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September 19, 1991
January 1, 2008
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I'm slowly removing anime and manga from my list (going to list those on another site)

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Vargnatt | 02-29-12, 12:24 AM
Oh ;D

Malicionna | 11-05-11, 12:22 PM
XD hiaa käyt vielä täällä !

rebwaters | 01-19-10, 6:34 PM
Oh that explains it! Well well... anything Asia related is quite an absorbing hobby!!! Before I had this hard hobby of watching anime and reading manga all the day I had a rough obsession for Asian Music... mostly J-Rock... I have tons of songs of J-Rock and J-Pop.... some K-Pop as well... My poor Computer is the witness and victim of it XD... You should someday see what I mean :P

thanks for the site... I'll use it whenever I see a drama... a friend of mine loves those things XD


rebwaters | 11-02-09, 10:18 AM
Being a long time since I heard from you... I was actually surprised that it seems that you were taken out of the Top Manga List Users... And many new people entered the Top list... I didn't see you but I still remain in the same spot--- weird :/

So how are you doin? Nething really interesting you've recently read?


namango | 10-11-09, 1:41 PM
Tossa kekkon dekinai otoko kuvan perässä on jääny tollanen häiritsevä > merkki...O.o ~

Malicionna | 09-06-09, 12:27 PM
Tamaki Hiroshi on muute aika ehana mies, huomasin sen ku katoin Love Sufflea :DDDD

FlCl | 06-30-09, 1:04 AM
╔═╦══╦═╗ Put this on your
║╩╣║║║║║ page if you
╚═╩╩╩╩═╝ support emo

tursasankka | 06-14-09, 5:22 AM
ainoniiinonii 8D sit sen tajuaa XD
harmi vaan et itellä ei oo kovin montaa mitä ihan rakastas nii laitan sitte vähä miten sattuu niitä höhöö 8D

aquilamarine | 06-10-09, 8:49 AM
hi, i like lady oscar too..
have you read the sequel, eroica (the glory of napoleon)?

tursasankka | 06-06-09, 10:55 AM
ettäku nuita favorite animeita ja mangoja ja hahmoja on rajotettu määrä >8((( muuten lisäisin PIKKUSET listat niitä nyyh XD
ja en ole vieläkään tasollasi nuissa listoissa, nyyh! 8------D

rebwaters | 06-01-09, 1:48 PM
But it's sooo slowly scanned... the last release was 30+ days ago... and that's a lot for a really old series like that one!!!


rebwaters | 05-31-09, 6:20 PM
Is this the one you mean?

If so then it's probable my Commander will not pick it up 'cause Lililicious picked it up again... And Commander says she dun wants to take on a fight with other Scanlation Groups SO... I gotta discuss this with her anyway... I'll see... Maybe if we take the Hardcover Version we can do something about it :d


rebwaters | 05-31-09, 6:07 PM
Rose of Versailles!!!! Oh I dun speak any oriental language at all... I'm just one of the groups typesetters!!! Are you sure no one ever scanlated the manga??? Care to provide me the RAWS and then I'll have the material to ask my Commander the probable project of Rose of Versailles.... I'll gladly pleasure you with our work...


rebwaters | 05-31-09, 12:32 PM
Nice.... So I will start reading manga... Of course next month but I will :P.... Yeah you were out of the top users for a while.... not so sure how much time but it was just after the list were restored and back to normal :/

Oh I been good... Now I'm part of a scanlation group... Which is still unactive but we're already discussing which series we will pick up... Of course it's fun to be there.... and even more interesting when the whole group is scatterd all over the world!! I love that :P


rebwaters | 05-27-09, 9:24 AM
Have you seen? You recovered your lists... But you're not around Top Users anymore.... Dang how come huh? This thing is really nasty right?


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