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02-19-13, 8:32 AM
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August 10,
July 5, 2008
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I'm no one, so there's nothing to be bragged about myself truthfuly. Just an ordinary person who enjoys anime & manga as part of life. Perhaps, every aspect of my life involve manga & anime in it, I can't deny it, that's why, to be born in this world was just amazing.

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EternalFate | 07-13-10, 11:18 AM
Hi there :)

Just found your profile by chance and it seems you like Len from La corda d'oro... If you are a violin fan in general, I'd be very happy if you join the Violinist Association Club :)

If you do not, then sorry for disturbing you ;) and have a nice day :)

amade0 | 10-28-08, 1:44 PM
annd *random glomp* lol xD

_irosaS_ | 10-20-08, 2:35 PM
ey hi !
yeah ... am latin xD
but its funny talk with persons that
have other languages xD !
thaks for your reply xD !

Misshi | 10-20-08, 12:56 PM
Yay~ *huggles the girl, then hands everyone cookies*
0 w 0

Misshi | 10-19-08, 3:49 PM
Whee, I just wanna hug the little girl in your profile picture. ^^;;

Solemn | 10-15-08, 11:47 AM

Solemn | 10-14-08, 3:40 PM
From aarin :]
Found you and amade

kuroshiroi | 10-10-08, 5:13 AM
That's a rather philosophical question, isn't it.. :)
I'm good, overwhelmed by anime but still good. Nothing to complain about, really.
And how are you on this beautiful day?

kuroshiroi | 09-22-08, 10:42 AM
Yeah, I always have great plans to watch this and that but I never seem to have the time. I'm thinking about skipping next season of new anime to watch old anime. I'll have to wait and see though :)

kuroshiroi | 09-21-08, 7:05 AM
Just do what I do, add everything that sounds interesting and then never watch it.. :)

kuroshiroi | 09-20-08, 11:24 AM
So.. 48.6% compatibility. Not much agreement going on here :)

kuroshiroi | 09-16-08, 12:40 PM
No problem :)

Nice to meet you too!

Lang | 09-15-08, 3:48 PM
welcome i like your pic is that a chibi version of cc

kuroshiroi | 09-15-08, 10:34 AM
I have no idea, I don't think I know you. Maybe from irc or something...?

amade0 | 09-07-08, 10:03 AM
hmm.. have you tried its a torrent site and should have it ^^ or you can always watch it online, try looking here:

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