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Today, 1:00 AM
Los Angeles, California
October 25, 2012
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Well, there's nothing more annoying than huge blank spaces where ads are supposed to be all over the forums. I guess that was the nail in the coffin. Surely, they can find web developers who aren't holdovers from the era of black hat porn/warez sites that plaster ads all over the fucking screen. I guess not. I guess that's why I'm studying to be a computer scientist/engineer. Easy fucking money. You could be incompetent and still make bank.

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NicoIsPathetic | 05-03-15, 6:26 PM
the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist.

your victim is above :^)

Kenjataimu | 05-02-15, 6:00 PM
Autocrat said:
Watch out with the guy below me. He's a bit off a tsundere and he's taking a liking to you
I cannot say his advice is without merit. Due to his infatuation with you, it is safe to assume that he is qualified at recognizing this in others.

Now lets have a 3 way

ImperialX | 05-01-15, 12:47 AM
Why do you care so much about the that tier list? xEmptiness clearly made it with no purpose other than to troll. It's more prudent to just ignore it. You're taking the bait when you talk about it.

Autocrat | 04-29-15, 3:03 PM
Watch out with the guy below me. He's a bit off a tsundere and he's taking a liking to you. I get his tsun-tsun side on the forums...

But anyway, did you really get deeply involved with Claire before? She gave the people in dane or chatting corner (can't mind which one) your okupid, by the way. Just felt like informing you about that. But aye, she stalked me for years using different accounts. Yandere, IMO.

Kenjataimu | 04-25-15, 11:13 PM
So, why do you take the time and effort to make such thought out and educated, logical replies on here?

I've these theories:

1. You're a patient soul who is generous with his knowledge/perspective and you are trying your best to improve people's thought processes and knowledge pools.

2. You visit this website to engage people in order to get a rush of dopamine when you win an argument/debate.

3. You come here to hear crazy ideas that you might not have thought of yourself and apply your logic/knowledge/experiences to them to see if they stand up to your scrutiny, if they do then it improves you by broadening your thinking.

4. You're in a debate team/club and you come on here for some easy practice.

5. You're a masochist who enjoys losing a few braincells every time someone refuses to give up the (now pointless) argument that has for all intents and purposes been settled with you as the victor, but they're stubborn and resort to semantics of definitions (or something equally as tedious for all parties involved to read and reply to) as their crutch.

6. You're bored as fuck

So... None of the above? All of the above? I'm mildly curious.

Olwen | 04-15-15, 6:30 PM
Are you a couple with Claire?

7starkiller99 | 04-10-15, 7:17 PM
Katsu, you're such a character!

Keep up the good work!

MellowJello | 04-06-15, 10:47 PM
Credit to a funny beat.

MellowJello | 04-06-15, 8:42 PM

But taking it up a level.

Also fuck you fedora.

MellowJello | 04-06-15, 7:59 PM
I sell and refinish shoes I find at thrift stores or from people who don't know how to sell their crap on ebay/craigslist/etsy/yo momma.

MellowJello | 04-06-15, 7:51 PM
Fuck you.

Also no I'm not in college anymore I'm working + running a scam resale business.

But yeah it's been gaying it up with life and being busy to do much.

PoeticJustice | 03-11-15, 12:26 AM
Wow dude, you're amazing.

MiniSiets | 01-07-15, 4:18 PM
Do you cringe as much as I do every time someone makes a remark like, "I rate 60% based on quality and 40% based on enjoyment."

SuperHands | 12-24-14, 5:10 PM
Happy Christmas my intellectual G, Katsucats.

Cream | 12-06-14, 8:52 PM
Rape is bad. Be ashamed.

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