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11-09-08, 4:33 PM
June 6, 1994
fulton ky
I hate you
whats up
February 27, 2008
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About kool
im the koolest person yull ever see i'm a real ninja. havent killed any one yet but will one day.Always chillin the way i do.No man alive can get me beat me it comes to lovin anime.Iv seen all the hit shows.But dont think you cant touch me though.
I'm also looking for other ninja out there so if you know or are one inform me!!!!?

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07-23-08, 10:36 PM
kool as heck yo
03-10-08, 6:58 AM Edited 06-13-08, 4:43 PM

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cidibee | 01-21-10, 6:28 AM
hello *
thanks for adding me :)

KyomiSama | 12-23-09, 3:01 PM

yaoiisgood | 04-12-09, 12:44 PM

inn0centdem0n | 01-01-09, 10:55 AM

Yuacchi | 12-29-08, 5:58 PM

id | 12-24-08, 1:10 AM

SerenityAmythist | 11-10-08, 8:31 PM

SerenityAmythist | 08-26-08, 3:06 PM
1.i can't really make a video because my father doesn't allow it picture is my default picture.but she is my twin..i'm a redhead..who looks exactly like that but with red hair and amethyst eyes..
3.we don't really live on a state,country or island....we travel...
4.we don't have a number,because we travel alot.

SerenityAmythist | 08-25-08, 11:50 AM
whoah!!! i'm totally interested!!! hahahah!!!!! wat is the name of the organization??!!! i want to join!

SerenityAmythist | 08-18-08, 1:37 AM
hahahaha!!!! yeah....i'm a red head....i just came up with my look on here for the fun of it...

SerenityAmythist | 08-04-08, 3:31 PM
hahahahaha!! yeah..well at least u do think of bf never thinks of me but the way i screw him and all the otherr guys like him

HILU | 07-31-08, 2:26 AM
Didn't hear from you for a while... what's up?

SerenityAmythist | 07-30-08, 8:47 PM
oh really? she doesn't like u being a ninja or something??

SerenityAmythist | 07-28-08, 9:53 PM
haha! excellent!! good luck my friend on ur journey...hehehe...i wish i could concentrate more on ninja class and stuff..but i gota prepare myself for this university college i'm going to...such a drag....

SerenityAmythist | 07-27-08, 6:08 PM
wow!! 1 year....must've been tough...but fun!! hahahaha!! that's awesome! to me, u r master!!!

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