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Rowland Heights, California
October 25, 2012
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About katsucats
I sat by the Gates of Purgatory. Its steely mechanisms turned to let a sliver of warm light into the darker room, beyond of which must lie something I desire that I can only imagine. And as its intensity grew, its radiance pierced my soul to separate a piece of what I am--my shadow. It is my shape, but it will reach further than I will ever reach. An Adjudicator steps out of the rising gate, off in a distance, but as it approaches, the fine definition of the shadow drawn out by just the brief, peaceful, reprieve begins to waver. I reach out in an effort to grab it, as if I could hold onto such an ephemeral being, my fingertips brush by it; but in my palms, there is nothing. Why are you leaving?, I cry out in a whisper. It is the loudest sound I could make without being overheard, and judged. Is it just because you're tired? Are you joining the other shadows in festivity, mingling by the parade in places where there can be no light? Have you found a more interesting, stronger me, a me who talks to you more and pays more attention to you? Are you in a better place? There is no response. Like a flicker of a candle, the Gate of Purgatory has closed, and so for a moment I huddle by its steps, in silent, forlorn, emptiness, uncertain of where I stand. For a while I will sit by this gate and wait for it to open again.

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PoeticJustice | May 28, 9:01 PM
The legend of the Casual Discussion.

damastah | May 28, 8:00 AM
katsucats said:
Retiring from CD. Let's see how long this lasts...
Sunday, May 24 4:30 PM

I wonder which section you've migrated to if you still frequent MAL.

Nohbuddy | May 26, 11:23 PM
A f-friend request?! Senpai has noticed me!

M_F_M | May 26, 2:46 AM
You will be missed.

MellowJello | May 25, 3:59 PM
Yes. Now you know.

MellowJello | May 25, 2:58 PM
Me from your friends list

MellowJello | May 25, 2:01 PM
why'd you remove me in the first place

Cigarette | May 24, 11:44 PM
Well if you ever feel like you need a reference about narcotics, you know who to ask. Haha.

Jokes aside, the pleasure is mine. I value interpersonal communications.

Cigarette | May 24, 11:36 PM
I'm honored. Should your retirement be fruitful or not.

Cigarette | May 24, 11:18 PM
Is this request due to you retiring?

Immahnoob | May 24, 7:08 PM
Are you trying to flood my friend list, katsucats?

BlueKojiro | May 9, 7:35 PM
Yeah, I looked up your recent activity to see that you completely left lol. I was slightly disappointed, but it turns out a quick google search listed your entry as a celebrity in the MAL wiki, so who knew. Anyways, just wanted to make sure I was able to reach you somehow, cuz my god were your arguments a breath of fresh air amidst the sea of narratively blind fanboys/girls that I've had to put up with every day.

BlueKojiro | May 9, 6:45 PM
Hey, I don't know if you'll ever see this, but I just wanted to say, I read your entire 6-page debate on Fate/Zero on Hummingbird and I found myself completely agreeing with you on every point. I have a group of friends who are nuts about the show and I've spent hours trying to describe the glaring holes in this show and they have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. Thank you so much for having the opinions that you have.

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