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Vensito | Feb 28, 2011 6:40 PM
Helloooooooo~!! How are you!?

Ziegrif | Mar 5, 2010 4:31 AM
Hey I got kinda bored today and started looking at articles at the escapist and I. STRUCK. GOLD!

A funny jrpg trailer (I actually have this game... It´s ok):

Eroge trailers are frigging amazing sometimes... DOOD:

An eroge that measures your loneliness! :



The rape game declaration, read it and laugh:

I also found some stuff on youtube
Spongebob Sickpants (18+) Yeah... umm... wow:

The assumption song:

Those five chargers in a row five minutes ago made me realize just how fucked we are anyways:

alright that´s about it, well anyways HAPPY READING!

Ziegrif | Jan 4, 2010 5:19 AM
I got a few games for christmas which is why I haven´t answered you in a while haven´t been here during the holidays. The funny thing about the games though is that one of them has a great story but the battle mechanics are so boring that it´s hard to play the damn game and the other game has ok battles but is easy and has almost no story ( I´m almost at the end and NOTHING HAS HAPPENED SO FAR) I also got alot of chocolate... it took me three days to eat em all.
And now for something completely different:
The reason why I´m not president:

Yu-gi-oh now even more ridiculous:

I think I should just take one more extra course and do this... seriously:

Or this:

Ziegrif | Dec 21, 2009 5:22 AM
Akumetsus ending was kinda the thing everyone really expected I guess. I kinda got the picture that it was a normal ending, like in rpgs you can get a good a bad and a normal ending, but it still kinda bothered me how the big baddies got killed pretty fast, like Kitagamis death. I was looking forward to seeing Kitagami and Shou duke it out on a rooftop... shirtless... while the sun sets in the background and they should have had swords. Yeah! a sword fight on top of the bad guys hq kinda like in almost every metal gear solid game. But still shous self sacrificing ending was more intellectual and emotional than I would have thought and I did kinda like it, but it couldn´t reach gurren laganns heights.

And now the SINGING FROG:
It reminds me of myself (should I be worried ^^;)

Holy ZEN! a choir! :

Kaeshite Kneesocks aka: Gimme back my kneesocks (It´s a good song dude):

I WISH I were as good as this in Guilty Gear xx but alas I suck:

Btw that rickroll... I applaud thee. It was truly a cunning show of mischievious intellect. Now if you´ll excuse me I have to go do something British.

Ziegrif | Oct 25, 2009 2:16 AM
BUY A PS2 that is all. It looks like ps2 games don´t work on a ps3 although I haven´t tested it on my console but they do work on the early 80 gb ps3 consoles but tracking one of those down at this point in time would be impossible and what I have heard the 80 gb version doesn´t play em well. I don´t have info on the ps3 slim but just to be on the safe side buy a ps2. Also I can recommend some games for ya just ask ^^ I´ve got RPGs up the wazoo so I´m confident I can recommend something. Oh and if you´re wondering what good rpgs the ps3 has well there´s Disgaea 3 and well... Disgaea 3! Also I have another story involving the game that has gay pink dragons. The game is designed that you get xp according to how well you do in battle i.e speed etc, and there are some bosses designed to be a lot better than the player and that aren´t meant to be beat. Well I usually get about 40000 xp from a boss battle and the game managed to be ridiculosly hard (GAY PINK DRAGON ARRGGHHH!!) well I once managed to do pretty well in a boss battle, I got the fourth best rank and I got 600000 xp... and half a million money and I have no idea why. This shouldn´t be possible I´m now the same level as the bosses that shouldn´t be beat but it was still fun to watch the level meter go WHEEEE! I got from level 39 to level 50 by accident, oh boy.

Ziegrif | Oct 23, 2009 10:40 AM
I can´t stop laughing at code geass nightmare of nunnally, this stuff is bad in a really hilarious way! First of all the characters act out of their respective personas for example: Lelouche looks like Hulk Hogan in his zero costume and can take on Suzakus knightmare BARE HANDED with only his GEASS POWER THAT MAGICALLY DISABLES STUFF. The other oddities are that the geass powers are pretty much average fantasy powers like super strenght and super sensing, no more tactical super powers that have interesting side effects, although there is a side effect with these geass powers nothing too serious though just the gradual destruction of the users body no biggie (SARCASMGASM). Also this series has one of the most badass over the top things that elevate the series from BAD to AWESOMLY BAD are you ready I suggest you prepare mentally because this is made of the same awesome that BATMAN is made of
so all in all I enjoyed code geass nightmare of nunnally it was bad in an awesome way. Sorry if this little rant came out of nowhere but I just had to tell you. No funny videos for now haven´t found anything interesting in a while sorry ^^; oh and also I bought a new game called cross edge and am about level 20 and out of nowhere, while I was grinding in a dungeon, a battle starts and I´m thinking this´ll be cake and the next thing I know I´m taking 10000 points of damage times frigging 8 and my max hp was about 3000. So I took a little look at my cute opponents level (it was a pink dragon... PINK) and it was 120... let me repeat that: while grinding in a low level dungeon I was assaulted by a gay pink dragon that was level 120 while I was level 20 and with no way of escape I got a game over and lost about three hours worth of micromanaging and grinding... peachy just peachy. (again just had to tell ya. It´s fun to tell these little tales of failure, makes me feel better ^^)

Ziegrif | Oct 11, 2009 6:44 AM
Thanks for the recommendations. I think i´ll watch Eureka 7 (been meaning to do that for a while) and maybe straighten up my FMP watching (i´ve seen random episodes here and there). But still I´ve got Gundam SEED and Gundam 00 second season so I guess I´ve got a lot of mecha to watch ^^ Gundam 00 first seasons finale was kinda meh they killed off the only sane pilot... oh boy. Oh and I actually never watched furi kuri, I do know the series and its radomness but I just haven´t been arsed to sit through it... and yes I know blasphemy of the highest order but I ain´t gonna commit ritualistic seppuku over it.

and now moar geass stuff (I guess popular stuff gets parodied a lot)
The opening of Code Geass: Spinzaku of the rebellion :D

Cartoon Geass randomness:

The same with original footage and LELOUCHE PELVIC THRUUUSSSTTTT!!!1!!

Ziegrif | Oct 8, 2009 12:55 PM
Thanks for the links dude and I agree the Yoko one is good, who wouldn´t like an army of Yokos ;)
Also I have finally figured out why Gundam and all other mecha pilots mess up so many times, they´re all out of their goddamn minds! Seriously don´t they have to go through SOME kind of mental evaluation before they get to operate MACHINES THAT CAN DESTROY THE WORLD! I figured this out while watching Gundam 00, almost all of them are crazy: Allelujah has a split personality, Seijei has probably a mountain of dilemmas in the closet and Tieria is an unlikable bastard who doesn´t care who dies and is an utter perfectionist (and he also wears pink... PINK) The only sane pilot seems to be Lockon and I´m not so sure about that because I´ve only watched ten episodes of this trainwreck, don´t get me wrong it´s a relatively good series but I just can´t understand why almost all mecha pilots are out of their minds (for example these gundam loonies, the cast of evangelion and some of code geass pilots, can you really call Lelouche and Suzaku sane?). It ain´t smart to put loose cannons in charge of mechas, but it sure is entertaining to watch the trainwreck that ensues.

PS: here´s some videos :)

The whole code geass second season in two videos!

My lulucopter goes SURURURURURURURRR...


Ziegrif | Oct 3, 2009 12:19 PM
I guess I´ve started to lose it then cause I think that geass R2 is pretty good although towards the end everything is pretty much going ballistic and I mean this stuff is going out of the realms of plot twist probability: first Nunnaly dies (I almost wept goddamnit!) and now she´s back to fight Lelouch the emperor of Britannia (sorry for the spoilers but i´ll make the assumption that you don´t care at this point). But I think I know why I like this series as a whole, not just the first season, it´s the drama. Think about it plot twist after plot twist really adds up and when you´re emotionally attached to a character in other words DON´T want to see them die in a humongous explosion (they´ve got nukes now, go figure) you really start to watch the series on the basis of who survives, who gets who and how many nukes are dropped (Nuke count: 2), like watching pirates of the caribbean just to watch what Captain Jack Sparrow does next. Either it´s that or I don´t have any standard of quality or is this what they call fanboyism. In the end it could be that I´m just really... REALLY dense, seriously I can´t see a plot twist coming even if it comes straight at me... and is on fire, also if I actually see a plot twist coming it usually means that bad writing was applied A LOT. Well whatever, I think I´m gonna go find wallpaper with Nunnaly on it ALL HAIL NUNNALY! Eh... I guess I´m a lost cause huh? ^^;

PS: if ya like Dead or Alive and Final Fantasy this´ll be awesome:

also here´s part 3:

Part 4:

and Part 5:

Remember the golden rule of RPGs: even if I have 1 HP left I still have a chance!

Ziegrif | Sep 30, 2009 9:32 AM
it´ll start at eight but you can also come at nine o´clock if ya want to and it´s in the lower gym. Btw started watching Bakemonogatari and my brain hurts from just watching the first episode. Is all of it like a backwards chinese riddle or can I actually watch it without my brain shutting down in the middle of an episode?

Ziegrif | Sep 29, 2009 11:27 AM
Yup! I am so gonna watch that bakemonogatari, the flying bits of arm and other bodyparts best left undescribed convinced me of its AWESOMNESS. BTW I just finished The first season of code geass, the ending left me pretty hyped and jumbled (CLIFFHANGERS AAARRRGGGHHH!!) also the whole frigging story was pretty freaking awesome for the last few episodes. I guess the lesson would be DO NOT use your superpowers too much, lie to all your friends, kill your relatives and take over the world at the same time. Because accidents start happening eventually like telling a joke about killing all japanese and then... um whoops!

And now videos!:
Racism it´s bad and sometimes hilarious:

Being born ain´t easy:

Everybody. DANCE. NOW! :

First I find this stuff:

Then a brief moment of insanity ensues, and then I find the ORIGINAL:


seriously, I usually end up watching this cute stuff on a loop for who knows how long.It harbors the limits of insanity that Naruto fillers cause @_@ and now my head hurts... too much geass in one sitting I guess.

taterhead | Aug 26, 2009 12:07 PM
Loved your tastes

Ziegrif | Aug 25, 2009 6:22 AM
Boredom strikes and links fly!
Subliminal messages:
Kyu Kyu Kyu nyah!:
Why rpgs are awesome:
well that´s it for now... man i´m random at times -_-;

Ziegrif | Jul 3, 2009 12:59 PM
I did read the new chapter when it came out but forgot to mark it on here -_-; and i´ve also been pretty busy watching trigun (it´s great but you knew that already^^). But anyway no Highschool of the dead for a long time it´s on a frigging hiatus and i´m pissed off hopefully we get more soon. I probably should start reading persona 4 too
and now something related to Persona 4:
and a better reason for the cast of persona 4 to wear glasses:

Ziegrif | May 30, 2009 10:26 AM
Sorry I read my last comment and noticed that I had written something wrong cuz when I wrote murdering lolis I meant murderous lolis or homicidal lolis. I know this is silly to clear up but I did it anyway ^^; also killing lolis ain´t funny. Sorry for the mishap.

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