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If you liked
Aki-Sora: Yume no Naka
...then you might like

Both animes contain lots of H-material. Although there are no scenes of sex in Nisemonogatari, I can't say for sure which one of them is more obscene.
But ecchi genre is not the only thing they have in common. Also, there are two sisters in both these titles, one of wich is sporty and another one is hysterical. Moreover, there are bra size 45 class reps, who have a crush on the main character.

If you're not the type of a person, who only admires godlike SHAFT style while watching Nise and doesn't pay attention to the content of the show, you'll like Aki-Sora.
If you liked Aki-Sora, you'd better watch Nise ASAP, because it's the same thing plus some humour, plot and godlike SHAFT style.

If you liked
Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
...then you might like
Detroit Metal City

Both these series animes have some extremely gross humour,vulgar jokes and very funny violence and profanity. If you are the kind that can admire the shows, where the creators try to shock the viewer and show, how ugly yet funny our world is, you have to try these two out.
Also, DMC and Dokuro-chan are really short: about 5 normal episodes. So you won't get sick of them in such a short time.

If you liked
Ga-Rei: Zero
...then you might like
Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha Gaiden

At first, both these animes have a similar drama component: in order to do their duty main characters have to kill their loved ones, however in Ga-Rei Zero drama is payed more atention to and is more deep than in DTB. Both these series deal with organisations exterminating threats to the mankind (ghosts in GRZ case and contractors in DTB case). Sure thing there are mystical powers and supernatural abilities included. Also, you will feel painfully sorry for main characters whichever you watch.
In case you watched DTB only because of action and fights, it's unlikely you will like GRZ. There is action (actually, half of the series is swordsfighting), but it is drenched with main character's emotions and incertitude . But if you have nothing against adversaries trying to resolve an agonizing dilemma of fighting against their ex-friends, you will definetely enjoy it.

If you liked
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
...then you might like
Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Both these series tell a story of an honest man, trying to make his way in this rotten, wicked world. Kaiji and Simon are real man's men, they have principals and won't forfeit them no matter what. You can see them doubt, you can see them tumbling down and degrading, but they soon realize their mistakes to remain steadfast and strong.
However, Simon is surrounded by a number of trustworthy friends, he can rely onto, whereas Kaiji is a lone wolf among heavily armed hunters. Kaiji is more about betraying while TTGL is focused on friendship and loyalty. Thus the ideas of them are also different. Kaiji's author wants to show, how important the ability to remain human in any circumstances is, whereas TTGL shows what role determination plays in our lives. Frim this point of view Kaiji is more "capacious", because the latter problem is payed attention to, but not that emphasized as the first one.
So, if you want to watch an anime about people, who choose a thorny path of resistance to the common sense not to lose self-respect, these animes are what you need.

If you liked
...then you might like
Shoujo Kakumei Utena

Well, the resemblence is absolutely obvious: schoolgirls as main characters, both Saya and Utena are top-notch fencers, lots of sword-fighting, repulsive "noble" men characters.

Nonetheless, there are some dufferences.
Firstly, B+ has very little humour, actually, no humour at all. Whereas RGU is not that mournful and is full of jokes (there is even a small annoying mascot). Sometimes jokes in RGU are used in the most serious and crucial moments to show, how odd duelists' pomposity is.

Secondly, B+'s animation is of a better quality than RGU's (in RGU there are >1minute animation sequences steadily repeated in every episode). Although there is a sword fight in almost every episode, RGU is not an action anime as B+ (by the way fights in RGU are rather poor and can't be compared to B+'s ones), it's more likely a drama.
No doubt there is drama in B+: two sisters, trying to kill each other is rather serious a drama. But drama in B+ is just a background for action, and in RGU it's quite the opposite thing.

So, if you are not keen of excessive symbolism and adolescence mental problems, you'd better not watch RGU, because it consisits of symbolism and teenager psychology. If you want more monsters bisected with a katana, go watch something else, RGU won't satisfy you.

As for the characters, they're completely similar as far as their personality is concerned. Both Utena and Saya want to protect their friends and wish they could live happily without fighting. Chevaliers and duelists are alike: although they appear to be noble and physically strong, they turn out to be wicked people, obsessed by their desires.

Ultimately, these series have a lot in common, but that doesn't mean, that you like B+ and you'll definetely like RGU. If you are not bored to death by soul-searching animes, go watch RGU. Or go watch B+ (if you have already watched RGU). I guarantee you won't regret it.

If you liked
Perfect Blue
...then you might like
Ergo Proxy

First of all, PB and EP are deeply psychological animes. They're both about people, whose life was severely deranged by their own hasty decisions and then settled as a result of painful mental metamorphosis.

Main characters of both these animes try to find out their true identity: Vincent, having lost his memories, has lost his way in life either and tries to recollect them to regain his raison d'etre, whereas Mima's dreams and desires has gotten at odds with her current life situation and she suffers, because she can't figure out, whether the way she lives is right.
So both Vincent and Mima experience some kind of ''personality clash'', but in EP Vincent is sure his past was an attempt to deceive himself and is moving forward to get rid of any bonds with his fake life, while Mima is trying to convince herself, that being an actress is the thing she has always wanted and that everything changes only for the better.

Also, these animes are rather dark, especially PB. But no wonder they're dark: one is a postapocalyptic series, the other is a horror (more likely a thriller) movie. Their darkness is expressed in the anguish vibes, pictures of rotten world in EP and hapless personality deadlock in PB.

Given PB is a movie, you won't see such a characters' evolution in it as in EP, a full season series. But i don't think it's a drawback of PB, because it's not so much a story of seeking for true self, it's a story of dreams, getting more real than their owner.
Although PB lacks characters' evolution that's not to say there's no character development in it. In EP we can see characters changing, we can see them interacting and the reflection of their actions and thoughts onto reality, but you won't see, what the world is like in their view. PB is shown with the eyes of the main character, so you can feel the emotions Mima feels and understand them easily, without excessive analysis as in EP. Character development in PB is one of its strengths.

To conclude, these two titles are very different, albeit they are both animes about soul-searching, uncertainty and loss of mental guideline. So if you like psychological anime, that's definetely the thing you need.

If you liked
Jigoku Shoujo
...then you might like
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

Both have the devil leitmotif & oppressive atmosphere. In both series seemingly happy life turns out to be full of sorrow, hatred & despair, and children are opposed to the wicked, cruel world. However, there are some differences: "Madoka" has a better storyline & its plot develops more dynamically; "Madoka" 's main trope is contrasting, whereas "Jigoku Shoujo" 's one is reiteration.
Also, i'd like to say, that when i was watching these two animes sometimes i had a strange feeling: i failed to define, whether they're masterpieces or just junk. I was uncertain about "Jigoku Shoujo" especially because of its repetitiveness, and about "Madoka" because of its not realistic representation of emotions. But, ultimately, i still like both of them and think, that if they-re not masterpieces, they're at least original and stylish.

If you liked
Azumanga Daioh
...then you might like
Tonari no Yamada-kun

Both animes are good if you're feeling blue. They both consist of lots of small funny srories and it would be difficult for me to say which one is more fun. These two animes are about ordinary lives of ordinary people, but "Tonari" deals more with the family life, whereas "Azumanga" describes (after)school life only. There're adorable characters in both of them.And although their animation is not that of a high quality, but... but what are you demanding from two brilliant animes that already have a soul and a full trunk of humour? To sum up, if you like comedy or slice-of-life you should definetely watch both of these.

If you liked
Haibane Renmei
...then you might like
Tokyo Godfathers

HR is a heartwarming, quiet and smooth anime. So TG is, but you get more humor, action (in the end of the film) en plus, but you won't get angel-girls, yeah i know that's a pity. In HR AND TG characters have to face their shortcomings and to overcome them. To tell the truth, these two animes are completely different in drawing, setting, plot, world and so on, but they are very close to each other in a spirit way (it may be a wrong word,so please, forgive me): you can feel love and creators' soul coming out from both of them. And, whem i whatched them both, i can say i have a similar impression of them. Also, it's as good a time as any to watch a Christmas movie, and TG is one. So go and watch Tokyo Godfathers, i know you'll like it.

If you liked
Fullmetal Alchemist
...then you might like
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Both animes are about a person doing his best to reach their life aim. But if in FMA you can see that all main hero's attempts to do the impossible are futile, in TTGL the main hero does make his dreams come true, whatever obstacles are hindering him from following the way he had chosen. Also, TTGL may become a real source of inspiration for some sensitive personalities. So to conclude, if you liked FMA with all its pathos and surmounting, you'll definetely like TTGL which in addition will place you in no less mesmerizing universe than the one of FMA.

If you liked
Byousoku 5 Centimeter
...then you might like
Clannad: After Story

Two lifelike series full of drama, watching them will make your eye on life more clear. The creators show us the ordeals anyone could have experienced or will experience: first love, disenchantment of one's life, death of one's dear people. I like these series for their kindness and warmth. If you happen to watch them, i suggest you start with "5cm" to enter "C:AS" in appropriate mood; after having a small depression ravine when you finish the first one you should feel clarification at the end of the second. Also, you'll have the possibility of enjoying two top notch drawing animes in a row.

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