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05-01-11, 6:47 AM
May 26, 1993
Jakarta, Indonesia
September 30, 2007
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My Blog! >w<
07-31-08, 7:25 AM
How to make a Nico Nico Douga account...
05-09-08, 12:50 AM Edited 05-09-08, 6:04 AM

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DNF | 05-26-10, 8:22 AM
Happy Birthday! :D

Gengar | 01-15-10, 7:09 PM
Lol, I wish high school would just end D:
All my friends are graduating this year, so next year I'm not gonna have any friends XD
o rly? I don't have the time to watch that much animu :\

dtshyk | 01-08-10, 4:58 AM
watched Hidamari 3. The incomplete OP implies Shaft's overwork this season.

Gengar | 01-07-10, 3:15 PM
You're a senior? When did this happen? .______.
lol, I hardly watch any anime ever anymore XD I only watch the new eps of Hetalia every week or two :P

dtshyk | 01-06-10, 7:04 AM
hi, I'm doing good.
I think soranowoto made a favorable start. the character design made people correlate it with K-ON but I think it belongs to totally different genus. if they successfully conclude all the foreshadowings, i'll give it a good score,

Gengar | 01-05-10, 10:12 PM
How have you been? :3

nMoura | 01-01-10, 9:11 AM

_eternal | 11-09-09, 1:23 PM
I'm suddenly curious about the source of your profile pic :P

ooRin | 10-18-09, 1:27 PM
/toel :P


Xyria | 09-11-09, 4:42 PM
Same. ;___;

Aww me too. D: I miss our yutaka talk ;W;
Oh I've been doing good. How about you?~

Xyria | 09-07-09, 3:33 PM


I hope you remember me T_T Its me, that person who talked to you like a LONGG time, and we were talking with Yutaka (Err for example: Yutaka: Hi ^^) And I switched my claim and you took Yutaka xD If you don't remember then its okay ;_;

mistrix | 07-11-09, 6:31 AM
I just wanted to say thanks for the Nico Nico reg. tutorial you made. Thanks lots~

And, nice birthday, btw. :D

nMoura | 06-04-09, 3:04 AM
hey there
how are you?

nMoura | 06-04-09, 3:02 AM
how are you :D??

Gengar | 04-13-09, 4:35 PM

How ya doin? lol

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