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10 hours ago
June 16, 1999
Yorkshire, England
April 8, 2013
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KaoriMiyazono | 02-01-15, 8:05 AM
much luv xxx

KaoriMiyazono | 01-26-15, 11:59 AM
ur mum n u xxxx

Ichigo321 | 12-27-14, 1:46 AM
Merry Christmas!

jasdfhg | 10-09-14, 2:32 PM
Sup cunt how are ya IT'S BEEN A WHILE

Ichigo321 | 09-05-14, 12:45 AM
Fine :3

Ichigo321 | 08-25-14, 11:37 PM
Hmm hi how are you?:)

Ichigo321 | 07-25-14, 3:01 PM
Hahaha I always remember too late xD I had to greet earlier :X you're welcome :D
15 *_* I remember when I was 14 in March I said I'm 15 already evne though I was still 14 and like 4 months left XD now I couldn't change to 16 until the day of my birthday ^^;
I'm fine thanks, I just play now all day not doing much, enjoy from vacation, can be lazy and sleep all day and play games and watch few eps at night :D though I a bit miss to school even though it's so stressful at least I don't feel like the days pas sso fast XD sorry for my super late reply btw :X

I made pic of Clannad After Story 2 days ago, it was actually a birthday card that I planned to make but after add the "Happy Birthday" I thought it look really good and saved version without it too *_* at first it was without flowers, but then I thought it will make it more beautiful and colorful and well now I like it even more so I added it to the bithday card after that :D at the end I saved like 4 versiones of it XD

Here the pic that I made to my friend without all the flowers, I just know some people prefer the pics clear without too much textura so I saved the both versiones :)

Here the pics after the little changes of flowers in side :D I think it looks better ^^

Since I liked this pic so much I decided to save it without the Happy Birthday in it too, so I made a version of it without text :D I have it in dasktop and I can look at it all the time XD if you put it in full screen you can see it's HD quality since I made it on photoshop *_*

Tell me what you think about the pic ^_^ hope you will like it :)

Ichigo321 | 07-05-14, 3:08 AM
Hello there :D
Thank you very much ^_^ I noticed your birthday was last month and I didn't even notice I'm sorry >_< I will say it now even if late ^^ Happy birthday :D wish you the best luck and hope you had a good birthday :D sorry for being late I really didn't check and thought it was long time ago .-. oh well a month late only ^^; happy late birthday then :D now you're 15 right?:) me 16 today *_*

How are you? ^.^

jasdfhg | 04-25-14, 4:25 PM
Japan dude. Japan. And sorry about being a dick but sometimes i just want to kill you

jasdfhg | 04-25-14, 2:44 AM
I'm kinda returning to Germany tomorrow... Do you know any good Mangas i could get?

jasdfhg | 04-21-14, 7:49 AM
jfc trying to start watching anime again but NGE might have been a bad choice

jasdfhg | 04-21-14, 7:47 AM

Ichigo321 | 04-08-14, 5:36 AM
So it's not because you don't like it, you saw some good animes right? I think you just didn't choose right what to waych if you got bored, did you try Death Note or Code Geass already? Clannad or Kaleido Star? Anohana or Kimi ni Todoke? there tons of good aniems that I'm sure you will like, don't give up on anime so fast D:
What about look at the top animes and choose from there some animes that you think you will like? :)
I almost never get bored from animes since most of them are recs that my friends gave me or in top animes xD if I really get bored in first ep then I will just drop it and try different anime.

I playing Dragon Nest a lot too now, there is some event that every 2 lvls that you gain during the event period you will gain 1 after that so I lvl up a lot now with all my chars ^^ though I still watch at least 1-3 eps everyday since I have vacation now and have a lot of free time and I feel like I'm in mood for anime :)

Hahaha I wonder how he will do that after he learned to type so long comments xD only in skype he still type slow and doesn't know what to say ^^; oh well I'm kinda in fault here for tought him how to type long comments and love it :P

iridium137 | 04-03-14, 5:13 PM
Whaaaaat :o
How dare you "abandon" me. >.<
So cruel. ;(

It's good that you let me know rather than making me feel like you're ignoring me. :3 So if I write shorter comments, you'll still reply? :P

Ichigo321 | 04-03-14, 9:18 AM
Hahaha yeah sometimes it get really long, you just need to tell me and I will make it shorter for you or start a new conversation :) I try not talk a lot now too since I realized that just makes me tired to type so much and waste a lot of time and even tiring to read it so better to make my conversations shorter when I'm busy now with school and talk to many people, I guess the only person who complain here is iri that left cry for left him and don't want long comments and he can't talk with you about math now(?) xDD I think he can talk with you about math even with short replies :D
It's funny the guy who was used to type only few lines and hates "waste words" became a talkative person on MAL and don't want to give up on long comments now thanks to me XD

I see so you don't watch that much anime as before, can I ask why?
I don't know if it really suits for 85 the congratulation since I'm used to get 100 in English and I'm the best in my class in this subject and got this score only because I wrote too much there but thanks :D

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