THE VERY LAST WEEKLY EDITION!
Yaoi SE: August 26
elkensteyin Birthday SE: August 27

Added by Honoka:
Mecha Girls LE: August 20 WILL OPEN TODAY
Lottery Edition #1 (Mixup Edition): August 24, For more information about this edition please check the thread list and or staff chat.
Vocaloid SE: August 31

Newly added:
1000+ SE: Opens when we reach at least 1010+ Members, the theme is Prince and Princess
Middle Finger RE: September 3, also called Flip Off Re or Fuck You Re
Collar LE: September 11
Zankyou no Terror LE: September 15
Picnic LE: September 20
Hunter x Hunter LE: September 24, dedicated to the anime ending...
Bright Smile RE: September 30

And our staff's birthday editions:
katlee8225 Birthday SE: September 5
Chiikyuu-n Birthday SE: September 9
Nakumii Birthday SE: September 27
Yinhie Birthday SE: September 28

As always if you wanna participate sign up in here

NEW I usually don't send out reminders for when an edition opens but if you truly want me to please tell me and I will send you a reminder 2 days before the edition if I don't forget myself of course x)

This is basicly all I gotta say I think, I also wanna say ty all for being active and such wonderfull staffmembers to me <3 you make this Lyfa... a happy Lyfa <33

pizza4u | Yesterday, 1:45 AM
^Thankyou :)

OrangeRafi | 08-19-14, 6:06 PM
Thank you for the wonderful card! :D

rasenshiruken973 | 08-19-14, 6:00 PM
Where is that "things I need at the moment" in the spoiler, from? The kissing... not that I like it or anything >.<

KingCalifornia | 08-19-14, 5:06 PM
thank you very much^^

ScarletSnake | 08-19-14, 4:21 PM
Thanks for the Akame Ga Kill card delivery!

kleenex4u | 08-19-14, 3:51 PM

seany94 | 08-19-14, 11:00 AM
Thank you so much^^

forgotmyname | 08-19-14, 7:42 AM
Thanks a lot for the card, looks awesome :D

LunyRed | 08-19-14, 3:10 AM

juststaywithme | 08-19-14, 3:03 AM
thanks :D

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