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05-21-15, 6:18 AM
August 9,
January 19, 2009
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last update: 1/16/2015

I ❤ yaoi, shoujo/shounen, manga, anime, music, games

( be continue/filled up...)

Canon OTP: Masamune Takano x Ritsu Onodera, Kou Yukina x Shouta Kisa
fan OTP: ZuTara, SeCiel, D18, ShiZaya, MidoTaka, KagaKuro, RinHaru, ReiNagi, KuroKen, EruRi, EreRi?, Ken Kaneki x Touka Kirishima or Shuu Tsukiyama or Koutarou Amon or Kishou Arima

Shounen Ai:

Shounen Ai:



I only log unto this account whenever I remember to log in/update something.

btw, you can pm me or add me as a friend. :3

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silversaint | 12-05-13, 11:23 AM
the anime is Lost Canvas Meiou Shinwa
the characters name is Albafica

Disapparate | 10-26-13, 4:44 PM
Chihaya x Arata FC

Hi! Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a new member card which you can request with your username here:

Have a great weekend XD

Konomi1017 | 07-19-13, 11:56 AM
Hihi Kyashi :3:

It's been awhile. And yes. I would always go here in this list to update animes whenever I watch. It's been a habit too.
And oh! You hav fb? If you don't mind, can I add you :3? What's your name? Or should I give you mine :3?

Konomi1017 | 05-25-12, 5:18 PM
Kyashi ;A;

Where did you go ;A;?

Why is your account closed .__________. ?

Wing_Goddess | 12-11-10, 2:43 PM
lol same here XD

Yay for TM addictions >>

Wing_Goddess | 12-06-10, 12:04 PM

Thanks for the FR ^^

ishitagupta | 07-25-10, 3:04 PM
Haha dont worry about it too much.
How have you been doing?

ishitagupta | 07-24-10, 6:12 PM
Well hello there little miss. I havent spoken to you in ages! But I can see you've put up a rather intimidating disclaimer on your about me section basically telling people to behave well or take a hike. Haha any particular reason?

7cupcake | 07-20-10, 4:38 PM
i dont play tinierme
is it fun?

im sorry i didnt :[

have you heard of any good anime i can watch?

7cupcake | 07-01-10, 9:20 PM
really busy too DX

good news i just got back from anime expo XD

7cupcake | 06-30-10, 4:03 PM
oh man sorry for not being on my life is totally crazy right now :S

how are you kya-chan?

did you see the latest chapter of skip beat? its so awsome XD

7cupcake | 12-30-09, 11:48 PM

7cupcake | 12-24-09, 1:45 AM

have you read the latest skip beat! chapter?

7cupcake | 09-24-09, 11:32 PM
hi :D

Kyo_Kagami | 04-08-09, 6:18 AM
Hey, wassup?

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