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Last Exile
Last Exile add
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex add
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood add
Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho
Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho add
Naruto: Shippuuden
Naruto: Shippuuden add

Favorite Manga
Bleach add
One Piece
One Piece add
Hellsing add

Favorite Characters
Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, Integra
Olivier Mira
Armstrong, Olivier Mira
Walker, Allen
Nakajima, Youko
Almonis, Alcheilla
Uzumaki, Naruto

Favorite People
Shinkai, Makoto
Shinkai, Makoto
Murata, Range
Murata, Range
Uematsu, Nobuo
Uematsu, Nobuo
Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Yoshiura, Yasuhiro
Yoshiura, Yasuhiro
Mitsuda, Yasunori
Mitsuda, Yasunori

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I draw, illustrate, build websites and currently write fanfics as well!
I like photography, especially capturing people and food!

Sports I like: Swimming, Running, capoeira and martial arts.

Love food, wine & dining.
Fav type of food: Asian (Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Thai), Italian and Mediterranean.
Fav type of alcohol: Soju/Sake/Red wine/White wine/Bourbon whisky/Vodka.

Books: Reading manga, computerART mags, ImagineFX mags,Japanese mags, Fashion mags, Interior mags, language, history, and good stories.

Fav music: Alternative, Slow Rock, Classical, Jazz/Blues/BossaNova, some Pop (includes different languages)

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amirhoss | Jan 13, 2011 2:42 AM
not nostalgic stuff. only the last added part to the fight scene had a nostalgic scene ( sephiroth stabbing cloud ) . rest added part are about danzel etc and completely new but not that important . btw the added parts are 26 minutes exactly xD

ty u 2 :D

amirhoss | Jan 11, 2011 9:28 PM
hey mate nice to chat with u again :D
FFVII Complete added about 40 minutes more to the first version if i remember correct and although they are not very important to the plot but they are not irrelevant either and can help u understand the story better( i prefer the complete version but as for the last fight i prefer the first version just because the music and battle were matched in it :D its becuz they extended the fight scene with a nostalgic scene and some extra scene and its epic )
tower of drauga has so many characters that can annoy you xD like the main char's brother or lover ! but i watched it cuz the first ep was rly funny ! but in total it is not bad compared to other animes based on games
black butler hmm.it is not bad but not that good either.( ofc it has better story than tower of drauga :P )
as for recommendation :D :
based on ur score in ur completed list:
Major and CrossGame.both about Baseball with good drama and plot B-)
Chobits.it has robot shit stuff plus some ecchi
FLCL and Eureka Seven
Wonderful Days ( haven't watched it yet myself) but its like FFVII ( so they say.mal say it as well ! also mal ppl recommends appleseed as well.haven't watch appleseed yet so no comment )
and if u want to watch new animes of this season i recommend these :D :
Kore wa Zombie Desu ka

AS_anime_watcher | Oct 9, 2010 10:52 AM
No, no bf. She was sick and they (except Azu-nayn) went over to visit her because they needed her to check over the yearbook photos. They ended up staying and doing little choirs for her (cooking, cleaning, etc.) since she was sick. They left after another group of students came to visit her. That was basically everything that happened.

AS_anime_watcher | Oct 6, 2010 10:57 PM
Yeah I finished watching Season 2

AS_anime_watcher | Aug 12, 2010 8:25 PM
Yeah I love that part too. :)

reem791 | Aug 12, 2010 10:16 AM
^_^ I'm a fan of Shizuko too!
She's really cool and loving to her friends, and the glasses are super kawaii on her <3

amirhoss | May 23, 2010 5:50 AM
i only read it in wiki xD cuz i don't like it that much :Dhmm a live-action...it seems there is a 2 part movie for it and will be released in 2011 in Japan according to imdb

amirhoss | May 20, 2010 8:10 AM
i don't care about his cryings since i think her voice actress is completely fit for this rule xD ( i actually cried in some of episodes :D )
Yuuko was the entire reason i watched xxx-holic xD hmm is it my imagination or u kicked poor Vicent Valentine out of ur favorite list? :D(I i think u had him in ur list :D) and here i thought i finally found someone around myself to have him in favorites too . poor Vincent :D

amirhoss | May 20, 2010 2:17 AM
i see u finished tegami bachi . ur scoring is scaring :D

amirhoss | May 20, 2010 2:07 AM
interesting ! cuz i don't like those parts as well :D the only part that i enjoyed in tv series are Alucard's first meetings with Integra and Policegirl! i think u should watch trinity blood and Devil may Cry cuz they are like hellsing (if u haven't played Devil May Cry Games then don't watch devil may cry cuz the anime is just about main character showing off his power :D)

amirhoss | May 20, 2010 1:49 AM
yea i like AlucardxInterga xD so why did u scored the TV series 6/10? :D u started with OVA's i guess . ( well u dont have them on ur list but i assumed u watched it since it is in ur favorite list :D )

amirhoss | May 19, 2010 11:19 PM
i see u like hellsing a lot xD

amirhoss | Apr 28, 2010 9:36 PM
sorry to bother u then :D but feel free to join cuz we chat english most of the time

amirhoss | Apr 18, 2010 1:25 AM
hi.i guess u are a Persian (Bcuz of your name!).if u like u can join our Persian club.i already sent the invitation.

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