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November 22, 2012
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Hello, I'm Midnightblade. I'm a 23 year old , male graduate student who loves anime, manga, and video games!

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Exilable | 3 hours ago
Yeah I like it too! About to change it though since I'm bored of it xD.

j0x | 6 hours ago
Aldnoah is a very entertaining watch for me lots of drama and twist on every episode and the pacing is just right, i like SAO II too but the pacing kinda slowdown compared to season 1

and Captain Earth is alright for me, im enjoying it, the later episodes are not that action packed but there are drama and thriller with all the different groups fighting over for the purpose of saving or destroying the world, i can understand that Captain Earth is not for everyone because the story is divided into pieces that you have to put it like a puzzle

NeverWinning | 6 hours ago
Good Morning~

i guess its good you don't pick up mangas. You are doing the right thing to avoid a dark path to being in a minority that we like to call knit pickers :p. I fell into a big trap after I caught up with the A Song of Ice and Fire series, now i cannot stop criticising the TV show adaptation in contrast to the novels. Sadly, im gradually losing interest to A game of Thrones, and may focus solely on the upcoming novels itself to avoid being grumpy

Personally for me, i'll only pick up a manga if i feel characters are severely lacking depth, or if an hyped up anime is losing my interest, as literatures tend to give a whole buttload more of backstory to characters than TV shows/anime's. It also gives me a proper reason to suggest why i didn't like a series. But speaking of Akame, you made a very good point on the teigu's. This is one of my favourite thing, the mysterious powers each teigu holds and the design of the teigu somewhat catches my interests. Also agree with another aspect you brought up which was giving that 'immortality vibe' to some characters. I would have dropped this show long ago if it ever went down this path. The death of Schere and to a lesser extent Aniki (or Braht) restored my faith in the series, as the impression i got after Schere's death was everyone in Night Raid is vulnerable. And then having Braht follow the same fate confirmed that I had to start the manga as waiting a week for the next episode much too long to find out what is going to happen next :p

Overall im currently enjoying setting, where swords, lances, halberds, etc. can have an impact in fights. Its one of the reason im a massive fan of the A song of Ice and Fire series, and why I'll also enjoy Akame

Phraze | 6 hours ago
Sorry for the wait. I'm pretty slow at replies..
I see, you should make a blog out of them. Those reviews would look great there. I used to make a spoiler profile too, haha. But that was to make people give up on it. Though it was probably annoying so I redid it.
Currently playing F/SN btw. It's part of why I wanted to drop you a comment xD I'm kind of new to VNs, since they take forever to download..
And actually, that is my real birthday. Didn't see a need to hide any info yet. Those who know me aren't internet-savvy.

Also watched Valvrave when it aired, though until episode 7. Lucky me..that major cliffhanger at the ending -.- Saki's my favourite :P
Mecha's one of my favourite genres too, or almost. Used to find it boring until Soukou no Strain. You should try watching it btw, at least the first episode (1st episodes are always the best) xD
Are you enjoying A/Z?

tr1ckst3r | 10 hours ago
why watch it later when you can watch it now? :3
just warning, It's extremely ecchi.

gizter13 | 11 hours ago
i really liked it the first time i watched it, still really liked it the 2nd time and the 3rth time too. i think they pulled off the combination of comedy and drama really good. (just like GTO)
the humor they use i like a lot. i just really love how Satou manages to get pulled into all these situations without realizing it over and over agian.
the problems they face are realistic and dont seem too forced (besides maibe the Island part, but it was damn funny how he didn't realize a thing). i can indentify with thoughts and behaviours of characters a lot of times too.

but why you wanna know?

tr1ckst3r | 12 hours ago
because it's good :D
why'd you ask?

Okiura | Today, 9:23 AM
7 ep/day in average (some days one ep, others 15) for 15-20 days

Lime_ | Today, 9:16 AM
I'm <3'ing it - honestly I dropped it on episode 2 but a friend told me to give it another shot

after begrudgingly agreeing to her, I marathon'd it yesterday and loved it :]

HaXXspetten | Today, 9:05 AM
It also seriously has the best OP in anime history <3

but yes it's awesome :P

Tsukiaki | Today, 6:57 AM
Yep, Suiseiseki is the best doll there is =D

ninjastarforcex | Today, 3:36 AM
the first story is good detective anime, after that just become plain stupid shonen magic battle anime.

tl;dr shit

Cyaegha | Today, 3:01 AM
Urakaze, from Kancolle.

Unless you meant the avatar, in which case that's Sendai, from the same game.

NeverWinning | Yesterday, 10:39 PM

Before i started reading the manga, i was on the edge of dropping it. There were many things about Tatsumi i did not like, and his reaction after Schere's death was nearly the deal breaker. Thank god for Braht ^_^, i applauded the punch he landed on Tatsumi. But to be honest i was really beginning to feel bummed out due to the hype Akame was getting

After reading the manga, Ive come to find myself loving the whole series. The diverse characters, the brutality, the backstory to the characters had me hooked. Rewatching the anime, i grew a new founding respect to how faithful it remained to the manga. Now I can finally sit back, enjoy the anime with OST/colouring to the characters, while i wait for the new chapters to be released

How about yourself? Enjoying Akame?

Gundamlove | Yesterday, 9:33 PM
Thanks! Not to shabby on your end either.

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