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01-14-15, 5:40 PM
November 30, 1990
portersville, Pennsylvania
March 7, 2009
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Himelily8 | 11-30-14, 8:16 PM

ja14 | 11-29-14, 4:56 PM
Happy birthday!!!!!!! (a day early) Hope you have a great one! ^.^

Himelily8 | 07-25-14, 7:57 PM
It's probably different depending on each person, but yeah it does give us the ability to learn how to cope + provides us with insight. It's so easy to "like" or be attracted to a person but it's so hard to want to commit to only one individual. Yeah! Most of the time it does fade quickly. I guess, maybe. I don't know but there has been to a known feeling that is unlike any other that never ceases. True. Some people are meant to kind of roam the world - travel solo - wander by themselves and I think I fit that lifestyle best. :D Gooood! I'm sure you'll be happier~

Ummm no way! XD ahahahaha. Yup, I bet we'll still be buddies even in our elderly age! I wonder how much we'd change, the stories, and the future would be what we dream of it being. :) :) :)

I know!!! LOL yeah, I couldn't stay up. I think a bit after 12:00 I drifted off. I'm getting too old to make it past midnight anymore, gets harder and harder every day! :P

Himelily8 | 07-24-14, 8:45 PM
Okaaaaayy haha Go on ahead and do that. :D Uh huh, keep your head held high and she'll get what comes around. Time heals all wounds, not at first but in the long run it does. Hmmmm. I'm not really sure. I don't really know. I get infatuated and attached easily, but it's always temporarily with people but never to the point of seriously liking them, so I just haven't felt anyone worth being with. Plus, no one can match up to my personality lol. In person I'm sarcastic and bitchy (and it's always taken the wrong way) XD Yeah, you need a little break right now to recoup/recover from the heartache. :)

Ohhh. No you don't haha. :) YES! Cheers! To another four years and even more!


Himelily8 | 07-23-14, 6:17 PM
Okay hahaha I will tell you some of them sometime. :P Hopefully it will be everything you imagined it to be and more. :) Hmm. Well, never dwell in the mystery; it was her failure/mistake and she'll have to reap the lovely ways of karma haha. HAHAH!! Not exactly. I had a couple "chances" or "test trials" last year but I feel like there are so many things inhibiting me from finding "love" or completely giving myself to someone. IDK. You're young! Prolong your patience haha, you'll be able to meet that person wherever she may be. Some people have to go through 99 frogs to find that incredibly special 1 that was hiding in the midst of all of them. It's a quest! An adventure! lol. XD When it comes down to it, you'll probably know whether to take the risk or not~

Oh, yeah that's not too bad at all~ Was she there with you? Your cousin too when that happened? I still can't even grasp how that must have impacted your family. Pshhh. Noooo. No need to thank me cause I'd then have to thank you as well haha. We have been there for each other over these past (how many years? 4? WOAH!) haha but it does feel so awesome that we can always pick up where we left off regardless of how much time has gone by :D

WHHHHAAAAT? Why isn't it working? -____- Grrr. (646) 694-0401 text it to see if maybe I receive any of your texts.

Himelily8 | 07-21-14, 8:35 PM
Yes totally! It will prove to be a major boost!

Hahahaha. Well most of em are the usually crazy-ass college adventures. Yeah that's true I guess, it's very interesting; once you have a taste of pure freedom, it becomes addicting and you push your limits each time. You're right though, sour adventures or none; most would probably go for the sour ones huh. How can that be? I'm so confused!! lol. You guys were together for a pretty decent amount of time! How could she act so cold and as if it was nothing?! 0~o Yeah, I know how you long to find your other half / soul mate / the one. I wonder about that too, if it will ever happen... It seems like so many people find theirs so soon, how come it's taking us so long to stumble upon ours? XD Patience is key!

Hopefully she will! It's not like you guys are in walking distance of each other is it? That sucks! I bet it was, ah! I'm getting the chills thinking about how you had to go through that. And to even possibly imagine what you guys had to go through! Oh you don't have to thank me :) You already are doing awesome! I know you'll accomplish all of your goals!

Did you get the second one? I'm not sure why it's not working? I'll keep trying though. :)

Himelily8 | 07-21-14, 2:38 PM
What a super great program! Like getting your foot in the door and testing it out so you get loads of skills and experience. Cool!

Haha why thank you. XD Wellll. I've had many way too many, especially from last year. My friend group broke up, basically split in half; the half that sided with me and my roommate introduced us to other people (juniors and seniors) who brought us into so many new things. Every adventure they took us on was exhilarating and exciting but in the long run I realized the new found daily adventures brought consequences that could be post-poned but not avoided. So yuuup! I have endless sour adventure tales hahahaha. Ummm seriously? No *sobbing* "I'm sooooo sorry" blah blah blah type of thing? Woah. Were you guys together for long? Maybe her nonchalant attitude was because the relationship was new? or is she just a beep? hahaha. Sounds like she's a bleeeeeeeep. Now she's with the guy wow man, must of been some cray cray drama goin on when that went down. Well good for you, for being able to get over her and moving on! :D Even though it's scarred you. :( Sometimes I wonder if certain people are just meant to be alone, or if they are meant to be alone until they find that "special" someone. Who knows. As long as we're content and happy~

Oh that's good then. I'm sure it is a difficult adjustment, especially since you were close to them. And enjoyed their company. Holy smokes, so while you were all there that night he passed away. That is just unimaginable to have even witnessed that sort of thing. omg. :( :( :( I'm glad that it's helping. :) Whooh! Yes, keep striving and pushing forward!

Kaaaay. I'll text ya in a minute then delete your comment so no psychos or crazies get any strange ideas hahahahaha. :D

Himelily8 | 07-21-14, 8:59 AM
hmmhm. It does. Well most people start off with the crappy jobs then leave and use it as experience for one that is much much better. Yup, as long as your determined and motivated you'll reach your destination. You just never know exactly when haha.

Naww, not really haha. I feel like I'm an old soul LIKE TAYLOR SWIFT! LOL. I'm glad! Everyone needs someone there to give em support and strength! :D Don't worry, you'll get your adventures and believe me once you do; you might even start to wish you never were thrown into them to begin with! haha. At least that's how I felt once new adventures became unpredictable and sour. XD So this girl you were dating awhile ago cheated on you? Tisk Tisk. -____- That wasn't too smart or considerate on her part. Did she at least explain her "reasons" and was genuinely apologetic about her actions? That is so painful though. :( Especially when you really trust and like someone.

Ah, so it's been extra quiet and empty since they all left? And kids are so energetic and noisy! So it must be a bit strange not having them there. Did she move far away? Whaaat.. That is unbelievably traumatic. You were there to witness it? Oh my goodness. :( :( Sounds like many not so great events have happened to ya right after the other, but there's always a reason why we go through the things we do. Each horrible thing might actually bring significant meaning and benefit us in the long run. That's at least what I tell myself after something bad happened. After you find the hidden "message/s" that was tucked away in the experience, it serves a greater purpose. You can triumph from it or let despair become a common fall back, while ignoring that there is a possibility of you learning so much about yourself/others from that single experience. Idk. That's what I've come to learn from last year lol. :D I'm not very active on facebook anymore but I use meh phone a lot so texting could work?

Himelily8 | 07-20-14, 2:38 PM
Yeah, MAL sure has changed over the years or least it feels that way haha. I work at Giant in the Bakery and Coffee Shop but mainly the Bakery. :D Doing horrible grunt work hahaha. Sometimes ya gotta try the worst ones first and work your way up. I know just for my first job experience I worked at Burger King for less than three months and oddly enough the reason why Giant hired me was cause I worked there. o___O So maybe think of possibly taking an approach similar to that? Oh, so you're getting all ready to start soon? Exciting! Ohhhh professional lessons how fun! Hopefully you don't, but don't get down if ya do. Slow and steady wins the race~ Except in NASCAR. LOL! Nuh uh!!! It's not pathetic! It's not like you'll never get a job, and at least your looking; eventually you'll get one. Build up and store your confidence and motivations because it'll set you apart and let people hiring notice you more. :D It's a cut throat hiring process in some establishments :( :(

Utilize all of it now and progress forward, you're already overcoming them right? You got dis :D I wish we could blink or instantly wake up with all our issues fixed but it takes forever! And to think sometimes we leap ahead and then fall UGH! But conquer, my friend, LETS FIGHT!!!! hahahaha. So basically it's exiting the old stage and entering a new phase in your life huh. Freedom and adventures, the best things life can offer haha. I think it will! Yes, they are usually paragraphs long. XD Okaaaay! What?! Oh my goodness. :( That's horrible. :( :( :( And for multiple reasons? How tough! Yeah so much has, hasn't it haha. Sam here! Hmm I don't know do you? :)

Senbonzakura23 | 07-20-14, 2:14 PM


They're all good so far^^

Senbonzakura23 | 07-19-14, 8:38 PM
just one day a week on Saturdays ^^

Hakuoki: stories of the shinsengumi, Castlevania 2: Lords of Shadows, Drakengard 3, & last but not least, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd [japan version]

Himelily8 | 07-19-14, 7:23 PM
Yeah lol coming on here usually random for the both of us huh. Yup, hopefully it will be achieved! I'm actually not working too much mainly 30 hours a week but the job is physically exhausting so that's why I want off. Plus they ALWAYS make me cover shifts when they want to take off so now I'm opening at 6:45AM tomorrow. ;( Really? That sucks. What types of jobs were they? That's so discouraging though but you'll find one! SERIOUSLY?! AWESOME!! So you are on the road driving? Way to go! Pshh, don't feel lame there are tons of people who don't drive for various reasons. I think driving is lame. I rather be the passenger than the one driving. Haha! XD They can be boring after a while but they are the BEST THINGS EVER! But I get ya, after it becomes repetitive life becomes kind of dull. What new types of things do ya want to do?!?! :D Any spontaneous ideas? Hm. School. 2013 School was hell to be honest but I go back on August 25th. Sadly. haha. But I'm ready! Oh noooos! Was it horrible? Why? Dude, I'm with ya though... 2013 was the worst LIKE so fricken BAD. lol. You'll have to fill me in!! When hasn't our conversations taken forever hahahahaha. They are 96.5% of the time long with loads of content! :D But it's a great thing! Yesss! We do need to figure something out! Cannot lose touch since we've been buddies for like years and years now!

Himelily8 | 07-19-14, 9:00 AM
I know! Oh really? Yeah somehow we just were unable to catch each other at the right time and lost touch. Uh huh, I'm trying super hard to make 2014 a good year hahaha. All i've been doing this summer is working, working, and working. -____- But starting tomorrow I get five days off so I can finally get time to catch up on tv and sleep! XD Aww no! :( Things haven't been good for you lately? At least you're alright but still! This is when the motivational music starts playing (in my head) lol "what doesn't kill you makes you stroooooonger!" YES!! It is! We definitely need to stay in contact mister! Over a year without chit chatting is way toooo long! :P

Senbonzakura23 | 07-19-14, 8:51 AM
pretty good as always, still working and all.

Himelily8 | 07-18-14, 11:08 AM
Woah!! Hey! I know right, haha I think it's been over a year or something like that! I've been okay. :) Enjoying the summer and also kind of sad that it's going by all too fast. How about you? How have you been? :D

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