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June 30, 2007
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Elfen Lied
Honey and Clover, Azumanga Daioh, Fruits Basket

Full Metal Panic & Kare Kano
============================= The ones above here are especially fun to read :)
mahoraba genshiken GANKUTSUTUOU
akazukin cha cha && spirited away

highly recommended JDRAMAS:
JIN, nobuta wo produce, hanazakari no kimi tachi e, watashitachi no kyoukasho, nodame cantabile, my boss my hero, liar game, life, mop girl

other recommended ones: gonzo, last friends, haken no hinkaku, hana yori dango, yume to ame no ato ni

dramas i recommend that you don't bother watching or drop after 5 minutes:
densha otoko, kekkon dekinai otoko, gokusen i/ii


and yay my hater reviews for getting my profile views to 70,000+ not that i really care since like i doubt my MAL (the my is redundant :( ) or MML will be of much help. though i did at the time try to add interesting yet accurate tags/thoughts in the "more section" which is next to score on MAL.

hope you enjoy my tags in my MAL (yes the m is redundant.)

japanese subs

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05-30-11, 6:35 AM Edited 06-11-12, 8:43 AM
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08-19-11, 4:04 PM Edited 05-30-12, 2:50 PM
why clannad sucks
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Subpyro | 02-16-14, 11:49 PM
Ah, I see, thanks for sharing. I like weird comedies, so I just might check that out~

Subpyro | 02-16-14, 2:22 PM
Oh my, that is one sweet profile picture you've got there, midori. :)
And that .gif in your about me, lol.

Gigacorona | 02-16-14, 10:53 AM
Hey if you found something to like in slayers evolution then more power to you, I can't do it, for me the entire thing was a huge disappointment that shamelessly milked the original franchise and did so in some of the worst ways possible.

I can deal with less then perfect spin offs and sequels, but I can't deal with such a lack of respect for the very thing they are ripping off.

syshim | 01-10-14, 11:50 AM
What I've seen of Uchouten Kazoku and Kyousougiga is great.... those are probably the best shows I've seen a bit of in 2013.

ktulu007 | 11-17-13, 6:05 AM
I think the length is irrelevant as long as they have enough time to do what they need to do for the narrative. And I've seen plenty of anime that manage that with a relatively small number of episodes. In my experience, it's rarer for the exceedingly long ones to use their time effectively just because they almost always have a lot of filler. I have seen some shorter anime that managed to have filler, but there's not nearly as much of it when that does happen.

And thanks for the advice, but I'll be fine. After some of the excessively terrible anime I've seen all the way through, boring isn't all that bad.

ktulu007 | 11-16-13, 6:15 AM
I don't like sports in real life. Although most sports media, anime included, does follow the same tired underdog story, I've found that there are still rare gems that manage to do it well, like Girls und Panzer, or that do something different that's interesting. And I do agree that any genre can be done well. Some are just less likely to be done well.

ktulu007 | 11-15-13, 1:28 PM
Glad you liked my Usagi Drop and Honey & Clover reviews. I've actually considered watching Battle Athletes for a while, but I never got around to it, partially because I have no cares to give about sports in general. But I'll add it to my queue and review it.

I checked out your Honey & Clover review. I actually considered making the same point about Hagu looking and acting far too young, but I chalked the look up to the bad character design (although it's far from the first anime I've seen with really young looking characters) and the behaviour up to her being a cliche young and immature heroine.

Splitter | 11-10-13, 8:23 AM
There is so much I still haven't watched, stuff I own that has sat on my shelf for five years. I've heard its great but I don't know if/when I will get to it.

eternallament | 03-20-13, 10:58 PM
Lol sorry about that, I rarely visit this site. And this is a 2-year later reply, but thanks for the rec, I love Asian drama :D Will check out JIN.

midori- | 02-10-13, 7:21 PM

Akito_Kinomoto | 01-18-13, 11:02 PM



samiki | 12-03-12, 9:48 PM
No worries, but thanks anyways ^__^

samiki | 11-29-12, 11:08 PM
"I know the links to get the eps 1-65 with japaense audio... it's higher quality than the midori subbed version.

so if you want send me a message."

... do you still have that link :3

CookieMonsterx | 11-15-12, 4:13 AM
hello :)

disthymya | 09-01-12, 2:58 AM
I love your review on Love Hina so much. So much, in fact, that I came back now, a year later, just to re-read it. Thank you for writing it.

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