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Sep 27, 2009
ChäoS;HEAd (Anime) add
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"What if you're a God that can makes illusions into a reality?"
I liked this anime because of that phrases still echoing in my mind 'till now.

Not only that, but also because this anime is adaptated from Visual Novel..
Chaos;HEad is a 12-episodes anime adaptated from visual novel games "Chaos Head Noah". This anime filled by thriller, psychological, cyberpunk, science-fictive, and romance genre, just like it's Visual Novel version ^^. I liked it because of that kind of life was similar to my life. Hikikomori lifestyle (see wikipedia for more information) was like my life nowadays, avoiding talk to others, running away from social life, shut myself read more
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Sep 20, 2009
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (Anime) add
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"She's very lovely" one word for Nogizaka Haruka. I think she's most perfect woman in the world, since she can do everything (except blahblahblah)
No one in the school knows that she's die hard anime fan or we can just call it "otaku"
In the anime, "otaku" people was some kind of disgusting people, but when it comes to NogiHaru (Nogizaka Haruka) it makes her flawless!! (since I am animefan too)

She is kind, softspoken, beautiful, cute, lovely, moe, got a nice body, and drives me crazy!

Pictures shown in it opening theme was very moe, but I think opening theme song was not so good..
I prefer the Ending read more
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Sep 7, 2009
Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru (Anime) add
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First time I read the synopsis of this story, I think it will be as bored as M****†H**** (Although I liked this kind of plot), but there's more romance and drama there. Since I liked romance & drama, I watched this anime, and it was very nice story. I always admire Miyanokouji Mizuho although he was a boy, I had a dream to have girlfriend like him (female version of course, you should not laugh), because she's a most perfect girl I've ever seen
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