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08-12-14, 2:17 PM
July 16, 1980
Vancouver, BC
June 13, 2008
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EarthStar | 08-28-10, 11:50 AM
Here's some new updates to the shojo beat! club.

(Delete this and ignore it if you wish to do so)

FlameKissedHeart | 08-06-10, 7:49 AM

~Sorry for spamming ><~

leveia | 05-07-10, 2:12 AM
because Manado is near Phillipines lol.

leveia | 04-26-10, 1:59 AM
that should be possible when we have enough money XD

anyway manado is near to Phillipines, (is this fate? from Phillipines to Canada XD)

leveia | 04-14-10, 12:41 AM
that's far, and a nice place to live! :D
wondering when can i move to Canada XD

leveia | 04-10-10, 7:21 PM
yeah, moving sucks.
i heard that the majority of manado people is christian, so it might be better >_<
since the majority here is moslem >_<
but i'm not, i'm chistian XD
free will rulezz!

leveia | 04-10-10, 6:46 PM
yeah i saw the gender-bender post XD
omg that's Nami and Luffy!?
they looks good like that, lol.
i can't comment because of the time rush, you know XD
but i'll comment soon >_<

leveia | 04-07-10, 11:09 PM
you know sad to say the Seiba was bootlegged but she's the only one who matches the easter theme... >_<

so you're planning to be active again on

leveia | 04-06-10, 5:43 AM
so,,,, now i see ...
there's a club for Kyonko on MAL here XD

sorry if i forgot the N... >_<

leveia | 04-05-10, 4:20 AM
i know it's too late, but happy easter!~
greeting pic soon XD

leveia | 04-05-10, 2:23 AM
i might sounds stupid to ask, but what's the meaning of gender-bender?

leveia | 04-04-10, 1:20 AM
lol yea xd
also reminds me of not to get every single thing lol

leveia | 04-01-10, 7:24 PM

ukh... figma BRS... DM....
when can i afford them!?
btw, when i visited the shop, i saw the ordered stuff back the cashier table, and i was like, "HONTOU!? FIGMA SEIBA CASUAL, SHIRO, EIN, AEGIS, HARUHI, AND HARUHI SUMMER, IS TAKEN ALREADY!? I SHOULD'VE VISIT THE SHOP EARLIER!!!"

Jeez i hated the person that keeps Seiba away from me XD

this is so unfair i could've ordered BRS long ago...

leveia | 04-01-10, 8:00 AM
the BRS figma is totally a get!!!
i can't miss it, they already open the pre-order on toy-card, but my money,.....

yesterday i went to the shop, and like, "WTF?! Seiba Lily d.a!?" but the price...:(
i really want BRS figma!!
curse you my financial problems!!

leveia | 03-29-10, 8:28 AM
lol actually it was when i wanted to change the pic into BRS' pic but my internet stopped XD so i'm misterious XD


it was for my flickr but i planned to put in on MAL

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