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12-15-09, 8:29 PM
August 3, 1990
July 3, 2009
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pennyiscute | 02-03-12, 11:15 PM

i've created a new club for West Aussies. I would love for you to come and join :3

Rafira | 11-05-09, 6:47 PM
THis isn't Blade, is it?

Rafira | 08-10-09, 1:07 AM

Pocarisweat | 08-04-09, 5:47 AM
oi mister. put up your favourite anime and characters so I can criticise you. bloody useless half-asian :P

Rafira | 08-03-09, 6:40 PM

Rafira | 08-02-09, 9:33 PM
sssso um I know you?

Pocarisweat | 08-02-09, 7:36 PM
Happy Birthday!

Nosaj | 07-26-09, 1:52 AM
At some point you too will realise that not every show needs to be watched to completion. Then you will truly be able to grow. :P

mazio | 07-23-09, 10:38 PM
Muahahaha, im almost finished, should be done by Sunday or Monday hopefully.

Pocarisweat | 07-23-09, 8:19 AM
lol nosaj has competition.

Ryuga | 07-23-09, 6:18 AM
That's intense....Seriously. Please tell me you've finished? :P

Nosaj | 07-23-09, 5:51 AM
Ok who are you, and why are you beating me in anime? :P

mazio | 07-23-09, 2:19 AM
hahaha no one can beat me for every 10 series you watch ill watch 20 plus there's a few Luke has that i haven't watched so i get another 10 in a few weeks.

But i don't know if its a good thing having this much free time and watching this much anime.

Pocarisweat | 07-23-09, 2:03 AM
its ok, i will beat you still. It's my goal for the year. Mat is officially my archrival for.. completed??

Ryuga | 07-22-09, 11:35 PM
Some serious "divided by 0" there...shiiii-

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