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08-13-13, 7:53 AM
April 5, 2008
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Time (Days) 33.2
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Time (Days) 65.4
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About mintymel
few short facts.

I ... manga oriented. a closet shojou junkie, but I usually have a hard time liking the main girl character. shounen-ai/yaoi sometimes (and usually gloss over sex scenes)
...prefer a good story, but I can't deny a cliche story (guilty pleasure, I suppose)
...have too little time to watch anime
...end up watching anime when procrastination hits me.
...think "on hold" anime = procrastinating on procrastination.
...cook to de-stress. I like to top an fried egg on everything. happy endings :D Bitter sweet one are nice too.

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SolunaKitty | 06-25-12, 11:45 AM
Mar-shie-mal-low, Mar Mar-shiemallow~~

SolunaKitty | 02-15-12, 12:41 AM
Good job, Marshiemallow ~petpet~ You get a gummy bear!

SolunaKitty | 01-11-12, 2:26 PM
I had to re-read Kyan-Koi because I had forgotten a lot of the stuff that happened xD; I remembered immediately when I read the first page of every chapter, so it's not like I forgot completely =x

Like for the cats, you good times means that it's a not a good time for me >.>; Like that "HELP MEE!!" panel D:

I will add that to my "To read" list then ^^

Nyanko-sensei! He is awesome! The food kitties are not D< I did not need to know that!! I think that counts as TMI D<

Ani-Blast | 12-09-11, 2:07 PM
Without you, I'd never have read Rave! (among other great manga choices) :D So, I'd certainly hope we do.

What SolunaKitty is right concerning manga to look into. I might also recommend: Darren Shan, 7Seeds, Fujimura-kun Mates, Hoshi no Samidare (this one probably most of all) & Miman Renai. :)

Happy reads (and holidays!)!

lalafeng | 12-08-11, 9:11 AM
No its okay. I'm a chinese :)

SolunaKitty | 12-08-11, 3:56 AM
Several people have suggested stuff for me; I am still working at them @_@

Beelzebub, Dengeki Daisy, Great Teacher Onizuka, Ubel Blatt, Shaman King (kanzenban edition) are some that I really liked :3

SolunaKitty | 12-08-11, 3:49 AM
I am looking through my list right now, but any particular genres you are feeling like reading atm?

SolunaKitty | 05-25-11, 10:26 AM
There needs to be an "ignore" button >.>;

SolunaKitty | 12-18-10, 6:32 PM
You know... maybe I sort of don't like you D<

Origa-san | 07-31-10, 6:25 AM

Ani-Blast | 06-29-09, 2:52 AM
Just realized that on 06-26-08 (aka LAST YEAR) I told you that I couldn't find anymore Rave Master. Then, on 06-27-09 (THIS YEAR), I finally found and read them all! ALMOST EXACTLY ONE YEAR WENT BY!! *spaz & die*

NamorSol | 11-29-08, 3:37 AM
Yay! Shugo Chara! <3

Blixus | 07-10-08, 12:25 PM
wow look on ichigo's profile comment wall, some guys comming on to him. you better watch him. lmao *pushes up glasses*

Ani-Blast | 06-28-08, 12:51 AM
Heh, well, besides the obvious Tousen costume, I shall be cosplaying Turk, the black guy from Scrubs. Incidentally, Blixus will be going as J.D. It shall be...interesting. More than likely we'll pop a few times on youtube, me predicts. ;) But, that's a silver lining to the fact that you won't be there as well. :(

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