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02-21-15, 6:29 PM
October 1992
Cambridge, MA
April 22, 2012
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08/29/14: I've decided to leave the anime world so to speak. I am relatively content with what I know of the medium and culture, and so I'd like to pursue other interests, and also invest my energy into my academics. I'll certainly still stick around #qd—at least for a while—but I don't plan on watching anime or participating much. Finally, for anyone who is at least vaguely familiar with me or I with them, thank you all for a wonderful experience! I truly truly loved my time here and please feel free to reach out to me via IRC or MyAnimeList comments (I may eventually respond!) :)

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Longbeach | 02-19-15, 10:47 PM

Stellio | 02-18-15, 8:38 PM
What do you mean by research? Like research papers published, new research findings, or research paper essays read/written?

But thx for the recs, I'll watch those on a weekend sometime and let you know what I thought of them one day. No guarantees :d

Mfw my Stanford acceptance letter is on April 1st ;_; I just know one of my amigos is gonna prank me so I might as well cry now cause stanfordie's gonna rejects me anyway x(

Stellio | 02-16-15, 8:05 PM
Thank you! I'm dual citizen atm so I am counting on extremely cheap Canadian tuition whose undergraduate fees I can pay off pretty much completely with one or two summer jobs. I was also going to apply to Irvine and Berkeley but guess what... the website crashed the day before deadline and out goes completing my application on time :/ But no, not yet. In all honesty, it mostly depends on rowing and which team I'd want to row for and the campus really.

And that's fine, come back eventually babe. Also try not to toxically watch netflix all day, that's called being a nerd. Also also, I've been wondering: when you're applying to graduate schools, do extra curricular activities still count? Or are they looking for more adult things like job experiences and internships? I guess some colleges like Oxford prefer bookworms and emphatically intellectual kids who get high marks- but is that the case for most graduate schools?

Lol anno making live films. Lol anno making anything at all. But yeah Japanese films are good shit; I've seen a few that have stood out, namely Seven Samurai and Hanabi, and I think their success is due to the film industry being less polluted by fan service and gratuitous stuff. Oh and any recommendations btw (they'll be in my backlog for a good while tho, I reckon)?

Stellio | 02-15-15, 12:39 PM
Horo, mind you, like all other superior species of redheados, es perfeccion.

Please give that easing comfort to me, the senioridis is real for me. I've been skipping classes and barely making rowing practices--cause I want it to be summer already :( And yes college apps are done done, and yes I've already got a few acceptance letters yay (Uni of British Columbia, Uni of Toronto, a few liberal arts and regionals), but financial aids and rowing r still killing my ass. More time for anime tho, yes.

How have things been for you irl? Also r u going to come back to anime anytime possibly? :O

Stellio | 02-11-15, 7:43 PM
Asuka does (not) miss you

Get a job you hobo. Shove some snow up those irreversibly hideous alleyways, how do you like that you socal boy. Also those "---" thingies are even more unoriginal than me using fragments as legal conventional uses on the SAT.


yurisses | 02-09-15, 8:15 PM
re: The comment below
Public displays of affection on social media websites are EVIL


Kapodaco | 02-09-15, 8:08 PM

VJhayashi | 12-21-14, 12:10 PM
It's really nice to hear that you've been focusing on research. I'm currently a freshman with physics as my major, I too intend to pursue reaseach in the future. But it really is overwhelming I suppose? It requires so much of mental and emotional tenacity and conviction, it seems like I still have an awfully long coarse gravel-ridden path to tread... I'm curious to know, how has your experience been, in research so far? :)

MAL is quite distracting, really. Been trying to keep away from it, I might have succeeded, although only a little-- I used to login everyday few weeks ago, but lately, I login once in4-5 days. Quite a improvement I suppose?

I hope you are doing well too, and that you succeed in all your endeavours. And yeah, Merry Christmas! ^^

SSC_Exin | 12-13-14, 6:54 AM
I have been well, I'm enjoying my short taste of freedom before I'm forced to work like a slave in Uni. I also hope you are doing well.

gloomgirls | 12-12-14, 2:14 AM
>"please feel free to reach out to me via IRC"

>05:13 rizonbnc -- [nil] idle: 36597 days, 11 hours 56 minutes 03 seconds, signon at: Sat, 17 May 1914 23:01:18

gloomgirls | 12-10-14, 9:11 PM
fun fact tao lin backwards is "nil oat"

yurisses | 12-07-14, 4:04 AM
Wow y-you are alive! Your message warms my heart, senpai.

Gonzo-lewd | 12-06-14, 11:03 PM
Oh wow, didn't think you'd respond to that. o-o

Kapodaco | 12-06-14, 10:36 PM

Subpyro | 10-27-14, 11:13 AM
I praise you for being able to actually leave when you decide to. All the best.

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