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04-03-14, 7:08 PM
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October 16, 1993
July 13, 2011
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Time (Days) 79.7
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"Count Dracula is my nickname. I got it from going out dressed like this to go disco dancing every night. However... The people who know me well call me "Satan"..."

note to self

- Hyakki Yakoushou

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Compendium of 400x700 Alex Kapranos as anime mythology
05-16-12, 5:02 PM Edited 08-18-13, 1:43 PM
MAL ephemera
12-01-11, 9:02 AM Edited 07-31-13, 7:14 PM
Openings (I started, so I'll finish)
06-04-12, 8:53 AM Edited 06-04-12, 8:55 AM

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Kusuriuri_San | 03-08-14, 9:03 PM
You've got good taste in anime.

DeadIEnd | 02-16-14, 6:20 AM
Welcome back to the world of the living.

tiffanyhng | 01-07-14, 1:14 PM
You are very talented in the art of insult. I applaud you for the beautiful review of Uta no Prince Sama.

dalek | 12-25-13, 3:52 PM
Merry Christmas! Thanks for the lovely yaoied Freddie Mercury. Unfortunately, I didn't buy you anything.

dalek | 12-04-13, 7:51 PM

geroshabu | 11-14-13, 7:23 PM

marriage | 11-02-13, 7:41 PM
Reported. Xinil or Luna_ will be dealing with you later bitch

tehnominator | 10-21-13, 3:12 PM
Thank you. I hope you were making a petition for TRLW Season 4 as my birthday present.

crowfucker | 10-20-13, 1:11 PM

TheRabbitmancer | 10-17-13, 10:08 PM
Happy belated birthday!

dalek | 10-15-13, 8:36 PM

undercoverism | 09-27-13, 10:02 PM
i know they all need to be banned and arrested

dalek | 09-26-13, 10:24 PM
This is so us, omg, so random:

THE ALBUM IS AWESOME, btw. Omg, I love it.

New dp:

imbecilic | 09-21-13, 12:45 PM
i've read three john green novels because i wanted to nitpick my way through them with my nose waving in the air. luckily for my ego, i found a lot to work with, though admittedly his writing does strike a small emotional chord at times.

he can only write a very specific type of character, though, and i find said characters to be irritating, stuck-up, and too assured of their own ~*~specialness~*~*.

done w/ my spiel now

imbecilic | 09-20-13, 9:53 AM
non, non.

i have neither the time nor the patience to compose my piddling anime opinions into meaningful evaluations.

if i may paraphrase john green here- my thoughts are lonely potatoes i cannot fathom into a bland stew (winku)

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