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03-14-15, 12:32 PM
May 9, 1990
May 6, 2010
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About miereneronaile
I started watching anime a few weeks before I turned 20, a bit less than 2 years ago when I wrote this. I have pretty broad tastes, but I favor stories with romance and action. My interests are not limited to anime, but they are pretty much limited to stories in general.

Before I started watching anime I spent a great deal of time reading western fantasy or sci fi novels. My favorites being the Lord of the Rings and the Wheel of Time. I have only a minor interest in games, since I find that more often than not their stories are nowhere near interesting enough to make them worth the effort.

I have read a fair few visual novels, and generally find them to be a superior form of media. My favorites being FSN/MLA and Little Busters. If I had to choose a single favorite anime it would be Angel Beats, but I think MLA was better than it, though this is largely because it had so much time, and comparing different forms of media is rarely fair.

Despite how much I love anime and stories in general, I enjoy discussing the stories I liked even more.

A lot of my favorite music has come from anime.
Specifically, Ichiban no Takaramono My song and Brave song from Angel Beats! I loved 'This is my road' from Guin Saga and 'secret base' from Ano Hana and Yakusoku from episode 20 of Idolmaster as well. Thats not all of the songs I have come to love due to anime, but it is my favorites.

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dolamroth | 03-10-14, 11:31 AM
Hi! Would you like to support Tachibana Kanade in ISML 2014?

katsucats | 01-23-14, 2:11 AM
If my assertion was that Mitch was an asshole for doing what he did in situation A, then you saying that "X is not true in situation B but is in situation A" is in agreement with my assertion. Since situation A in this instance is defined as the situation in which Mitch posted, it was situation A, not B, which occurred.

Calling someone an asshole for doing something takes into the account the context of his action. If I say that someone is stupid for being a racist and you respond that since I called him stupid, it would apply whether he is a racist or not, then I would say -- as I am saying now -- you are either grasping at straws, or you have a serious impediment in understanding basic logical constructions in language.

One possible response to this is to take one phrase not only out of context of the discussion, but context of the post, and say that the meaning when "People who do P are Q" implies that people who do P are Q in every situation. In that, as I've previously charged, you have taken a rhetorical statement that works in conjunction within a set and opted to take it literally. And I could care less whether you think that is wrong, since as I am concerned your entire method is asinine.

An educated man should be able to recognize a proposition from rhetoric. Someone who quips off the cuff "Well, that's just stupid!" has made no proposition about some event physically causing stupidity. If you make an argument around that, then you might as well just admit defeat not only in the argument itself, but grammar.

meeplePeepol | 12-21-13, 5:47 AM
Sorry for intruding! (シ_ _)シ

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Ohayo! Would you like to join our Humble Cafe? :D

We present a place where you can relax, chat with others and maybe enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with others. We offer Games, Cards, Badges, Contests & many more! Come join us now! :D

If you want to join our crew, then I’m sorry but recruitment for admins is temporarily closed, but you can check up on it as it may open again soon.

Thank you very much for letting me a take a bit of your time in reading this (Gomen if I somehow wasted your time! XD)
I hope you have a wonderful day!

Xenograft | 11-30-13, 3:48 PM
Thank you for your points in defense of myself on the recent forum thread I created regards displaying age. They were articulate, intelligent and most importantly understood precisely what I had meant.

I enjoyed your repartee with moshimoshikitty. He/she appears to be one angry individual and I will not be responding in kind to be consistent with my initial point!

Once again. Thank you very much.

Best wishes.

battosai-01 | 10-12-13, 5:20 PM
The problem with moe specifically is that in can be anything. People "can" think Armored suits and GAR characters are moe, but they usually don't unless for the sake of argument (like Tallom). Its not like ALL things cute are automatically moe, but I would say that the majority of things people consider cute can also be considered moe. This is why I used "cute", because I thought it was something people could more or less agree on. Obviously there are going to be people that are just looking for an argument though. I probably would have been best if I just left it alone and let the thread take its course, might not have even gotten locked. Unfortunately I feel the need to defend my opinion... so yeah there you go.

jazmine | 10-09-13, 4:47 AM
Fuck asparagus

Kuraaiiya | 03-29-13, 10:15 AM
Before you're into it and maybe if you're the kind of person who can't leave an argument (like me mostly), don't get to involved with the pretentious fag with that Spike avatar. He's almost 40, and takes pride that he likes old anime and will rate them high just for being old and disliked everything else, and has some kind of elitism just because he's older than your average anime watcher, but in fact he's extremely stupid.

shintai88 | 02-27-13, 5:29 AM
A Comrade who doesn't have an avatar, but is an active user :P.

Othi-tan | 01-05-13, 8:17 PM
Well it is totally different to like Saber because of her ideals and Rin because of her attitude towards the world than liking them because they are moe and tsundere respectively.
At least honor,ideals and someones personality affect the story in a way.Now,how the hell, does "Arthur" being moe make Fate the best route?I have met people saying that.Anyway...
Glad to see someone that likes them for something other than that.

Othi-tan | 01-05-13, 4:11 AM
Ι see.Weird that I prefer HF more because Shirou discarded his ideals.

Same for me: HF is my fav because Ilya isnt there just to be a villain or a sacrifice.Of course Sakura doesnt stay as a super side character either.
And I also dislike how Rin and Saber act.Saber's honor talk both in FZ and FSN is enough for me to become best friends with Gil and Rin doesnt even have a goal.Keeping the "glory" of her family and becoming a good magus(with no goal at all,she doent even aim to reach the Root as far as I remember) is,for me,as empty and fake as Shirou's ideals.Funny that she calls him twisted.

Othi-tan | 01-04-13, 8:37 PM
"Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works best fate story, tbh."

So, I saw that and I wanted to know why you think that?
No problem with that,I just want to know the opinion of someone that thinks the same as I used to, before reading the last story.

EDIT:And I think you read the VN too according to your profile.So why do you think that UBW>HF?

Xardyn | 01-04-13, 7:27 AM
Just saw your Asparagus sig. Glad my actions haven't been forgotten :D.

Necromantium | 12-17-12, 8:37 AM
Hail the Asparagus.

Tachii | 11-06-12, 11:29 AM
Thing is I don't really know Sakura that well as I have not played the VNs. I can't say I feel that much for her because she just didn't get enough screen time. Her childhood looks pretty f-ed up but that's all I got out of 2 animes.

Tachii | 11-05-12, 8:40 PM
My ratings are stuck to the time where I actually watched the show. So there's an age/experience bias at work there.

Back in high school when I saw FSN, it was amazing. I didn't know there was a VN, nor did I know the dragon scene was a replaced for a sex scene (lol, actually when I watched the dragon scene I was like, wtf is going on.)

Now I'm an adult at 21-yo, and the ways I rate have changed. I'd imagine if I go back and watch FSN again, I'll likely give it a 7/8.

My 9/10s have to be enjoyable to me. And F/Z tried as hard as possible to not be an enjoyable experience. There was depressing turn of events littered in pretty much every episode (especially toward the end). I don't attempt to rate without my beliefs and values so I don't come close to rate a show by its objective qualities alone.

As for Clannad AS, it could not have surpassed the level of tragedy in F/Z. I'd reckon Kariya or Kiritsugu's entire existence alone in F/Z could tie the tragedy in Clannad AS. And there was the whole reset thing too in AS. Then there was various side sob stories in F/Z with Lancer, Saber, loads upon loads of death, and so on.

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