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Hello, I'm Midnightblade. I'm a 23 year old , male graduate student. I like playing videogames, watching anime, reading manga in my free time.. I prioritize anime over video games, manga, novels, movies, and other hobbies.

Current Profile Avatar: Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening and Smash Bros WiiU
Current Forum Avatar: Zero from Mega Man X series

~Random Update July 4th, 2015: Got my room assignment for the upcoming school year, I got the place I wanted so I'm quite happy about that. After living mostly with people who don't want me living with them for so long after graduation (dec 2013) , it'll be nice to be out on my own again, have more control over my life , and more time to myself.

Other than that its mostly just work right now, with my occasional off days . Some days work is horrible, most days its just bad but I've survived thus far, so I'm doing something right I suppose. If nothing else I've learned I'm never accepting a job again that requires me to be outside most of the time, its pretty horrible when you're trying to work in 100+ degree Fahrenheit weather. I'm still looking for a job that's much closer to my new apartment and school so I don't have to spend most of my paychecks on gas money to keep commuting to my current job when school starts back.

* While viewing my anime list, make sure you scroll down to see the anime, and roll your mouse over the pictures for my comments on the anime. You can sort the shows by score if you click the score button in upper left hand corner *

About Me:

My back-story+ current situation in life:

Feel free to read the rest of my profile if you want, it's mostly hidden under spoiler tags because its kinda long.

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dinesj21 | Jun 30, 7:34 PM
Yeah...I'll definitely be doing a lot of lotr tours...that's for sure. Lol. I'm kinda scared of going to Mexico. :/ But if you go in the right areas then it shouldn't be so bad. :)

I need to do all of the unpaid work sometime soon. How was doing all of that?

And room assignments are ALWAYS interesting. ;) Lol.

dinesj21 | Jun 23, 8:22 AM
Thanks, the family is doing a bit better now. :)

0_o Oh god! I couldn't handle that heat. But it's cool that you'll be living on campus, that's extremely convenient. Personally, I loved living on campus in the short time that I did. Do you work during the school year or do you just focus more on classes?

I am! I'm saving up for a trip I'm taking next year to New Zealand. Soooooo excited!!!!! :D So I've been working a lot. Aside from the music festival I'm going to in a couple weeks I don't having anything too special.

HaXXspetten | Jun 20, 12:05 AM

dinesj21 | Jun 19, 10:35 PM
Grad school...I'm so jealous. >.< Counseling is a good option! :)

Eww! That sounds terrible... :/ I can't imagine doing that all day in 90 degree weather. I would die. Lol. But I bet the money is nice. :)

I've been...ok? I'd be lying if I said I haven't been better. My cousin's 3 year old drowned last Friday, so that was pretty hard.

HaXXspetten | Jun 18, 10:10 AM
I ended up buying it pretty much on a whim since I got a new computer for my birthday which was just a week before

But yes, it's one of the best RPGs I've ever played in my life really. The world is almost incomparably huge, and it feels incredibly real. The atmosphere reminds me of Game of Thrones a lot with how people talk and act, and the level of depth is incredible in almost every area. The game is just so unbelievably huge as a whole, but it sure as hell delivers as a result. So yes I'd definitely recommend it

dinesj21 | Jun 15, 8:45 PM
Oh, thank you! It's Saya from Blood+ (very good show). So how have you been? :)

Sonatta | Jun 13, 7:11 PM
Best anime of the season hands down (I am not watching F/SN tho). Extremely hilarious, haven't laughed this hard in my life. Characters are all so cool, and quirky, it's all super exaggerated and it makes it so much fun to watch. Also, girls are super cute too (I love the main heroine so much <3).

Would give it a 10/10 from what I've watched, and will surely give it one and add it to my favs if they keep this up :DDD

dinesj21 | Jun 13, 7:10 PM
I just hate the personality and piss poor attitude. He was so negative throughout the series and I just got sick of listening to him complain.

In my opinion, the manga is better...but I'm not completely taking away from the anime because it did a decent job at following the manga besides the ending.

Isn't it wonderful? And yes, my birthday is as it says. Lol.

HaXXspetten | May 31, 1:06 AM
Can't say I remember what that was exactly but yeah I think I read everything

HaXXspetten | May 24, 2:08 PM
Sounds like something that you shouldn't reasonably find outside Japan but welp


HaXXspetten | May 18, 11:37 PM
well at least that should give you a decent idea of what the next arc is about :>

HaXXspetten | May 18, 4:43 AM
wh-what is it? >.>

HaXXspetten | May 17, 5:31 AM

HaXXspetten | May 17, 5:21 AM
Well especially if you stopped at 250; the arc from about 260 to 350 was definitely the best part of the manga thus far

HaXXspetten | May 14, 1:13 PM
I can't answer that. Counting time:chapter ratio as a generalization for manga doesn't work, because it depends on what kind of serialization it is in that case. If it's a weekly manga then it'll have about 20 pages per chapter, whereas a monthly manga will be more like 35-50.

Instead what you should count is time:volume, that works for either sort as every manga volume is roughly 200 pages and simply has an appropriate amount of chapters per volume for any given manga in order to fit that quota (normally 4-5 chapters for monthly ones and 10-11 for weekly ones). For the same reason when I marathon read manga, I'll always read them one volume at a time (no breaks in-between chapters within the same volume if I can avoid it). So back to your question then, if I modify it a little then reading one manga volume generally takes me about 25-30 minutes for any series with a "normal" amount of text per page. If it's something with a huge amount of panorama views and/or action scenes like Berserk then it's even faster since there's much less actual text to read, but on the flipside if it's something with walls of text like GTO or Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä then it'll obviously take way longer.

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