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Rowland Heights, California
October 25, 2012
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Fleure | Aug 20, 5:00 PM
Hello my pan-musical friend.

7starkiller99 | Aug 14, 5:00 PM

Enjoy the continuation of life!

Forgetfulness | Aug 13, 7:57 PM
Just curious, what's the image in your About Me from?

Like I'm guessing it's the results of a personality test or something like that, but what test and where did you take it?

ZA_WAYD | Aug 1, 3:57 PM
well thats true enough i guess.
also you start college next year ??
what are u majoring, im kind of curios ...

ZA_WAYD | Aug 1, 1:04 PM
what are your doing ?!?!
are u looking to get banned or something ??
also seriously , are u really 29 ?? ._.

SuperHands | Jul 27, 1:22 PM
Thanks, bruh, I appreciate that.

SuperHands | Jul 27, 12:57 PM
Perhaps <5% jealous, but only because you managed to get a MAL gril. I'm not into Asian chicks, at least, not Asian-Americans, I prefer the ones that have grown up in their natural habitat. I certainly wouldn't mind me a fine female Hong Konger or little Japanese broad. : 3

ALso what kind of asian are you?

SuperHands | Jul 26, 5:00 PM
'twas pussy that killed the Kat.

SuperHands | Jul 26, 8:16 AM

aikaflip | Jul 21, 10:21 PM
I see what you're saying now. My reply was mainly referring to the bastardized summaries of The Bell Curve (the book) that downplay or completely omit the exceptions, and tout the idea that everyone within one race is smarter than everyone within another race.

aikaflip | Jul 21, 10:01 PM
What's your point in that dating race thread? I'm kind of half-assed into that conversation right now because, honestly, I'd rather get back to watching anime than continue discussing this shit.

SuperHands | Jul 17, 7:25 PM
Terrible investigative ability, katsucats.

7starkiller99 | Jul 15, 12:02 PM
San Jose-ish Area

Jessica | Jul 13, 11:27 PM
High five for Chihayafuru ^^

MCsq2 | Jul 13, 12:07 PM
I did B.S.

Well, the weather's very nice, and there's a beach nearby so there's that. I also went to San Diego's Comic Con this year which was a blast. But other than gaming and anime there isn't really too much we did, my friends and I aren't really the outgoing partying type lol.

I mean, we did drink once or twice even though it's technically not allowed (lol American drinking laws), but that's it really.

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