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Hello, I'm Midnightblade. I'm a 23 year old , male graduate student who loves anime, manga, and video games!

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Lime_ | 38 minutes ago
ohhohoho, gimme a sec, little busy at work :]

HaXXspetten | 8 hours ago
Just get yourself an overly exaggerated public image and you'll meet tons of fun people by default

gombo | 9 hours ago
confusing at first but it all made sense a few episodes later. The ending and wrap up was a bit out there to say the least but I thought it was pretty decent overall.

On a harsher note I've only been rewatching anime since finishing it, maybe that ending put me off of watching new stuff more than I thought.

Stalker-tan | 12 hours ago
Hm? AkG? Don't think I've heard that abbreviation before. If it's Akame ga Kill you mean, then I think the adaption is so-so. They're going through the arcs too quickly, I think.

Milk_is_Special | Yesterday, 6:07 PM
Highschool DxD just has something to it what makes me like it so much. I don't know what it is, but something about the art, the characters and the overall feeling of the show make me like it as much as I do.

sumusiko | Yesterday, 4:59 PM
it's not bad, it's just that I wasn't really in the mood I guess (had pads at the time), there were some scenes where the animation was really bothering me, will be waiting for Fate Stay Night remake then depending on how good it is I'll give F/Z a second shot.

Smooched | Yesterday, 4:34 PM
Her chivalry :)

Speakss | Yesterday, 4:14 PM
I believe I rated it a 6/10 which too me means it's not terrible but it's still not very good.
Do I recommend it to someone: yah. Why? The main character is so outrageously over powered it makes it decently enjoyable to watch, specially when he plays in the tournament later into the series. As far as I know the LN is better, but I haven't started reading it.

If there were to be a season 2 I'd watch it.

When it gets decently fun:
First several episodes are introduction phase but they aren't bad to watch.
The start of "Nine Schools Competition" is kinda boring bvecause it's a build up to later into the series. Some of the stuff Onii-chan does can be entertaining.

Over all, I'd give the first 3 episodes a shot, if you're interested.

Sasuga, onii-chan

AnarchicSloth | Yesterday, 4:08 PM
More or less. I just have a thing for the strong overpowered, arrogant characters for some reason...

AnarchicSloth | Yesterday, 3:53 PM
Yeah, he's hiring. Want to volunteer?

It's taking so long :'(

Red_Tuesday | Yesterday, 4:30 AM
Why Haruhi is a favourite?

- It saved me from giving up on anime as prior to Haruhi all the anime I'd seen were very poor, and I didn't think anime as a medium had it in itself to entertain me

- Managed to incorporate a science fiction element into a slice of life anime with proper suspension of disbelief, a well done plot and setting, with fantastic storyboarding. Later I've learned just how special this is, with most other school SoL anime that have fantasy or sci-fi elements (except Kokoro Connect) being really stupid.

- Set a new standard for animation for future shows.

- I actually liked endless eight

- A cast of mostly great characters

Itachi92 | Yesterday, 4:15 AM
Nice art, thanks for it!

Xiaraith | Yesterday, 3:51 AM
Barakamon features indeed a lot of the aspects I like about slice of life anime. An inherent liveliness, a certain fluffiness stressed by the enjoyable OP+ED, countryside as visual treatment and unique protagonists (Naru has really become a great character).
While the middle episodes aren't as intriguing as the very start or the most current one (ep.10 is amazing), I can totally see myself rating this at least an 8, and that's quite the high rating in my books.
Together with Yama no Susume it's such a huge contrast to SoL trash like Glasslip regarding this season.

HaXXspetten | 09-14-14, 11:47 PM
Looping or not the premise itself is very marathonable I think so yes it's definitely a ton of fun. *Most* people (me included) will say Kai is better but there are a few people who say the opposite as well. Reason being Kai is a bit different in atmosphere, I.E: it's not quite as violent as the original but it has a lot more actual plot instead. That and actually wrapping everything up and answering all the questions of course.

Uh that is very random indeed... I've always absolutely loved pancakes as a childhood thingy so I still have a soft spot for that, but if we're talking more proper food... honestly I don't really know, I think it's pretty hard to directly compare drastically different types of dishes.

insan3soldiern | 09-14-14, 8:40 PM
Yeah, I think either one is a great pick. I suppose I slightly prefer the manga because the anime had some filler material here and there, but the anime has some really good voice work and I liked the soundtrack. Either one is a good pick, I say. I personally watched the anime and then later down the line read the manga.

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