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Hello, I'm Midnightblade. I'm a 23 year old man who loves anime, manga, and video games!

* While viewing my anime list, make sure you scroll down to see the anime, and roll your mouse over the pictures for my comments on the anime. You can sort the shows by score if you click the score button in upper left hand corner *

About Me:

I got into anime mostly from watching toonami in late elementary school (those were the days) where I would come home to watch Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing, and other great shows after dinner. My interest in anime was solidified through watching anime late night on adult swim in highschool, joining an anime club in high school, and then having an ultra otaku roomate in college. I've only started watching anime seriously (watching more than 3 shows per anime season) in the Fall 2012 anime season, so that is why I don't have a lot of completed anime on my list (that and being in college/not having a boatload of time during the semesters because of school work. I graduated Dec 2013). A part of me wishes I had gotten into watching anime seriously earlier (had a personal laptop as early as 10th grade with internet) , but I didn't even know about watching seasonal anime until college haha. I've actually watched a lot of random episodes of series like Inu-Yasha, Cowboy Bebop, Paranoia Agent, Ghost in the Shell, S-cryed, and other shows that aired late at night on adult swim too, but never watched them sequentially to list them here.

As for current events, I finished undergraduate college in December 2013. I'm starting graduate school this August (2014), so I'm happy about that. I'm currently in the middle of preparing for grad school and enjoying my summer. It has been odd but mostly relaxing being out of school for so long since I graduated (- stressful period applying to grad schools and doing yardwork/chores) considering I've been in some form of school with only partial summer breaks for as long as I can remember. I've been living at home since graduation..

I don't have any sort of complicated system for rating anime. I don't spend hours pouring over every detail of a series agonizing over what I should rate an anime. I rate mostly on enjoyment, but I do take into consideration things like story, execution, characters, artwork, animation, originality. I don't consider myself an "high rater", its just usually the case that I'm pretty good at picking at shows that I will enjoy. If I ever feel that a show is a 4 or below, I usually drop it. If you're not enjoying an anime why continue to watch it?

I'm a sucker for action, mecha, samurai genres most of the time, even though I try to watch different themed series these days. I've been known to shy away from Shoujo and romance-themed anime in the past, but now I watch them from time to time. I'm also trying to get into slice-of-life themed shows as well, as that's another genre that I haven't watched much from because I stereotyped it as a "boring" genre in the past.

Feel free to read the rest of my profile if you want, it's mostly hidden under spoiler tags because its kinda long.

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favorite characters:

top ten anime

Honorable mentions to: Magi: The Kingdom of Magic, Shin Sekai Yori, Psycho Pass, Clannad + After Story, Kill la Kill, Black Lagoon Season 1, Chuunibyou Season 1

Favorite anime in particular genres:

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Completed anime 2014:


So, Visual Novels.. they can be amazing and sort of feel like an in depth anime, but I only play/read them every once in a while honestly. They can be pretty lengthy, difficult to put down, and hard to get to work on my old windows PC, so those factors all contribute to me playing/reading them infrequently (compared with my frequency of watching anime/reading manga).

Oh and I try to rate Visual Novels I play/read with using a rating system similar to what I use for anime. I guess you could technically say that you could never really give a VN a rating unless you've completed all the routes, but if you want to get that technical, I'm rating VN's on overall enjoyment, story, characters, and the particular route I play (all listed below).

Visual Novels I'm Currently Reading:

- Fate Stay Night

- Completed "Fate" Route 7/26/14 (7/10)

~ My short review of "Fate" Route (no real spoilers for the game events):

- Currently playing "Unlimited Blade Works" Route

Visual Novels Read

- Visual Novels I'm Planning on Playing in the Future:

Please Feel Free To Comment Below!! I try to respond quickly to messages!

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Superpieguy | 2 hours ago
:P You really need to get on the rest of P4G. I loved that thing to death, but I do remember my times where it was just too repetitive dungeon crawling and I gave up for a while. :P Please tell me how Corpse Party goes though. I have been wanting to try that for some time.

Heh. I don't think I have ever played either of them, to be honest.

Noooo, not the PS3. ;-; Although I don't really yet see the PS4 as a viable option for my general wants in gaming, all the more power to you. It seems like a really cool system. :P

jenchiuk | 2 hours ago
Hi there! Nice to meet you! :D

I personally enjoyed Kawaisou and was definitely a good watch! It really reminds me of Sakurasou Pet no Kanojo! I don't know if you have seen that before but you can really see the similarities between them along with a few references to other anime series too. I really liked the simple plot and it was quite comical at times too with a unique set of characters. ^^ Definitely a good SOL show that I have seen and can't wait for the OVA to come out! :o How did you find the series? :)

Oh and sorry for the late reply! :x

Killer58 | Yesterday, 10:04 PM
The one and only :)

save00us | Yesterday, 6:32 PM
Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail

Akito_Kinomoto | Yesterday, 6:06 PM
Ikr? :3

Rance-sama | Yesterday, 11:46 AM
What makes Sengoku Rance so good? I'd say the characters (especially Rance) and the gameplay. The Rance series is a unique combination of an RPG and a visual novel. You don't have to play the other Rance games to understand Sengoku Rance.

Rance-sama | Yesterday, 10:57 AM
Well each route is focused around a different girl, with Rin being the focus on UBW and Sakura on Heavens Feel. And Shirou gets a lot of character development in UBW, he becomes a much better character.

Rance-sama | Yesterday, 10:15 AM
I see you're playing Fate Stay Night, it's a good visual novel. My favorite route is UBW. How far are you in the route? You should play Sengoku Rance after you finish Fate Stay Night, it's a masterpiece.

Rance-sama | Yesterday, 10:13 AM
It's nothing groundbreaking, almost all the characters are cliche and stereotypical and the plot is almost non-existent. Despite all the flaws it has it's still an entertaining show to watch. Barakamon and Aldnoah/Zero are much better in my opinion so if you haven't checked those out you should.

HaXXspetten | Yesterday, 9:41 AM
Around Christmas 2012. Though it's been by far my biggest spare time time sink since then :>

and yeah that's only supposed to refer to the video :3

xm0123 | Yesterday, 9:18 AM
Build Fighters was very good. Mind you, it's a shonen series centered around a combat tournament, but if that's not an issue for you (and it wasn't for me XD), then definitely check it out. It's a lot of fun. I give it 8.5 out of 10.

Praland | Yesterday, 8:08 AM
Colored version of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS THE COMICS.

Blue | 07-28-14, 8:57 PM
Well I really didn't want to since I was hoping this anime was going to get better as in terms of character development or chemistry between the two main leads. I really didn't ship the two main leads together so I wanted a reason to feel as why they were together but I just didn't see it. Also the episodes dedicated to the other couple in the anime were painful to get through due to the two characters mischievous schemes

I don't drop anime too often when I'm closed to the end but this expectation.

keragamming | 07-28-14, 8:34 PM
Watch sample video. You may change your mind after watching it. This anime should be right up your plan to watch list.

keragamming | 07-28-14, 7:44 PM
Phantom requiem is a very good anime, it revolves around the main character and a female character, there role is being a assassins, it has a lot of action, and also a bit of romance in it. Now the first two episode may bore you, but after the main character does his first mission, it will just get better from there. Must watch.

The girl is not akame, I believe she's Hitagi Senjougahara, from the Bakemonogatari series.

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