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About mahoganycow
I watch anime in my spare time. I write a review now and then.

I welcome feedback from anyone. If you disagree with something that I say in a review or on a forum, please feel free to send me a message or drop a comment on my profile. As long as you keep it coherent I'll gladly have a discussion with you. Similarly, if you enjoyed a review I wrote, let me know. I have fun writing reviews, but it's also nice to know that they're not just disappearing into the internet without being read.

As far as ratings go, I rate things as more than just a sum of their parts, i.e. my "overall" score for something is not just an average of the different categories. I rate the work's effectiveness in its entirety. Regardless, I think that these numbers are a half-step above meaningless, and so is arguing about the "proper" way to rate something. I wouldn't put much stock into them.

I don't have a favorite genre, nor is there any genre that I won't watch. I appreciate anything that's made with care and intelligence. Comedy, drama, romance, action, name it.

I haven't listed my "favorite anime" because choosing a favorite anything (song, movie, book) is difficult to do. That difficulty doubles when you're a critic at heart. But if you put a gun to my head I'd probably say that my personal pet favorite is the Kara no Kyoukai film series. The favorite characters list is now rotating. Ten slots is not enough.

Lastly, my reviews also end up on The Broken Infinite, a group blog which frequently has articles about anime, manga, comics, video games, etc:


"They have been out studying the economy of the sea."

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Zee530 | 07-24-14, 4:18 AM
I actually went into the video not knowing who the author was so i went in with a keen interest of hearing what the person had to say, by the end of the video i was just mostly laughing assuming whoever made it was just a troll of some sort. I actually had to watch 2 more videos before i realized it was Roriconfan, and in the other two videos he even indeed pointed people to his review page asking for upvotes, meaning the purpose of the videos are nothing more than attention whoring, one of the other videos was even pathetically a show he reviewed and was on top of the review page but simply wanted to criticize what the person in the second position had to say.

Anyways, immediately i discovered it was Roriconfan, i just didn't care and viewed it as the trolling, i've actually had conversations with him in the past but mostly about him criticizing my reviews for ludicrous reason. I do admit he is a good writer but he'd do himself a favor if he stopped his elitist approach to everything, the sad thing is he actually has a decent amount of people who actually follow and agree with what he has to say.

Zee530 | 07-23-14, 6:41 AM
I saw this video on YT, wonder if you've seen it before.

nyathaly | 07-19-14, 1:52 AM
loved your Tenshi no Tamago review! 👌

VCrowe | 07-13-14, 3:54 PM
Nice Mushishi review

Gotanon | 07-10-14, 8:13 AM
G-give that review back, I worked hard on that...

You're on Kapo's side?! H-how could you! ;A;

He has been so mean to me lately! Also, he's not the only one who has been mean to me...

I told lpf I didn't want to read Le Petit Prince but then lpf made me an offer I can't refuse. It also seems I'm not the only one lpf has done this to... True story.

Kapodaco | 07-09-14, 4:48 PM
That's fine. Gotanon can have all the love he can get. He deserves it.

What's more interesting is how you've improved over the years. You went from being great to being great! Wait....

Kapodaco | 07-08-14, 11:24 PM
And once again, you provide the kind of reviewing that this site so desperately needs. You are truly among this site's best.

Adds Sakasama no Patema to PTW list.

lonelyintrovert | 07-08-14, 4:47 PM
Just writing here to say that your reviews are just some of the most informative and skillfully written reviews I have ever seen. I just hope someday I can be as good as you. :)

Gotanon | 07-05-14, 3:51 PM
I sound like an old-timey villain tying you to the railroad tracks. Can this caricature of me please have a handlebar mustache? :P

Not a problem. If you also happen to be able to twirl your mustache but not perform the classic "while cackling with the wind", we have a suitable double already.

Well, if you'd prefer, I could look at you with my giant dead eyes and give you a cryptic warning
Well, it's too bad that I'm already crazy.

Or I could just change my profile picture to a puppy or some other innocuous thing
change my profile picture to a puppy
a puppy
Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it.

Gotanon | 07-03-14, 4:13 PM
Oops, there I go again. "better than most 'serious' rap that I've heard" fix'd. I feel very much the same way you do about these raps/hi hop/whatever. Except, I'm constantly exposed to it thanks to just about everyone over here being a wigger (well, our skin color isn't exactly white but the great lot are usually white-er than sour cream on the inside so the term should still apply, I think). How many times, much to my dismay, have I had to listen to all that mainstream hip-hop crap? I'm not sure. Probably more times than I'm consciously aware of 'cuz, everytime I hear any of it it feels like someone cut my skull open with surgical precision, took my brain and tossed it on a frying pan, then put it back again expecting me to still be functional.

I guess I got a little too self-conscious about my obnoxious K-on! comment—that and your reply was really short. I thought you were angry at me, like you were subtly saying I was a condescending, dogmatic fool.


"This Gotanon person is tolerably skilled, but quite a stubborn fellow. That last post was especially incorrigible, I'll have to put her in her place! Sign, I feel so dirty just thinking about it. I really want to take a shower instead."


You have already given me the go ahead to take a bite of your jugular but, I mean, I didn't want the conversation to turn unpleasant in that aforementioned manner either. And that's where the "please don't kill me ;_;" comes from. I also meant that in a more humorous tone to indicate that I wanted to avoid those types of unpleasantries.

Besides, how am I supposed to know if you are mahoganycow and not MAHOGANYCOW? How would I know if you are not out to outright kill me if you are covered in blood and I'm right next to you trying to speak to you with no response? It's not much of a warning if you already have a knife on my throat. (҂⌣̀_⌣́)ᕤ Hmpf!

But if I do survive, does that mean that is your first step into reciprocating the feelings I have for you?

kuroho-kun | 07-02-14, 3:42 AM
I just read your scathing review of Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio, and I feel I must say one thing. No, two things. I couldn't agree with you more about a series that kept me coming back to waste more time on it. And your writing is top-notch. I'm referring to not only grammar spelling, but also word choice and sentence construction. Your style is both poetic and easy to understand, and most of all, it kept my interest as I read. I look forward to reading more from you.

Gotanon | 06-29-14, 5:03 PM
I must be phrasing things weirdly, it's all meant to be in 3rd person talking about myself back in my melodramatic idiot phase. I'll have to visit the doctor again to see if my mind is slipping or not. ...Or maybe I just like to pretend like I can speak for other people.

As for the rapper thing? I donno, I watched this video and just thought how most 'serious' rapping can't compare. I also like ERB's stuff.

Would read, would 10/10.
I spent some time looking for something at least close to a 'Lion maids with megane fetishes'. This is all i could really find:

Gotanon | 06-28-14, 8:02 PM
Man. I really don't get K-ON.
I don't think anyone does. It's cuteness simply can't be described with words, obviously.

You're the first person ever to complain-
Maybe that's because everyone else thought you'd slice them to pieces or something.

I think I'll choose to be proud.
(๑´∀`๑ )

Are you implying that a fistfight between the two of us would result in a tie, as in Roberta and Revy's case? If so, I think you're the cocky one in the equation.
Perhaps you are the observer in that situation, you're the badass Balalaika who's allowing the fight to happen in the first place. But even so, even in death my body will persevere. My inertia will drive my body and land the blow; I'll make damn sure to give you the iconic wide scars to remember me by.

-I think we should just talk this out like rational adults-
[Insert anal metaphors here] GET OVER HERE!

Well, that's the thing about conversational frameworks... It's probably the hardest thing to do. To live at the speed of life. To catch the moment. Most people just waltz right into it and they crash and burn. Not paying attention to what we are saying in certain situations makes us feel like we fail constantly in our lives—Although on occasions, however pathetic you think you might have been at one moment, it can still garner some really weird fangirl-mail, regardless.

But once you do catch it you feel like, "Yeah bitch, I got you by the horns!" The feeling you get is better than wiping your butthole with silk, better than fine wine, better than sex; hell, it's even better than your grandma's cookies—And I don't know about you but, my grandma's cookies are like something straight out a mythical legend.

And that's how you would feel on the inside. On the outside you're actually calm and collected, like that insomniac office worker in this scene.

The moment is so vivid it's almost surreal. At that moment your balls are so big and heavy that they can damn well nearly break through the floor. Yet, you shouldn't cling to that moment. Reliving past glories will only take you so far... Try to relive it enough times and you will be like a King who has become untrusting even to his immediate subjects. Eventually, a sense of loneliness will corrode your very reason. You'll become the mad king obsessed with fire, burning everything and everyone indiscriminately. ...that or a rapper who has let money get to their head and has a god complex, yet still pretend like they're being persecuted as is shown within the lyrics that no longer reflect their former 'substantial' lifestyle.

Also, much of the time It has less to do with me being tense, and more to do with me greeting people with a certain degree of hostility. This is unintentional, of course.

Lion maids with megane fetishes
Holly shit, this needs to be a thing! But I can't just wait around for that... fuck it, I'll just have to make a hentai doujin out of it myself.

Gotanon | 06-27-14, 11:46 PM
I was being silly there. Though, it wasn't too long ago that I would have perceived you as a big uptight meanie. Just a little over 2 years ago I was not much different from the very bigoted children in this site, I was truly despicable. Back then being intimidated in that fashion would have exactly been the case. Now I like people who know how to ride like a champ.

A lot of us are meaner towards cartoons than to people too. Besides, the best part about our Chinese cartoon experiences is viewing them from a critical perspective and the social aspect of it thereof; simply being a consumer is no fun. :^) And as for fun things being fun? That's crazy talk.

Like Shiki, I'm quite selective about the things that I chop up, so you needn't worry.
Phew~ That's a relief, it's like this huge weight was just lifted off my shoulders. Now I just have to keep a safe distance. And by safe distance I mean keeping you 100 yards away from me at all times. ...that or I'll simply put some plain looking glasses on and hope to god that you have a megane fetish. I'll just have to trust all the finer things I have learned from watching KnK.

I'm down for the abusive relationship in the ghetto.
Okay, b-b-but we have to make it official alright?

Black Lagoon? Are you implying my best shot is nothing but cartoony? How dare you... Don't get cocky just because you were able to respond to it in less than 2 hours, bitch-
But, then again, Black Lagoon has a crazy killer maid...yeah, definitely that.
Oh yes, baby yes! The terminator it is! We should definitely also do one of these sometime, too:

And that's the beauty of anonymity in the internet. The outside world is quite scary for me actually (plus, I have a tendency to get overly conscious about what I say regardless). It has this invisible ability to paralyze me, and in contrast, my senses heighten. I feel like I'm in constant danger and it shows. People usually perceive me as humorless and quiet, or simply dumb. That is, until they approach me. But then it's already too late, they are trapped in the lions den. They feel cornered and you can clearly see it in their body language or face. And just when I'm about to deliver the killing blow, they reflexively push me away. Sometimes they come back, when they are comfortable and more properly equipped for battle...

Wait, what were we talking about again?

Gotanon | 06-27-14, 6:40 PM
You are most welcome~!

It shouldn't take any courage to talk to me-

T-t-that's good to hear... phew (^^; ). To be honest, I felt very intimidated. Not because of the impression you give me from those eloquently written massive walls of text, but because I felt Shiki's blade right on my throat. It almost seemed like she was going to philosophically cut me to pieces...

Speaking of those massive walls of text, though. Your writing makes me want to pull all my hairs out because of how filthy It makes me think my writing is. I feel like getting into an abusive relationship with you, a relationship where my blood ends up reaching the boiling point and I start popping a few veins. And if you allow me, I'll continue to do this on a daily basis until I either drop dead or conjure up the next Breaking Bad. Or both.

Or I could simply throw away my shallow materialistic life and start living in a ghetto. I'll get myself involved in the black market, drug dealing, and pay a visit to the "Motherfucker squad". You know the guys. It's the type of people that don't let you sleep at night. The kind of people who suck on your bone marrow and redefine your entire existence. You'll either end up dead or become a scientist that can accelerate the mind of mankind to a higher plane of understanding but be unable to get married and have less than a handful of friends, if any, because of ending up so fucked up. That or become a really bad rapper. Hopefully it will be either of the former.

I love you? I hate you? I hate myself? I'm not sure, but one thing I know for certain is that whenever you post your next review I'll suck it dry. I'm gana be a hawk dropping down like a missile from hundreds of feet in the air, catching my pray and having a fine feast. Then I'll regurgitate it, re-heat it and eat it again.

By the way, that's-

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