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Favorite Anime
Naruto: Shippuuden
Naruto: Shippuuden add
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch add
Vampire Knight
Vampire Knight add
Kaze no Stigma
Kaze no Stigma add
Kurokami The Animation
Kurokami The Animation add

Favorite Manga
Naruto add
L♥DK add
Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu
Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu add
Osaerarenai! add
I ♥ HS
I ♥ HS add

Favorite Characters
Uchiha, Itachi
Namikaze, Minato
Might, Guy
Lamperouge, Lelouch
Weinberg, Gino
Kiryuu, Zero
Yagami, Kazuma
Lawliet, L

Favorite People
Kishimoto, Masashi
Kishimoto, Masashi
Miyano, Mamoru
Miyano, Mamoru
Sakurai, Takahiro
Sakurai, Takahiro
Ishikawa, Hideo
Ishikawa, Hideo
Kishio, Daisuke
Kishio, Daisuke
Ootani, Ikue
Ootani, Ikue

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July 6, 2009
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Time (Days) 20.4
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Completed 28
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Dropped 2
Plan to Watch 149
Total Entries 192

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Time (Days) 4.8
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Plan to Read 70
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- How many of us have enough trust, strenght and fait to believe we could do the impossible? -

- NOT ACTIVE - Replies tend to be slow. -

Current obsession.

Proud to be V.I.P, A+, B2TY, BABY, Blackjack, Lucky 7, 1TYMER, L.O.Λ.E, Angel, Melody, A-Light, Dalmate ♥

«Matsury never sleeps.»

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SogekingMadao | 06-02-13, 2:58 PM
yeah, don't do like me and choose your class by how much money it can give, choose by what you like to do.

thank yoooou~~ *u* it's okay, I didn't write in MAL my birthday XD but it was on facebook, but since you blocked me, soooo... =(

lol it's unavoidable! =O I can see myself going out in the street with a slipper in my hand ruinning after the kids and yelling "you madakafaaaas!! I'm gonna slap your asses ooooof!!"

saddest because you can't see him now? D= it's going to pass, Gabby, relax >.<

SogekingMadao | 06-02-13, 11:01 AM
this is why I should've choosen better my class... but I just can't think about a carreer I would like to follow, I wish I was one of those children that always know what they want to be when they grow up

great! =D I've just turned 20 yesterday, but I don't have a birthday party since I was 13, these parties kinda... lost the fun to me... I guess I'll be a really grumpy old man... those who yell at children because they're playing soccer in front of his house

aww that's cute =3 so if you're happy, I'm happy!

SogekingMadao | 05-30-13, 3:58 PM
that's right! that's the way I like, that's my little sister right there!

but it was YOUR birthday, you were the one that shoud have more fun! D= oh, I see, is he too jealous?

lol we all are!! XD

SogekingMadao | 05-30-13, 7:38 AM
you know, I went to university... just changed a bit =/ and yesterdey I dropped university XD

omg your party must have been awesome! =D and seaside looks great too!... yeah, forget license for now XD

awww that's great! =D good luck with that ;D

and how's Dee?

SogekingMadao | 05-23-13, 5:19 PM
when I went 18 I tought everything would be awesome... isn't really, kinda... didn't change at all '-'

yeah, sure, FBI and stuff, you're dangerous, girl!

why not? D= not even if you look at her with a puppy face, like the cat from Shrek,m and say "pleaaaaase~~"?

oh, routine sucks =/ but everyone has it and we can do nothing about it XD at least you guys are doing good =3 does he lives to far from you?

SogekingMadao | 05-21-13, 1:10 PM
oops, 3 days without answer again, srry >.<
legal? you were illegal before? what crimes did you commited, miss? lol
I'm jut working, studying... eating... eating more... and how about you?
I've been doing okay, I'm taking my driver's license =D

SogekingMadao | 05-12-13, 7:46 PM
MY LITTLE SISTEEEER!! Long time no see!!! =D Sorry for the late reply, I almost don't use MAL anymore, not much time to watch or read anything, but how are you?? =D

koleare | 04-22-13, 7:58 AM
Hehe. Mahmureala cateodata e buna :))
No uite... cu facultatea, foarte ocupat. Mai gasesc timp si pentru MAL, mai ales ca acum ma implic activ in 'curatare' :D

Nu stiu daca spuneam asta in anii trecuti, dar abia astept o vacanta. Nici nu conteaza care :))

koleare | 04-19-13, 1:01 AM
Hei hei!
You might not read this, but La multi ani!! :>

How's it going?

xochandaox | 03-25-13, 3:23 AM

infactuation21 | 08-12-12, 2:00 PM

Tailee | 06-16-12, 10:57 AM

:: C.C.O. Official Newsletter::
Hey there everyone! How are you doing?? We are writing you to inform you all of a few things!
• This is an occasional newsletter, sent to every club's member but with no frequence at all. You could receive it once in a month or even less.
So a little memo: if you'd like to receive a regular newsletter (usually weekly) about the club's activities and what's not, you can sign up here!
• We've recently opened a brand new claim, it has a bi-weekly frequence and is quite particular,
take a look!
• Also a brand new category.5 has been opened too!
• Same goes with the usual weekly normal category topic. About this, we also wanted to let you know that the next category might exceptionally open this incoming sunday rather than the usual monday, so you might want to keep an eye on the club ;3

That's it for now, we wish you to have a great day!
Come to pass by and visit the club every now and then!
We'll keep you posted with the regular newsletter!
Have fun claiming at C.C.O.!

SogekingMadao | 06-05-12, 12:06 PM
really? I'm soooo happy you had something to remmember me >w< I normally forget everyone's birthday [even my birthday sometimes] and I was really ashamed that everyone remmembered mine, but really really happy! *u*

well, like all my other birthdays... Me... Mom and Dad... Cake... Eat something than go play videogames... It was like my Christmas and my New Year too

thank you so much! =D

SogekingMadao | 06-03-12, 1:36 PM
OMG! You're alive! =D
thank you so much! I really appreciate it! =D you knew when my birthday was? how?
Love you my little sister~ S2
btw, I remade a facebook, could you add me... again? *u* It would be awsum since you don't use MAL or msn that much

when you see this profile
on your friend request, can you please accept? I promise I wont bother you >.< just a little bit

danacrazy4anime | 05-27-12, 9:13 PM
Well, now it seems I can log in Saturday and Sunday. Since the restaurant were mom works is closed at the moment. My granaunt who's the owner of it, got really sick and is in the hospital. So the restaurant is closed as I said a while ago. Either way, now I can log in on weekends, and not just Sundays.
I see. O.O
I've been good, and much better now. Since my bff finally got out of the hospital and I visited her yesterday. Also that I talk to her via webcam too. Oh, now I have a webcam for my laptop. OwO
How about you, how have you been? =D

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