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04-24-12, 7:47 PM
September 19, 1992
November 18, 2011
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JunHijiri | 12-24-12, 8:30 AM
Merry Christmas Lil-sis :3!

Yae-Yae | 09-17-12, 10:38 AM

Yae-Yae | 05-07-12, 8:41 PM
Here is a little scary story about a loli in need and in dire straits...

Yae-Yae | 03-17-12, 11:23 AM
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Yae-Yae | 01-16-12, 5:47 PM
Right back at ya!

Husband Down
A husband and wife are shopping in their local Target.
The husband picks up a case of Budweiser and puts it in their cart.
“What do you think you're doing?” asks the wife.
“They're on sale, only $10 for 24 cans” he replies.
“Put them back, we can't afford them” demands the wife, and so they carry on shopping.
A few aisles further on along the woman picks up a $20 jar of face cream and puts it in the basket.
“What do you think you're doing?” asks the husband.
“It’s my face cream. It makes me look beautiful,” replies the wife.
Her husband retorts: “So does 24 cans of Budweiser and it's half the price.”
He never knew what hit him.

Yae-Yae | 01-06-12, 10:06 PM

Yae-Yae | 12-24-11, 10:51 AM

Yae-Yae | 12-22-11, 7:37 PM

Yae-Yae | 12-21-11, 11:26 PM
Sent to me via email... ;)

A couple was Christmas shopping at the mall on Christmas Eve and the mall was packed. The wife looked up and noticed her husband was no where around. They had a lot to do and she was a bit upset. With him it was just like taking a kid to the mall. Using her cell phone she called her husband to ask where he was. The husband in a calm voice said, "honey, remember the jewelry store we went into 5 years ago..... where you fell in love with that diamond necklace that we couldn't afford? Remember... the one I told you that I would get for you one day?"
Her emotions took over and she began crying; "yes I remember that jewelry store."
He said, "well I'm in the bar next door. Call when you're done shopping and I'll buy you a beer!"

Yae-Yae | 12-19-11, 5:03 PM

Yae-Yae | 12-19-11, 12:30 PM

Yae-Yae | 12-19-11, 11:50 AM

Yae-Yae | 12-16-11, 9:22 PM
Here is a really pretty girl...Sena-chan.

Yae-Yae | 12-15-11, 2:57 PM

Yae-Yae | 12-15-11, 11:49 AM

Only in beautiful Southern California!

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