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Nekoyaki here, watched this anime when staying over my pal's dorm, and really liven the atmosphere! Really great crack from matsuoka yoshitsugu!
I've been reading the comic and also the sequel ones! There ya go, nekoyaki's favorite review, comedy~~~

At first why the heck scores that I give are really high?
It's story is really good (in the comedy way), the crack, stupid joke, usual ecchi joke, and else! Artwork is quick paced and my eyes were really enjoyed it! Music, good! Characters, all superb, cool ashisu, tsundere loli blonde, big-breasted tenden bokke, and childhood friend editor!

But for the romance, if you want more story or relationship read more
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Nov 21, 2014
Hi☆sCoool! SeHa Girls (Anime) add
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Nekoyaki here. I watched this absurd anime, then looking for this anime database in MAL, I typed "sega", this anime is linked immediately. Wow. The only SEGA anime!

Don't look to comparative-based score, I'm trying to compare the quality there. Let's talk about how the anime seeps into my "soul", There ya go, SeHaGa Review!

This is comedy 3D CG anime featuring old consoles of SEGA as main character (MegaDrive, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast). They're so old-skool, using dial-up modem to go online, AIWA cassette player, and other old things (which I find it really funny). If you want to kill some time, If you want to read more
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Nov 16, 2014
Log Horizon 2nd Season (Anime) add
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Neko here, this review is quite dangerous to write, since my friends are really a fan of this anime. I might insults some Log Horizon fans. I haven't read the book yet. There you go, neko's personal review!

The second season of log horizon. I found it weird since they're moving the work to another studio. But what's wrong with the wowowowow database opening? It didn't changed!www

To begin with, this story concept is really worth for a MMORPG. Why someone haven't make this game adaptation already? Maybe because you can't really trapped inside the game.

But to me, who prefer fast paced action anime for this online-game read more
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Oct 1, 2014
Nisekoi (Anime) add
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Neko here! Another review from me, filled with very much personal point of view opinion. Let's try to be subjective with this one, why? I mean, it's Nisekoi, where you weekly dosage of cuteness served.

I'm not really into talking about studio or director. But this one is quite SHAFT-ed. Does anyone here remember Zetsubou Sensei, Madoka Magica, EF series, and Denpa Onna plus Monogatari series? It's all about metric figures in your background, much flash-based animation, vector image flying, something like that. (with due all respect, I'm sorry. I'm not mentioning that was bad. I'm a design student who studies those form too. But, if read more
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Oct 1, 2014
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (Anime) add
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Neko again here, it's my first time writing review for popular anime series, so I'm a bit nervous to write and dunno what to write. But I'll try my best to present something from what I've seen in this anime.

I usually decide to watch a anime from what I saw in the art & illustration. Then I dropped this anime before watching it, since it have shoujo-themed art. But suddenly my friend recommend me this anime, I watch the first episode and I really enjoyed this while laughing my ass off..

This is different from what I see, I mean, the art have shoujo style, the read more
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Sep 29, 2014
Hyouka (Anime) add
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Neko here, and I just realized, this anime have its own beauty. Hyouka. And I'm going to give some assumptions about how this anime pulled me into its depth.

Do you like your life? Or are you bored of it?
Do you know that your life is actually quite complicated and fun?
Do you know what lies beyond your every step to some place, every corner of a room, or what every people are thinking?

This anime teaches me over every trivial things in life, normal life, which I didn't realize until I watched this anime. If I changed my point of view, this life is quite fun, actually. read more
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Sep 29, 2014
Amagami SS (Anime) add
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Nice to meet you, neko here, another fan of moe which some people call it 'crap'. I'd like to share my opinion about this anime. Too bad I don't own a console, so I haven't played the game yet. But I'll show what this anime version of PS2 game (eh?) is made of.

The background story is about a guy who suck in his love life. His attempt to date someone failed once when he was still in middle school. His girlfriend-to-be is not coming to their first date. After few years, he's already in his second year of high school, encountering many beauties, and finally read more
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Sep 15, 2014
Hourou Musuko (Anime) add
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I'm a trap fanboy. I like those fanservice anime which includes trap like baka to test or maria holic. I find those fanservice are funny. And they're cute as well. I think trap have different chemistry that I won't even try to touch.

Then everything changed since I watched this anime.

What's the fun of being a drag? We're talking about a male who crossdress. We male have lot sign that shows masculinity like deep voice, facial hair, wide shoulder, etc. It would be really disgusting to see someone really masculine wearing women's clothes. And this anime tell how all those trap wouldn't going well. Realistically.

Although read more
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Sep 27, 2009
ChäoS;HEAd (Anime) add
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Neko here, edited my 'damn my childhood review so bad and embarrassing'. Not played the game yet, but I'll give my assumption of this anime from what I've watched. Today. Not that chuunibyo kid wrote.

"What if you're a God that can makes illusions into a reality?"
I liked this anime because of that phrases still echoing in my mind 'till now.

Not only that, but also because this anime is adapted from game. Chaos;HEad is a 12-episodes anime adapted from visual novel games "Chaos Head Noah". This anime filled by thriller, drama, psychological, mystery, science-fiction, and romance genre. Personally, I'm quite a shut-in myself. Sorry for being read more
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Sep 20, 2009
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (Anime) add
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Neko here, and.. when did I wrote review like that?
Okay I'll rewrite this review from my point of view today.

The secret is Nogizaka Haruka, rich lady, is actually an otaku. You keep her secret from others, and set some flag higher than any other men. You get her, date her, and get on top of her. That's the kind of anime is this.

This anime is for you. Yes. You who want another dream-comes-true situation. Date someone rich who actually likes anime. And she did some parodies! It's shana! I laughed since I like that kind of parody.

Lucky Bastard, I want flag like that too! -is read more
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