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05-31-15, 5:16 PM
May 8, 1992
United States
August 29, 2012
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About mahoganycow
I watch anime in my spare time. I write a review now and then.

I welcome feedback from anyone. If you disagree with something that I say in a review or on a forum, please feel free to send me a message or drop a comment on my profile. As long as you keep it coherent I'll gladly have a discussion with you. Similarly, if you enjoyed a review I wrote, let me know. I have fun writing reviews, but it's also nice to know that they're not just disappearing into the internet without being read.

As far as ratings go, I rate things as more than just a sum of their parts, i.e. my "overall" score for something is not just an average of the different categories. I rate the work's effectiveness in its entirety. Regardless, I think that these numbers are a half-step above meaningless, and so is arguing about the "proper" way to rate something. I wouldn't put much stock into them.

I don't have a favorite genre, nor is there any genre that I won't watch. I appreciate anything that's made with care and intelligence. Comedy, drama, romance, action, name it.

I haven't listed my "favorite anime" because choosing a favorite anything (song, movie, book) is difficult to do. The favorite characters list is now rotating. Ten slots is not enough.


"They have been out studying the economy of the sea."

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Gotanon | 05-11-15, 6:56 PM
I didn't want my name to be associated with this
Despicanon sounded stupid anyway. I changed it to something else in the first place because 'goatnon' is already taken by several people. some dead blogger from a few years back, some forum user, and some other person on twitter ect. Everything I come up with seems to have already been taken and it irks me.

I think I'll stick with gotanon because reasons

Gotanon | 05-10-15, 6:06 PM
Oh hey, you're back!

Gotanon | 04-26-15, 7:23 PM
"I'm a little nicer to people like that than I used to be. -"
Me too. I pretty much think of it as a phase now, too.

Anyway, when I said 'pretentious men doing pretentious things', I meant it as the opposite of 'cute girls doing cute things'. You know, as in animu fiction with male bonding symbolism, or maybe just mental-illness. Anyway, I'll just leave it there, I don't even know what I was originally going to post anymore. I was trying not to stress over not being able to articulate my thoughts, then my mind just went back to being blank again. whatevz

"That sort of piques my curiosity in some ways-"
You could always watch some hentai for... um... historical and research purposes :-D

"35-year-old acting pretentious- "
For some reason I seem to think you're talking about someone in particular here now. I, of course, wouldn't exactly know who is this individual that thinks himself a paragon of critical thought while never getting off his high horse. :-)

Oh hey, a loli!

Gotanon | 04-25-15, 3:45 PM
I guess I just got a little impatient from the excitement. You could always pretend like you didn't post the last post and post what you originally had in mind! :-D

I figured we could just talk about anything at this point, since you're just another guy n' all. We could jump from topic to topic, like from pretentious men doing pretentious things, which qt gurl is 10/10 waifu material, to talking about how ironic it is for deprived perverts to consider some other perverts obscure fetish as inferior when hentai is already a neat cesspool of everything fucked up that goes through peoples minds, or just simply politics and contemplating over the implications of and subsequent repercussions for developing lolis with nuclear launch capabilities.

Gotanon | 04-24-15, 10:01 AM
You don't have to reply to everything I post. I wouldn't mind if you just leave me to my ramblings and start over on something else.

Letting months go by at a time is much too painful.

Gotanon | 04-20-15, 6:42 PM
I would have replied sooner but I got into yet another one of my mood swings. It seems to happen every time I'm happy for any significant amount of time. Perhaps I'm still not entirely comfortable conversing casually with you. ...or perhaps I felt a little too self-conscious about a shitty joke I was about to type.

Hey, while we're on the topic of bonding-

That bit of what you just talked about writing is precisely what I'm having trouble with, the art thing is not exactly translating to my writing. I must naturally be a perfectionist or something. I'm probably soon going to plow through a lot of more garbage than usual and review them just to work on basic writing conventions. It's not like I have any talent for storytelling so I might as well enjoy writing about garbage. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

I feel we've pretty much wrapped up the topic but I'm still going to talk about it so deal with it.

While I'm certainly not a professional, I'd bet on saying that art is rather easy, it just eats up a lot of your time. Unlike with writing or whatever else, you don't have to strain your brain and just simply relax. As far as I can tell, the hardest part is actually the motivation to do it almost everyday, if not everyday, without fail (which is what I'm finally managing to do for a bit now). Well, that, and building a visual library across the years from a young age helps tremendously, without it you'd have to pour in two or three times as much effort in your adult years (me, me, me!). If one were to do art for a career however, I'd imagine it would become just that, a job. Something that would suck out all of my creative energy. Hopefully sometime in the near future I myself will both land a sustainable job and keep art as an enjoyable hobby.

I'm frequently enough experiencing breakthroughs. I have, how should I say, a better sense of proportion? I can more realistically imagine where I'll be if i keep the same pace that I have right now. If i keep gaining momentum I could very well be a Pablo Picaso (or whatever painter anyone would bother to mention) in a year's time.

no nasty things pls ;-;

Gotanon | 04-19-15, 3:22 AM
" -acknowledge their accomplishments-"
I do. I, after all, don't go around wasting my youth by making other accounts and vote bomb everyone's reviews like half of the people on this site seem to like to do. You and everyone else on my friend list is an intellectual, all of which write better than me. I still can't do the "moving on" part. Though, surrounding myself with a few egomaniacs of this site is helping me push forward rather than making me feel like giving up. ...I guess I just like being able to show off my intelligence and get frustrated not being able to do exactly that, much more frequently (as I already should). It also seems that I only really enjoy writing when watching a train-wreck of a show that I can slice to tiny pieces - like Tokyo Ghoul.

One thing that I've learned so far while doing art is being able to "let go". I used to become too attached over my own creations (whatever they may be) and focused too much on making things look "perfect". Now I'm comfortable drawing in a very messy manner. Now going back to the art course thing, just like with regular "teaching" I still think of myself as my own best teacher since my success ultimately depends on nobody but me. But oh, and I do keep an open mind, I just won't go out of my way to learn from others. If I ever feel like I'm getting stuck I'll just look up on online tutorials on whatever it is that I need to work on, or just grind through it. Just like with writing I'm very willing to listen to criticisms provided the person knows what their talking about and doesn't have a deluded sense of this so called "objectivity".

On another note: You're STILL on the stick figures? Draw 5min on some used notebook you don't care about just every other day and you will start to see results in just a month or two at a time. I swear to god, if you're still not able to go pass stick figures a year from now... nasty things will happen lol

I'm doing strictly traditional chicken scribbles for a while now since digital programs were giving me a headache, but here's some digital stuff from last year. Don't be fooled, these are bits and pieces of "accidents" compiled together from like a hundred doodles across the year. I can't consciously make it look like that, and I was doing better those 6 months ago than I am right now.

Gotanon | 04-18-15, 8:16 PM
I didn't mean to bash Dragonball in that fashion, I meant to say it in terms of it's length. It's not bad, it just doesn't do it for me anymore is all. I'll probably write my thoughts on it... somewhere, after I finish it. maybe.

That's good to hear.

Seeing people who are either a similar age or even younger than me and write better (and more frequently too, sheesh) is driving me to the brink of madness actually. I'm sometimes almost rolling on the floor, pulling my hairs out and scratching my head violently until I start having minor aneurysms from the High blood pressure (This is probably not healthy). I haven't even gone pass my self-deprecation phase (if that's even a phase).

To keep my mind off my shitty writing I've been drawing instead. Been doing it almost everyday now without fail for a month. I want to be a self taught artist so I'm naturally stubborn for not looking for help; I very often hear that courses are a waste of time and money anyway. I'm not really making much progress but at least I'm enjoying the process.

Gotanon | 04-18-15, 10:45 AM
I wish you well on that.

It's kinda been the opposite for me, I've unfortunately had an unreasonable amount of free time on my hands. Trying to stay productive on my own isn't exactly working out. I mean, shit, I'm even marathoning Dragonball. lol

Anyway, yeah, I see you've been awfully quiet for some time and just felt like asking out of the blue. Hope to see more of your eloquent writing sometime this year \(^o^)/

Gotanon | 04-17-15, 5:24 PM
next review when?

what have you been doing lately anyway?

Gotanon | 03-24-15, 10:42 PM
That's my gurl~!
For a moment I was prepared to say, "I swear to god, one of these days I'm going to get you to type a very long 'gaaay' in all caps!" But you've been good bby~ I wonder how much more I can get away with making you say guehehe~

also Jack Nicholson is awesome
Yes, yes he is.

Gotanon | 03-24-15, 9:02 PM
I feel pretty~~
C'mon sing with me!
Oh so pretty~! I feel pretty and witty and-~~

Gotanon | 03-24-15, 7:21 PM
We should make a twits club. It would initially be comprised of you, me and eri, but I'm sure we can easily add a dozen or so people in no time flat if we sing fabulous songs that make us feel pretty.

Gotanon | 03-24-15, 5:01 PM
Took you long enough. Not seeing that FR pop-up was nearly driving me crazy. I was beginning to think I'd have to do MENTAL GYMNASTICS WITH YOU OR SOME SH--

I mean... Omg we are totes friends now!! :D

Gotanon | 02-12-15, 11:40 AM
There's no need for me to worry, she cannot see any discomforting reality that I may blurt out should I let my guard down. For my charms are too contagious, and shine ever so brightly; enough to blind someone from everything else.

...Of course, this is assuming that I were indeed suggesting such a thing in the first place. Which is, of course, entirely untrue... You see... when it comes to onee-sama, if I say something like that it's because I love her dearly and want to keep her comments for my eyes only (and maybe soup too... and perhaps whoever this is as well I guess)... kinda what I do with you... It's not that I'm obsessed with everything to do with you or anything... I keep my f-feelings and interests under control. What do you take me as? Some kind of perverted addict?!!

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