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About mahoganycow
I watch anime in my spare time. I write a review now and then.

I welcome feedback from anyone. If you disagree with something that I say in a review or on a forum, please feel free to send me a message or drop a comment on my profile. As long as you keep it coherent I'll gladly have a discussion with you. Similarly, if you enjoyed a review I wrote, let me know. I have fun writing reviews, but it's also nice to know that they're not just disappearing into the internet without being read.

As far as ratings go, I rate things as more than just a sum of their parts, i.e. my "overall" score for something is not just an average of the different categories. I rate the work's effectiveness in its entirety. Regardless, I think that these numbers are a half-step above meaningless, and so is arguing about the "proper" way to rate something. I wouldn't put much stock into them.

I don't have a favorite genre, nor is there any genre that I won't watch. I appreciate anything that's made with care and intelligence. Comedy, drama, romance, action, name it.

I haven't listed my "favorite anime" because choosing a favorite anything (song, movie, book) is difficult to do. That difficulty doubles when you're a critic at heart. But if you put a gun to my head I'd probably say that my personal pet favorite is the Kara no Kyoukai film series. The favorite characters list is now rotating. Ten slots is not enough.

Lastly, my reviews also end up on The Broken Infinite, a group blog which frequently has articles about anime, manga, comics, video games, etc:


"They have been out studying the economy of the sea."

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jawnmewn | 04-09-14, 10:08 AM
well written sir, well written. id be fine if was as half as good as yours.

probably my favorite show this season so far. i actually just decided to read the manga and i can't wait to see how they animate it~

jawnmewn | 04-09-14, 1:08 AM
your mushishi review was one of the most intelligent piece of work that i've seen on this site; inspired me to start writing one myself.

Ni_Go_Zero_Ichi | 03-29-14, 7:15 PM
Yo. I noticed a couple of your reviews and was impressed by the quality; well above the MAL standard. You seem like you'd be a fun person to discuss/argue about the Japanese cartoons with.

KholdStare88 | 03-28-14, 9:28 PM
Indeed, different opinions are good. To be clear, I meant that I'm looking at this anime like an observer, which means I'm seeing the same sequence of events as Gunzou. If he hasn't figured out who the fog is yet, then there's no reason for me to figure that out either. I like the mystery instead of a random narration explaining what the fog is. And I never formed my own opinion on what they are because I never felt the need to.

That's where we differ -- you WANT to know who they are and I never wanted to. The reason here is I didn't think the climax/plot needed who the fog is to be done correctly. To me it was all a coming of age story and the ships were figurative to whatever entity you want them to be.

Speaking of character development, I find nothing wrong with what they did. 400/402 confirmed that there is something "installed" that would be able to give them "emotion", which I deduced to be the union core, something Maya is missing. And from the character interactions, it's obvious they gain emotion over time and there is no simple switch. I actually think that in this department, this may be one of the best anime to do the "robot gaining emotion" plot.

From the rating I gave it, it is far from a perfect anime of any kind. But it's better than most of the crap I've seen from the past 3 years. So that relative comparison may have inflated its score.

KholdStare88 | 03-28-14, 3:41 AM
I disagree with your Arpeggio of Blue Steel review. First of all, mostly everything you said were spot on, only I didn't find them as problems. I found the mystery of the fog something that keeps me watching on, and it never bothered me that they never revealed who the fog is. Everything else that you said were missing, I used my imagination to fill the gap. Usually this is not an excuse, but the setting of this world is so supernatural that I never thought of myself as an omniscient viewer, therefore some things would have to come from my own conclusion. Finally, they did mention that Maya was not equipped with an "emotional program". It's true that this is the only mention of such, but to me that is the "hidden emotional switch" you wanted.

Overall, I like your reviews because they are actually reviews with analysis instead of stating an opinion without backing. Keep up the good work!

KuroMayKami | 02-25-14, 12:46 PM
You're welcome ;). Your review was worth the reading.

KuroMayKami | 02-25-14, 10:25 AM
Really good Hourou Musuko review. I haven't seen the series, but I liked how you expressed your opinion about it mixing narrative, analysis and concepts implied.

Romario3210 | 02-13-14, 4:22 PM
I feel awfully guilty for not commenting on your absolutely amazing Mushishi review sooner. Seriously one of the best reviews I've read on MAL.

Aryaragi | 02-11-14, 1:00 PM
Lovely mushishi review. You captured everything I personally loved about the series from ginko as a character to the expansive study on the environment of the mushishi-verse.

I see you recently finished Shinsekai Yori. What did you think about the series as a whole? Personally, I found it rather disappointing to say the least.

LnDSuv | 02-11-14, 12:22 AM
Good Mushishi review!
P.S. dat compatibility...

superzarop | 02-09-14, 1:10 AM
"He truly is that silver fish swimming endlessly through dark water, opalescent barbels probing fathomless black crevices, illuminating them, if only for a brief moment."

Absolutely beautiful. Your Mushishi review is one of one of the best reviews I've seen on MAL. Keep up the great work!

DystopianLove | 02-02-14, 3:25 PM
Oh yes, I'm as clever as can be. Be warned. Great, I look forward to tying you up and making you my personal poet. It will Oh you caused a stir alright, better be prepared to own up to all of that D:

That's probably the best approach to it--that's how I write as well, when I personally find something worth writing about. I still don't put in the effort I should, but as I've committed to already, my next review will ravage light up your soul. Really, really. Just kidding [for now].

/ ostentatious bullshit

I look forward to reading your graceful reviews and [confining you to an eternity of poetic slave-dom]! :D

Gonzo-nyan | 02-02-14, 12:31 PM
I voted helpful on all of your reviews. Just to help a brother out~ :)

DystopianLove | 01-31-14, 2:09 PM seems my attempt to be adorable totally had the reverse-effect. I'm definitely 100% woman, or at least I think so? What I wanted to convey from highlighting the "he" part was intended for you--your words, because of your unfiltered modesty. That's why I wrote the "Indeed, I do" under it. Well, that was a failure of the immense kind D:

Now that, that's cleared up, I can proceed with my shibari plan? :P

Are you planning on writing any more reviews soon?

DystopianLove | 01-30-14, 8:34 PM
Let me do the honor. I'll even kidnap you artistically, ya know, keeping it all relevant for the cause. Bring out my shibari talent, use the finest ropes, and the most aesthetically appealing knots :3

Why your bad? Did you see something in my past profile that deems a "my bad"? lol.

I agree, Dandy is a very entertaining show and it fulfills that segment wonderfully. The audiovisuals are on point as well. The writing could definitely be worked on but for the purposes of the show, isn't extremely bad, but room for improvement is obviously there. The humor gets a bit repetitive which I don't mind, but I think there needs be more dimension to it; it's pretty linear as it stands. Conclusively, it's a very fun show and for what it is, I don't have any major complaints with it so far. Dandy though <3

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