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Persona 4 The Animation
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Rental Magica
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Persona 3 the Movie 1: Spring of Birth
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Coppelion add
Hakuouki add

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Persona 3
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Kagerou Days
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Kuroko no Basket
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Kimi no Kaeru Basho
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Himawari-san add

Favorite Characters
Hanamura, Yosuke
Josei Shujinkou
Josei Shujinkou
Satonaka, Chie
Yuuki, Makoto
Takase Ambler, Honami
Sanada, Akihiko
Ackerman, Mikasa
Naruse, Ibara
Kuze, Hibiki
Kano, Shuuya

Favorite People
Ishida, Akira
Ishida, Akira
Morikubo, Showtaro
Morikubo, Showtaro
Satou, Satomi
Satou, Satomi
Inoue, Marina
Inoue, Marina
Kugimiya, Rie
Kugimiya, Rie
Horie, Yui
Horie, Yui
Midorikawa, Hikaru
Midorikawa, Hikaru

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1. Proud supporter of straight couples.
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babyblue999 | 4 hours ago
ohhh...bleach is gonna be airing again soon?i thought it was over like since a long time ago...?haha well i would have liked naruto shippuuden more if it weren't for the repetitive flashbacks and those unnecessary fillers...but yes i did enjoy watching naruto as well!but i felt the battle scenes in naruto shippuuden were more worth to watch! :D

haha its ok!as long as you're developing slowly by slowly then no reason to complain!take your time! XD

ahh i see!i saw that you're watching the mekakucity actors!how do you think of it so far?its alright for me but we'll see how it goes!and hamatora is actually a winter anime that ended couple several weeks ago but if you're watching it now then thats cool!i also watched it and it was alright for me...theres a second season actually coming out soon so if you're liking it then ttheres more waiting for you! >_<

btw...did you hear about the news in south korea right now?its sooo sad.... :(

^ this shows the sum of the whole happening

kawaii36 | Today, 5:22 AM
we need to talk

korimarie | Yesterday, 12:46 AM
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babyblue999 | 04-16-14, 8:36 PM
haha definitely!other than the filler arcs, bleach has one of the best action scenes out of the shounen animes!bleach has probably the most intense action scenes out of all the shounen animes i've watched...theres still a debate between bleach and with naruto/naruto shippuuden but i think bleach might be tad bit better in the intensity! :D

awesome!tell me whenever you feel like learning a few words or phrases~ XD

ahh i see!i heard about that korean drama but never had the chance to watch it...can't really find a lot of sites where it has the old korean dramas with good quality or so...but i would like to watch it someday if i ever find a good site for them!did you watch the other three season korean dramas?i think its was like autumn sweetheart and theres one with spring and summer! :)

btw...are you starting any spring animes?if theres any we're watching in common with...i would love to talk out with some of them with you...if not if theres a specific genre you're in the mood in watching...i can recommend you some! >_<

Yuki_91 | 04-16-14, 9:11 AM

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kawaii36 | 04-16-14, 12:46 AM
what XD drive car?

babyblue999 | 04-15-14, 8:11 PM
i skim watched...a not really skip any literally but basically did skim quite a bit!if you watch naruto/naruto shippuuden...the fillers in one piece are nothing compared to it so i can handle the amount in one piece!also in bleach...i literally skim watched more than half of the episodes due to all the fillers...but the main story arcs are really good and one of the best battles scenes to watch here! XD

thats cool!english is starting to become a primary language all over the world now!i heard they're making chinese a requirement to learn as well due to the huge amount of population...but so far i think your english is good!some mistakes here and there but majority its really good!same here due to watching a lot of animes teehee!even though i can't read or least i can speak and understand them!ohh korean dramas will help you a lot with korean as well!if not...i can help you with a couple words of korean at times if you're interested! >_<

ohhh yay thats amazing!running man is one of my favorite korean variety shows!i also have been watching we got married these days but starting to move on from it since theres not a lot of good couples these days...have you ever watched the old ones like loveletter and xman?those were the best ones out of all the ones i've watched! CX

viibritannia | 04-15-14, 5:39 PM

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Any problems please tell me. I am sorry for the late, I got assigned to it recently~

babyblue999 | 04-15-14, 2:24 PM
that would be awesome!theres not a lot of people i know who are caught up to where one piece is currently airing right now so don't have a lot of people to talk about it with...when the time comes...hopefully we'll be able to talk about it lots!but of course...if you have the time but i ended up skim watching most parts and was able to catch up to episode 609 within a month and a half teehee!its either i skim watched a lot or i took a lot of dedication to putting one piece in my have to do list over the weekends and everything teehee! XD

thats something we have in common then!pretty cool to be asian!ahh ok i can see that!malay actually sounds better!ohh nice you have a sister!i have a younger brother whose 14 and will be 15 soon!hehe of course!never heard how malay sounds like but i have a feeling it's a cool language to learn!and i doubt that at least you know the basics!i know korean myself but i only know the basics and not a fluent speaker...what other languages can you speak?im not fluent in all but english but i can at least speak and understand these languages:korean, spanish, and japanese. :D you watch any asian dramas or shows?more in specific...any korean dramas or korean variety shows? :)

babyblue999 | 04-13-14, 5:59 PM
haha yay same here!kaichou wa maid sama is definitely one of the top rated comedy romance animes ever!kimi ni todoke has really dense couples in there but the kawai scenes in there make up for everything so it's all worth it at the end!as for clannad/clannad after'll be experiencing lots of happiness and sadness all over the place since it starts out comedy then it gets emotional and romantic like back and forth as it progresses!anyways...whenever you get to it hope you enjoy it! :D

awesome!well its obvious you're not gonna get through all of them within days but someday hopefully you'll be able to watch through all the episodes and have a great time!i went through lots of emotional and inspirational times watching these two shounen animes especially so you'll probably experience the same things once you get to them! :)

ohhh farzana~thats a really pretty name!this is probably the first i've heard such a unique name!and nice from malaysia!so you're asian?im also asian as well!i was born in california in the US and now live in georgia now but my parents were born in south korea so im korean-american you can say in other words abc(american born child/children)!im 16 and will be 17 in less than two weeks so we're not that far apart teehee but you're still considered like my senpai!is malaysian the language there per chance?if so,is that you're fluent language you can speak? XD

Intertnets | 04-13-14, 4:00 PM

kawaii36 | 04-13-14, 3:23 AM
oooooooooooooooh XD

kawaii36 | 04-12-14, 4:34 PM
noooooo, it should be around 20+ .. XDD

CheerUup | 04-12-14, 10:22 AM
Thany you!! XD

Maru-san | 04-12-14, 12:12 AM
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