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Frozenstein | 03-15-15, 11:07 AM
My favorite is Cao Cao's faction, namely because of Cao Cao. Cao Cao historically I consider the greatest rise to power story ever, and all he did was want to "rescue" China. I mean, even when he knows he's about to die in 220 from a brain tumor, he tells his subordinates to not come to his funeral because China is still unstable.

Another great moment is when he received a letter historically from Liu Bei and one of his subordinates deliver him the letter. Without even opening it, he reads it back and then asks the man to open it and read the latter and almost word for word was the exact same as Cao Cao believes if you lacked such foresight and knowledge into predicting your opponents, you most certainly are of little worth in an age of "heroes and villains" where you'll be swept away in such great acts as some nameless inconsequential entity. Change must occur with ambition.

Frozenstein | 03-15-15, 10:31 AM
I can't really pick any specific "arc" of this series to be my favorite as all of them, just like actual history, not only contain a massive Ripple Effect (in that even a seemingly minor event can cause massive repercussions later down the road), but are also brought about and continuously shaped and affected by the Ripple Effect of previous "arcs" or events in general as even the initial Zhong Zhuo stuff was being affected by events that occurs prior to the start of the story. Just like how killing Xu Lin early on inevitably caused the death of Lü Bu and his daughter 250 chapters later.

Frozenstein | 03-15-15, 9:59 AM
Yeah, although all of the characters are pretty much genius level. XD

It's just the Eight Geniuses along with a few others like Sima Yi and Sun Ce (who even Zhou Yu struggled to keep up with) are on that extra tier step above everyone else. XD

In a sense, it makes this manga incredibly unrealistic as I can't believe so many characters can be this intelligent and possess this amount of tactical and strategical foresight, yet; that's one of the reasons I love this manga. I love seeing smart characters outwit other or equally smart characters. Gets me way more hyped than just some action scene. ;D

Frozenstein | 03-15-15, 9:09 AM
Have you read 428 of The Ravages of Time? Guo Jia... my gawd, this man setting up a Thanatos Gambit to this extent. It rivals the feats of Zhuge Liang's own Thanatos Gambit in 234 A.D. The effectiveness of Guo Jia's Thanatos Gambit have yet to be seen though.

daAmazinFatB0y | 02-16-15, 8:03 PM
Mauo: Juvenile Remix

I think its just an error with the site itself. try reloading the chapter from the beginning. I havnt come across a single missing chapter. Ive read about 67 so far. very good.

Only once or twice where the pages where missing but once I fixed it when I went back to the previous chapter and then back to the one I was reading and it was fixed.

All the chapters are there.

Its fully translated. the sites a bit buggy I guess but it works.

ABHISHEKV | 10-28-14, 5:17 PM
Wish You a Very Happy Birthday :D

pennyiscute | 08-26-14, 6:59 PM

I'm the creator of the club Ability, the webtoon. I've decided to delete the club. The webtoon is on indefinite hiatus due to artist's serious medical condition, with no current news of it continuing.

Don't worry though, this webtoon is still listed in the Webtoons club.

I will delete the club one week starting from today. Although, if anyone would like to take over the club, please let me know and I will hand over the reins.

Thanks to everyone who joined/helped/assisted and shared.

priestess_kikyo | 04-01-13, 2:48 AM
thnx a lot...
plz keep on suggesting wenever i need ur help...:=D

priestess_kikyo | 03-30-13, 12:48 AM
i jst checked out ur manga list.... well howz rurouni kenshin???????? i hd heard bout it..... itz related to martial arts, isn't it?? and the katekyo hitman reborn?

priestess_kikyo | 03-24-13, 3:05 AM
hello!!!!!!!! cn u plz suggest me the names of some newly released mangas, if u wish???????

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