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April 29, 1987
Warsaw, Poland
April 1, 2010
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bakarashio | 05-21-14, 10:45 AM
Dzień dobry bardzo! *^__^* Widziałam, że jesteś w grupie Manhwa Poland, a ja właśnie piszę pracę licencjacką dotyczącą komiksu koreańskiego w Polsce i miałabym ogromną prośbę. Mianowicie czy mogłabyś poświęcić parę minut i wypełnić tę ankietę: ? Byłabym ogromnie wdzięczna, bo bez tej ankiety nie napiszę pracy ; ⌓ ; Mało czasu mi zostało, bo jak zwykle wszystko na ostatnią chwilę robię *baka, leń, prokrestynator za mnie OTL* Dlatego gdybyś znalazła chwilkę i dopomogła, byłabym naprawdę wdzięczna ♡ Z góry ślicznie dziękuję i pozdrawiam ♡ Ach i jeszcze gdybyś znała inne osoby, które czytają manhwy i mogła im podesłać ankietę, to już w ogólę będę Cię kochać do końca życia ♡ ; u ;

fastannoone | 12-26-13, 1:55 AM
Dear Kalayit!

I am writing to You to ask for Your help with finding a rare animated movie. I saw Your name under the "Recently watched" section on the "Rennyo to sono haha" (Kawamoto Kihachirou) page. Would You be so kind to let me know where You watched the movie, if online? I am pretty desperate, but I just do not seem to find it anywhere. :'(

Thank you for Your help in advance! And Merry Christmas! :)


Tempz | 12-13-13, 1:37 AM
just dropping a comment to say I was checking out your list(s).. :\

seiobo | 11-13-13, 3:44 AM
Hey, just dropped by your profile to say I love your pic and wow, that's an amazing list!

mina-mina10 | 09-07-13, 2:39 AM
hey! I love ur profile pic :3 and I notice u like some weird anime :D

coyote_starrk | 07-21-13, 12:34 AM
now i'm the one who got lazy :)
sorry about that

I was just gonna ask if you know any show that deals with the after-death experience? like it shows us what the human experience after they die.

And yeah have you seen any anime that talks about drugs?

I have such a creepy taste in anime. I know. But this is what i'm interested in lately.
and if you couldn't find any shows like that you can just recommenced one or two from your glorious list :)

Akuto | 07-20-13, 5:19 PM

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coyote_starrk | 07-08-13, 9:27 AM
hey, how you doing? :)

I just came across your profile and I gotta say, your taste in anime is really unique. You're like an encyclopedia for psychological shows lol. I'm gonna be exploring your list for a while and might ask you couple of questions if you don't mind of course.

kimigasoradatta | 06-27-13, 3:01 PM
Hey ^_^V nice of you to accept my friend request. Your manga list is INSANE!

Sihia | 06-21-13, 7:46 PM
Hello :) How are you doing today?

Principal | 06-14-13, 2:50 PM
Hi there kalayit,
I just saw that you had recently seen "Natsuiro no Sunadokei' OVA. I had loved the VN, and had seen the OVA, but it was a DUB, and can you please tell me where did watch your copy? If it's a DVD can you please tell me where to get it? It will be a great help for me if you do.....

akakuwings | 06-04-13, 11:59 AM

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If you do decide to join us, we'd appreciate it it you'd take a couple seconds just to view this thread here.

Thank you for reading! ^_^

P.S If you do join,please don't forget to write my username on that thread.Thank you! (:

vannad1 | 05-11-13, 4:45 PM
All activities start on May 6th

Eitoku | 05-11-13, 10:42 AM
Thanks for accepting! :D

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