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October 21, 1989
December 31, 2007
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EvenJellyOn | 11-22-14, 3:20 PM
Nice picture.

Reialgo | 10-19-14, 10:59 AM
Just had to stop by and say, Plus wan for having mary in your tumblr pic

AlabastreAizo | 08-28-14, 2:28 AM
I like old school games, too, but I have yet to play an oldschool Japanese game all the way through that's very text-heavy. Not having voices makes it a bit of a slog sometimes, if the content is outside of my normal vocabulary.

I think an MMO would be really good for our Japanese learning. My friend played FFXI with Japanese people, and it helped him out a lot. It's too bad that I am not really into online games, especially MOBAs. I only ever really play online with a couple of my RL friends.

AlabastreAizo | 08-07-14, 9:40 PM
I'm in between N3 and N2. N2 is still a bit too intimidating. For raws, just search Nyaa in Japanese. I own a decent collection in Japanese 'cause Japanese manga is cheap as hell, if you're purchasing it domestically. I read a decent amount, so as long as a VN isn't scifi or uses a lot of specialized vocab, I'm probably fine.

Do you play things apart from VNs?

AlabastreAizo | 08-04-14, 8:20 PM
You know Japanese? I usually just read manga because it's not hard, but full voice acting is so helpful for understanding a game.
I'd be interested in any fully voiced games that are entertaining.

Kiyan | 12-16-13, 4:58 PM
Somehow I felt obligated to write a comment. Why? Well, it happens that I stumbled over an Anime called ‘Fantastic children’ and it has caught my eye. Then I had a look at the Director (Nakamura Takashi) and had checked the Anime-Lists of the Commentators from Nakamuras MAL-Site. So I’ve found you and long story short… You’ve got a nice and interesting taste in Anime.

(Sorry, English is not my first language D: )

Splitter | 10-22-12, 9:41 PM
Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it :)

seishi-sama | 07-31-12, 3:29 PM
I first read it as "I moved your comment" and was like, wut?! o_O

Then I looked closer. Thanks. :)

Mikurey | 03-29-12, 12:26 PM
Card delivery from the Church of Madoka

Don't forget to reupoad it! Madoka be with you!

RobdeFR | 12-15-11, 7:13 AM
Thanks! I had completely forgot about this. Soy portugues, castellhano es sensillho para mi. :) Off I go to find it online.

Reenkehl | 12-05-11, 12:10 PM

If there's any problem, feel free to contact me. =)

tehnominator | 11-07-11, 3:25 PM
I am fed up of stereotypes and cliches. My anime watching has diminished considerably, and most of my later reviews have a bitterness to them, as some of my readers have pointed out.

Mashu | 10-28-11, 11:13 AM
Glad you enjoyed it.

moichispa | 09-18-11, 12:25 PM
Added all the pending friend request sorry about being late

kemondori | 08-14-11, 4:13 AM
OH MY GOD O___O I have just found my new avatar for facebook...

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